Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-6)

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The blood was flowing when someone entered her room
Amrita,* guy she is not drunk now* shivanya u know i enoy…………..shhhhhhhiiivvvvvaaaanngyyhha??????
Amrita went to her
Amrita, shivanya shivanya shivanya get up ritik wheres he
She saw wrist cutted
And was shocked
Amrita tied her wrist with a handkercheif and took her to the hospital she was sitting outside and was thinking
Amrita, *thinking* why will shivanya sucide she was happy very very happy then why all this…….and wheres ritik i better find him but i should wait for shivanya

After half an hour doctor came out
Doctor, she is alright now
Amrita, thank god al thanks to u doctor thank u so much
Doctor welcum and take care of her she will be conscious in 2 hours
Amrita, ok. Now i should go and find ritik but how i have called his office also but he is nowhere found………ummmmmm gps yes i can track his car
She tracked ritik and went it showed his car is a park
She went there he was sleeping on a bench
Amrita, ritik get up broo c, mon get up please
He slowing woke up
Ritik, amrita di u here
Amrita, ritik why r u here
Ritkk, actually ummmmmmm
Amrita, oh i know why
Ritik, *shocked*why why
Amrita, u and shivanya had a major fight right and only thats why shivanya has
Ritik, what what she did
Amrita, she cutted her wrist.
Ritik, whatttttyyt????
Amrita, she ritik i know that u and shivanya both love each other alot but in love u must do some compromise too. I know she did wrong to take a big step but u should also understand she lost her parents 4 years back she also feel lonely u should get urself and herself time also
Ritik was a little shocked that who told this to her
Amrita, i know ur thinking who told me actually

Flash back
Before amrita could go find him shivnaya woke up
Amrita, shivanya
Shivanya, amrita didi
Amrita, why shivanya why u did this with us and your ownself
Shivanya, di woh ,,,,,,ummmm
Amrita, shivanya no need to be afraid i am with u don,t worry say did ritik did something
Shivanya, di actually ritik does n,t gave me time and when i asked him about it he scolded me i n this way said is he having an affair with someone he went away angery with so thats why i..
Amrita, shivanya are u mad or what haan. It is life not a little game through which u can controll everything dear
Shivanya, di i promise it won,t happen again i am sorry
Amrita, i did n,t expected this from u
Nurse came
Nurse, its time for her medicine after which she will sleep for two hours
Amrita weent away
Flash bakc over

Amrita, now come with me
Ritik, yes
They went to shivanya
She was still sleeping
Amrita, u stay here i will come and bring something to eat from home
Ritik, yes

Believe. It is a word which can whether make a relation either destroy
Love and trust are two different things
Trust can be complete without love but without trust love is incomplete
Its just like a tree
It can grow without fruits but fruits without tree can never for
trust and love are powerful enough to fight any storm but if trust missing
Another automatically vanishes in air

Guyz now i don,t want to drag the story i am going to reveal that person
Who is the culprit
So any guesses on whose instructions he is doing this
And yeah going to start a new ff another week so some suggestions on the story please

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    It’s nice but Ritik did very bad with Shivanya.And on whom you will start your ff?

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      Thank u……..and about the ff i want to start it on rivanya only

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        Then in your Ff you should make it supernatural only

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