Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-4)

Ok so guyzz heres ur twist…….it is actually i am going to reveal what is the real matter
In the morning everyone left for kolkata for attending the marriage amrita went to her friend’s house for a week
Now shivanya was alone in her house ritik wa sin office
She was in the kitchen when she heard some voices from the hall she went but found no one it was strange
She was again engrossed in work seems like someone was following her
Ahe was now a little alert

When she went to her bedroom she saw a man infront of her
Shivanya, shokingly,,, tum yahan tuum yaahan kya (u how can u be here)
Man, shivu its me ur love
Shivanya, just shut up u can never be my love wait let me call the police
Man, really u will call the police i will never let uHe throws her on the ground and tries to misbehave with her meanwhile ritik comes and watches the scene and misunderstands
He dragged the man, tu tere itne himat mere ghar tak agyaa haan ajj tujhe nahi choron ga. mere biwi
(How dare u enter my house she is my wife i will not leave u)
strangles him

Shivanya, ritik choro usse woh mar jaye ga (ritik leave him he will die
Ritik leaves him and throws him out of house he come back in the room
He was damn angry on shivanya
Ritik, today u have crossed all limi
ts by calling this animal to my house just for ur …….
Shivanya, what r u saying i did n,t
Ritik, shut up don,t even try
Here it is

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  1. mouni roy fan

    Great storyline

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank u so much

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thanks lucky

  2. Ramya.riya

    OMG..nice twist and interesting..

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank u very much happy that u liked it

  3. Nice story

  4. Siddhi

    The twist seems interesting update soon

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank So ver much ?

  5. nice one

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