Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-6)


I am sorry guyz for being too much late so heres the next epiosde……..
Shivanya woke up in the hospital and find ritik infront of her
Shivanya, ritik tum (you)
Ritik, don,t get up just lay down
Shivanya, no one is here u don,t need to act
Ritik, i am not acting
Shivanya, leave it u go back home am alright
Ritik, why u did this
Shivanya, what i did
Ritik, this (pointing towards her damaged hand)
Shivanya smiled, when a person’s each happiness is snatched away when her love, respect, relatives everyone leave her what else meaning she has of life hm and when theres no reason theres no life
Ritik, shivanya listen whatever i did was all because of you get it don, blame everything on me i know what type of girl u r so stop this emotional mellow drama
Shivanya, hahahahahaha drama haan drama *tears were rolling from her eyes to her cheeks* please now don,t say that this cut on my hand is also some drama hahahahaha
And shivanya fainted

Ritik, shivanya shivanya what happenddd doc doctor………nurs shiva
Doctor came
Doctor, let me check her u go out
Ritik went out
After 10 mins doctor came out
Doctor, mr raheja now she is fine and please i request u don,t give her any stress if she will take stress and remain be depressed then it may cause her to take her life again. This sucide is becuase of the tensions and depression she is taking please gave her enough time i know fights r part of life but please try it not to effect ur relationship
Ritik was beyong shock
Ritik, doc doctr wwho told u t his all
Doctor, shivanya gave this statemenet for all this she did
Ritik, oh yes i will take care of her.
Doctor, and please buy these medicines
Ritik, ok i will go and get them

At some other area
The same man was standing infront of a chair on which a woman was sitting
Man, maam u won,t beleive what shivanya did she committed sucide
The lady smiled
Man, actually ritik saw us two together and misunderstood that shivanya called me by herownself he slapped her called her an easy girl and then went to a bar and was in a room with girl and when shivanya reached there he just throwed her out and went back to the room with the other girl. He did this all show shivanya that he don,t care and can do whatever he want and then after crying for almost two hours shivanya cutted her wrist
Lady got up and started clapping
Lady, well done well done good work the hurdles which i wanted between them are enough to destroy there relationship keep going well
She then throwed a bunch of money towards him and he immediately catched them and
Lady, go away and don,t show up until i call u
Man happily left
Lady went to another room
She switched on the light
Infront there was a big photo of ritik and many other
Lady went to ritik’s photo and kissed it
Lady, love u soo much but i know shivanya must be very irritating don,t worry i will help get out of this so called relationship
The she took out shivanya’s photo and burned it with the lighted candle
Lady removed her veil she was none other than
She started laughing evily
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ur dead now shivanya ritik’s only mine HAHAHAHA!

Ritik was sitting out on a bench thinking
Why shivanya committed sucide when she did not loved me a person can do anything but how can he take his own life no something is which is hidden i need to find out but uptil i find out i must be quiet yes i should behave the way i did before so if anyone is keeping his eyes on us then also he could not figure out. One thing is clear that my shivanya is not the culprit but how did i could do this to her
I am so sorry shivanya please forgive me
He went inside to her ward
She was sleeping. Her beautiful glowing face was pale today colourless, her beautiful curbed
reddish lips were dry white today, beautiful curly hair were messy today, her big open eyes were
closed today, his heart failed to Recognize her
He put his hand on her and said
Ritik, sorry shivanya Forgive me i am sorry but i promise i will find the culprit and will punish him and he came upon the bed put his head on shivanya’s chest hugged her slept with her
Their hearts were beating together after so much hurdles that night came when everything was sorted
Everything we see is not true these eyes can not recognize every face
The heart only has the ability to know what is right and what is wrong
True love never decieved u
Love can either make u alive or even dead

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