Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-8)

Hey guyz i am back after a long break believe me i also don,t like to make u all wait but please i beg ur apologize i was really keeping busy these dayz because of college work and next week my papers are going to start so lots of work but will try to update next one asap

So todays episode is here
Ritik was thinking of finding the person who had made his love so weak his marriage had been spoilt shivanya is hurt
Next day shivanya was in the kitchen working
Ritik came down and said to her
Ritik, (in a normal way), shivanya u r hand is not well please come and sit ramu kaka and radha bai can do these works
Shivanya without paying any attention continued her work
Ritik in a little louder voice said, i am saying something
Again shivanya did n,t reply
Ritik remembered that he has to be rude or else may be he will not be able to find the person
Ritik took shivanya by her arms and pulled her
Ritik, i am not saying to stop because i care but because if u will not rest then ur hand may start bleeding again and i don,t want ur hand to be like this infront of my family recover ur self or else leave this house
Shivanya had tears in her eyes
Ritik, please stop sobbing ok

Shivanya smiled with her tears, yeah i should stop my DRAMA right the drama of loving u the drama of this relationship write and yes this drama of cutting my hand yes i should finish this also write fine i wil do it today
Shivanya quickly opened her dressed wound the bandage and everything blood started to oze from her open wound just like the wound in her heart
Ritik quickly took her hand
Ritik, what have u done are u mad or what shivanya!!!!!!!!!!!!????
Shivanya fainted
Ritik catched her hand and held her in his arms
Ritik took her to there bedroom laid her on the bed called the doctor
The doctor came and checked her

After 10 mins
Doctor came out
Doctor to ritik, mr raheja shivanya is fine now but u need to take care of her wound please and please don,t let her even move her hand
Ritik, yes doctor
The doctor left ritik came inside and sat on the bed beside shivanya
Ritik took her hand with tears ritik
He kissed her hand then her forhead
Ritik, shivanya mein tumse bohat pyar karta hon please mujhe maaf kardo par mujhe yeh karna he hoga please mujhe aise saz mat do bas kuch waqt aur ek baar mein uss insaan ko dhondlon jis ne tumhare aur mere rishte mein shak ke beej boye aur jiss ke wajah se ajj hum dono ek dosre ke itne pass hokar bhi itne dur hain?? (shivanya i love u please forgive me don,t give me this punishment but just some time just let me find the person responsible for bringing betrayal in our relationship because of which today being so close but still we are apart)
Ritik kissed her forhead and came out of room and let her rest
When he came out he called in his office
Ritik, buy my tickets kauahal to amritsar i want to reach amristsar asap and book the hotel which is in my owner ship get it
Kaushal, yes sir it would be all done in 2 hours but sir for how many days
Ritik, for 3 weeks
Kaushal ok sir bye
Ritik cutted the call
Ritik to himself, i will find that person in three weeks after that is shivanya’s birthday i promise shivanya will gave u the best gift of ur life
Again we will bw back together
Somwhere other part of city
Shesha holding ritik’s pic, oh ritik i love u so much just sometime more one attack then that shivanya out shesha in hahahahaha
She laughed evily

Then she stopped suddenly and holded another photo
It was of shivanya
Shesha , u have alwayz snatched everything from me first family then their praises then my rights and now my love my ritik
I will finish u not only from outside but inside too. I hate u hate u so much
She brought lighter and burned her photo
Shesha, just sometime more then u will be thrown out of ritik,s heart and then he will be mine just mine hahahahahahahhaa
Ritik came inside back and slept with shivanya she was still unconsious
Ritk checked her she was calm and was luking very cute while sleeping
He smiled
Ritik, i hope that soon after u get to know my real intentions would forgive me i love u shivanya i love u
Shesha, hate u shivanya
Ritik , will never let anything happen to u
Shesha, now no one can save u from me
Ritik, our relation is very strong and will never break
Shesha, i will break ur relationship and u too
Ritik, i promise i will alwayz be there with u
Shesha, i promise u will soon be left alone
Ritik, i will love u all my life
Shesha, soon ritik will start to hate u and he will continue to hate u all his life
Two people with different intentions who will win this game hate or love
Truth or lie
Evil or good
Black or white
Let see!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
So guyz how is it please comment below should i continue or end it
Please do let me know ur opinions…..??????
May u guyz enjoy reading it.!!!!!!!!

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