“Naamkaran” 10 Jan 2018 – Episode Analysis

Hello Naamkaran fans..!! Or I must say AvNiel fans… I never wrote anything in Naamkaran’s page… I so wanted to write but I don’t have time.. Also today’s episode just forced me to write this analysis..

Hope to be ur friend? Will u all be my frnds?? Love from me..❤❤❤


Today’s episode left me dumbstruck. I can’t find words to describe what I m feeling right after watching the episode. It just broke my heart. Seeing Neil in such pain & Avni stuck in Vidhyut’s game plan was really heart breaking.

She finally got to know the truth. The scene when Neela was telling everything on phone and Avni’s reaction was just outstanding. She finally knows her Neil never distrusted her, he never intended to hurt her, he never broke her trust, he never did anything for himself rather he always loved her, he always trusted her, he always wanted to protect her. She finally knows her Neil did everything for her. He loved her so much that he preferred her captivity to protect her over her freedom. She now knows Neil is Neo who is taking revenge from Vidhyut in disguise.

Vidhyut is such a heartless man. He can fall to any extent just to get Avni because of his so called Love or I must say obsession. Now Neela Maa is kidnapped. Another hurdle in their life. Vidhyut won’t let them live in peace. Huhh, he want to free his ‘Maamooni’ (such a funny name?). Now we have to watch Ragini Pandit in upcoming episodes. Avni’s anger was just woww…!!

That dream of Avni was so heart rending. ‘Itni nafrat thi tumhe mujhse Avni, Avni tumhe such me laga tha me ne tunhe dhoka diya hai? Pagal ladki, khud se bhi zyada tumse pyaar kiya hai me ne..!’ The way he said that just brought tears to my eyes. Each and everything that Neil said in her dream was so painful. This episode didn’t let me wipe away my tears. When her dream broke, she was determined. She was determined to save him, his reputation and his job. She was so restless to meet him but that commissioner didn’t allow her. I just hate him for that.

She finally gave her statement. She saved him. I couldn’t believe that she said, ‘Neil nhi, mein hoon Neo!’ And that was their LOVE. The love which her heart holds for him which made her do this. The love which made her run away from jail just to save her Neil, the love which made her take all the blame on herself just to save her Neil’s reputation.

And the best part, the last part. When Avni said those lines to Vidhyut, ‘Neil ki job aur reputation dono safe hain, Neil abhi bhi tumhare saamne wardi me khada hoga or tumse takkar ly ga!’

The precap, finally Neil got conciousness. I m the happiest. Finally, he is out of danger, can’t see him like that.
Neil – ‘Avni ye kya kiya tumne..!’ His expressions. ?? He got to know she took all the blame on herself.
Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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  1. Ya here all are friendly and I think everyone would like to be friends with you. And friendship is not asked its taken proudly. And I really agree with ur analysis.

    1. Purvi128

      That’s so sweet of you..! ?

  2. Lovely analysis….❤❤

  3. Dear Purvi
    Your analysis is awesome??????
    Jab avni neil se gussa tha dekhna nahi Chaatha tha thab neil uska pass tha.aaj wo neil Ko dekhne ko thadap raha hai tho neil uska pass nahi???
    I always get impress with their love care understand for each other?
    I hope this seperation is last seperation in their life.really don’t want to see any seperation and misunderstanding between them.that spoil their relationship beauty.
    Hope to see your analysis in future?
    T C A S S ?

  4. Its ok. Please try to write ff for this sweet couple also. A small req from me.

  5. Pavithra1616

    Hello purvi,sure we are your friends and I am gonna be your friend too… This analysis is well written… Its superb… I loved your way of writing… I am crazy avneilian… And that’s the only show that I follow in present and I haven’t written any article on nk! That’s the funny thing… I love avneil a lot?? hope everything will be fine with avneil soon… So will you sent me pm or shall I?

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Pavithra..! That’s the same case with me.. I love avniel a lot.. so much that i can’t even tell.. this serial is unique.. its diff from any other.. nd this couple is too awesome.. just diff from all others…
      I also didn’t write any article on them! Just coz of studies..
      Hope so..

  6. pleasedo watch NK on tv, its underscanner, if trp doesnt increasein next 20 days Sp can shutdown NK

  7. aniruddha choudhury

    Koi bataye ga iske repeated telecast kam hote hai > https://www.anicow.com/

  8. Purvi128

    From where did u find this news???

    1. Lillianalieben

      dear, i totally agree with ur analysis. and off course dear we all r friendz and infact we r a family. naamkaran family and i hope i can be ur bffe. wht say?

      it’s all over the social media. insta, wattpad, india forums, twitter, fab, everywhere. it will b under scanner from feb and if the trp doesn’t rise up i guess we will lose our only fav show. hey purvi is it ok if we submit an article on save naamkaran to spread awareness instead on posting tht in our articles since most us doesn’t even read ffs. only updates they read. wht say, shall we? plz do notify me!!
      P.S. do u have wattpad?

  9. Cheena2001Cp

    Ohhh! TEI page par toh aati nahi ho?

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