Naamkaran 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dayaben saying I won’t let anything happen to mum-son relation. Shweta makes her hand away. She says I understand whatever you are saying, thanks for assuring me, but I also want to give you an assurance, you should not worry for Riya’s marriage, relax, I won’t let Neil get related to Riya, I won’t let their marriage happen. Dayaben and Diksha leave. Avni comes to Shweta. Shweta asks her to leave. Avni shows the bottle and asks what kind of mum are you to lie to your son, if anyone else lied, you would have given values lecture. Shweta asks who are you to interfere in my family matter, stay away.

Avni says I m also someone’s daughter, a child gets hurt when his mum goes away. She recalls Aisha. She says when a child holds mum’s hand for the last time, when child

gets helpless, you know what it feels at that time, you won’t understand this, you think its drama. Shweta says stop it. Avni asks why such bad drama with Neil, I was seeing Neil crying and dying every moment. He was praying for you, did your heart not melt seeing him, you are punishing him that he chose the girl whom you dislike. Shweta says I won’t let Neil go away from me, I won’t let them marry.

Avni asks why will Neil go away, will any girl steal a son from mum, did you do this with uncle. Shweta says if anyone snatches my son, I will do this which I did today. She sees Neil and sits. Avni asks her not to repeat her mistake. She collides with Neil and goes. Shweta acts in front of Neil.

Neela hears Ketan. Ketan says none should know Amol is coming back, else he will get caught, his ticket should have someone else’s name. Her phone rings. He turns to see. Neela hides and leaves from there. Dayaben recalls Shweta’s words and worries. Fatima asks Ali to see girls’ photos. Ali says I m waiting since 15 years, my heart won’t be wrong I will fix another meeting with her. Fatima says no, she is not our Avni, see the photos and choose someone. He refuses to see photos. He sees Riya’s pic and asks did you get Riya’s proposal for me. Fatima gets angry and says I won’t let anyone of Dayaben’s family shadow to fall on you, she already ruined a lot, not anymore. She tears photo and cries.

Dayaben asks Riya to stop crying, just you will get Neil to you. Neil asks did you not see what his mum did. Dayaben says yes, you can attract him by your beauty, beauty is such weapon of women by which even Rishis Munis did not get saved, you have to work hard to get Neil, you are very beautiful and sensible, use the magic of your beauty, then see how Neil comes running to you. Riya says you are right, what to do that Neil always stays with me.

Neil and Avni make Shweta sit in the car. Neil apologizes to Avni and sees her gone. Prakash comes there and asks how long will you stay annoyed with Shweta, I know she did mistake, I m sorry. Neil says Shweta has to understand I m going away from her if she does this. Prakash says sometimes parents do such things for kids. Neil says faking suicide attempt is a crime, you know what I went through, I did not imagine this in my dream, we could have spoke of this and solved the matter, our family respect would have got spoiled, we should thank Avni for protecting our family respect.

Its morning, Neil calls Avni and asks can we meet today, its urgent, meet me in Chamko cafe. She agrees. Avni says it was Neil’s call, I will see Fatima at cafe. Neela says Aman needs you the most. Avni says I want to hug Fatima and talk to her, I want to have poha and laddoo with Ali, I want to hug Aman and save him from every problem. Neela says you will meet Fatima, you will have her blessings. Avni says I will leave and get Aman’s flight details from Dayaben’s house, take care. She goes.

Neil tries apologizing to Avni and rehearses. Avni comes there. Neil looks at her. Avni collides with Fatima. She picks her belongings. Ali comes to help Avni. Fatima scolds him. Ali observes Avni seeing Fatima. Fatima asks why did she come. Ali says its cafe, anyone can come here. Fatima says Dayaben’s assistants can’t come here, make her leave. Ali asks her to listen.

Neil comes and asks are you okay. She says yes. He says whatever happened yesterday. She says you did that. He says sorry and thanks, I used to trouble you to hear this from you, today I m restless to say these two words to you. She says thanks. He stops her and gives her a punching bag with his photo on it. He asks her to try fighting techniques and get anger out, I m ready to become your punching bag, trust me, it really works, you can then forgive me. She takes it and goes.

He says she left without saying anything, strange, don’t know what goes on in her mind. Dayaben stops music. She asks what are you doing Riya, you can’t do this. Riya says I m trying. Dayaben says this is not a good try, there should be charm. Riya asks her to teach her. Dayaben asks are you mad, Amol will come, he will make things fine, you have to make Neil yours anyway. She goes. Riya says once Amol comes, I won’t have any value in this house. Diksha says you are making stupid girl like Riya do your work. Dayaben says I m leaving for airport to get Amol, if it happens as we think. Neil will not leave Riya. She smiles.

Avni sees Neil helping Fatima and thinks you are not like you are seen, you know difference between right and wrong. He sees her and thinks you are not bad at heart, its a question you are right or wrong. He holds her. They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the super fast update amena I m glad u heard me n took my step thanks a lot dear..
    Love u… ????
    Precap is same old
    Neil n avni rocks….

  2. Pintumintu_penguin

    Finallye Episode is updated soon … I seriously didn’t like the scene when dayaben was giving weird advice to riya* to get Neil’s attention … and why r they trying to hide Aman from everyone ?! But I liked avneil scenes especially the punching bag one .. and same precap ??

  3. Pintumintu_penguin

    But love u Zain imam ❤️

  4. Pintumintu_penguin

    I hate dayaben so much … I hope Fatima identifies avni

  5. Omg how many times they give same precap .anyways nice episode

  6. ab to precap change kr do

  7. Epura 1 week se 1 hi precap the raha hai…..kab chnge hoge…..AvNeil roczzz

  8. Seriously precap should b interesting to viewers but here it’s jus d old 1… Wow super Amol is cmg….Neil acing is awesome

  9. Can I join you guys? I am a silent reader.
    Zain rocked as usual. I love him so much. Avneil scenes are getting better day by day. Want more romance.
    Sweta should consider avni instead riya as her bahu after Avni’s lecture.. Hain na? Can I join you guys? I am a silent reader.
    Zain rocked as usual. I love him so much. Avneil scenes are getting better day by day. Want more romance.
    Sweta should consider avni instead riya as her bahu after Avni’s lecture.. Hain na?

  10. Maybe I’m the only person in the world but I seriously like riya and neil.

  11. Shame daya is giving such cheap advice to her poti.
    Shameless women

  12. Neil was great today … loved his rehearsal before meeting Avni …
    still cannot wait for Aman to enter the show …

  13. Precap change karo

  14. Nice…episode….

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