Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-5)

Sorry guyz this episode should be there yesturday but i had to attend a party so was not able to write.

Ritik slapped shivanya.
Shivanya was shocked
Ritik, tum jese larkiyan isse bhi batar tareke se treat ke janne chahya (girls like you are worth more worst then this behaviour )
Ritik, how much i loved u but you never cared and u alwayz asked me right that why i am behaving like this i will tell u why
Ritik showed her some pics of her and that guy
Shivanya and him were in a room in a lustful pose
Shivany, ritik this i don,t know
Ritik, yes yes start ur acting now what u have more to say or do
Shivanya, i thought u loved me but the one who can not trust how can he love me only on the bases of this pic u accussed me
Ritik, do u think so. After these pics i went to him but when i entered i saw u in his arms but then also i did n,y believed but when i saw u in that party when he was carrying u in his arms to…………God u r a black spot on ur parents name hate u a lot, u r the worst thing ever happend to me, i wish i would have never met u
Shivanya was a lot hurt but kept quite
When ritik was finished he went away leaving her all alone
She fell down and started crying heavily it was a bad weather raining heavily
She saw her parents photo took it and hugged it crying
Shivanya, why u both left me all alone in this world mom and dad why why u told na that ritik is the one person who can love me and will care for me as much as u did but he said i am a cheap characterless girl. The one person whom i loved so much how coulld he…………..llllll…………
Where is he Godddd i better go and find him its raining heavily
Shivanya traced his location from the gps and it showed dico bar
She went in when she asked someone about ritik they told in a room she went in to find him another girl and they……………

She was shocked she dragged him out
Shivanya, what were u doing there With that girl
He was drunk
Ritik, same as u do with him
Shivanya, what the……me how could u say such a thing *cryingly*
Ritik, i am saying true. And listened *holding her tightly* stop this drama and don,t dare disturb me i also want to enjoy my life so bye bye he went inside agian
Shivanya went back home in her room crying badly the whole night she kept crying in sadness agony that her eyes were red with tears and her throat was dry she was not able to handle her feelings
There she saw a broken piece of glass just like her life she took it and just cutted her wrist with it
Shivanya, *with pain* *and blood odf three cuts* this life is just yours ritik u only have the right on my soul and body. Now no one is there of mine in this world so what is the use to live i shall die i she fainted.
The blood from her wrist fell on their pictures with she had gathered
Love is a blessing if someone believes on it
Love is thats why called blind cause to love someone u must be blindly trusting someone
Respect and believe are the only support to it.
Relations are also like this they should be handled with love
Otherwise they break like a glass

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  1. Update next part soon

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      Thanx a lot dear thanx a lot

  2. When will you update next episode. It’s awesome

    1. Siddhi

      Shreyaa please update your ff

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      Thanx a lot and will updates soon

  3. Siddhi

    The episode is interesting but how can Ritik do this with Shivanya?update the next soon

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank u siddhi. Actually i love the stories in which one shows oneside toleration and other side unstoppable anger and torcher
      So only thats why but for sure this face will end son

  4. Episode’s really awesome . I love those thoughts or quotes you say at the last. Anyways update soon

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      Thank u so much???❤️
      i am in a habbit to write thoughts as a summary of story.

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