Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-7)


I am sorry guyz for being so much late in updating but actually i was a lot busy with some important work so was not able to update.
So now the coming to the episode
In the morning:
Ritik woke up first and the nurse came she checked shivanya she told ritik that she is now fine and he can take her home in the afternoon
Amrita entered
Ritik, She is fine
Amrita, thank God raat ko woh jhansi ke rani ke tarah dant dant kar mein thak gaye thee(at night scolding like jhansi’s rani made me feel stupid) now me and my drink?
Ritik, dee we can take her home in the afternoon
Amrita, maa called me and she asked about where is shivanya so i told her u both have went to a friend’s house to meet him
Ritik, thank God
Shivanya woke up amrita and ritik were at the canteen to eat something shivanya ‘s eyes were full of tears her life was totally scattered
The doctor she quickly weap those tears doctor checked her and said that now she is ok
She smiled a little
She was thirsty
The water was on the table she tried to take it but in the meanwhile she slipped but ritik catched her on time
They had an eyelock
Tears flowed from shivanya’s eyes
Ritik took her up
Ritik, are u ok
Shivanya, hmm
Ritik saw her tears
He wiped them off
Ritik quitely made her sit on the bed
Ritik, just wait two minutes amrita dee is taking the discharge prescription
Shivanya kept quiet
Soon they went to home amrita went to her room shivanya and ritik moved to their one
Shivanya went to freshen herself
In the washroom she started crying badly
Mourning for her love and dead parents
Ritik outside was thinking
Ritik, now i have to be careful i have to find they person who has set me and shivanya apart
I will punish that person
He took out his phone and saw those pictures and tried to find the clue in it and he found a calender on which it was written bharatiya calender yes he knew it was a hotel in punjab amritsar
Its calender were also named after the hotel’s name and the hotel was in his friend’s ownership
He thought now i have to figure out who was there in the room with this window side area

Trust is a base of a relationship
It is the most important of all values of life
Ego attitude hate jealousy etc words contain the same meaning destroying a relation
But it can only be saved by trust
Never lose trust will led u to never lose relation

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  1. Wow superb . Waited a long fr ur ff and please write a longerone

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thanx a lot and surely will update a long in the next days

  2. Suhai_ali_abro

    awesome episode
    but its too short and rivanya roumance plzzzzzzzzz update next episode soon…….

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Happy that u liked it and i will surely add rivanya romance and write a long one

  3. Thank u soo much for updating this waited a long time

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      welcum my dear and next time will update early

  4. Good episode kepp it up

  5. Awesome episode and plzzz update soon

  6. Very good plz update next episode

  7. Suhai_ali_abro

    Plzzzzz update next ep soon

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