Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-2)

Ok so guyz just on friday my exams got finished so i can atleast write 3-4 episodes in a week. I would not like u all to wait so much.
Ritik soon reached to his office and then he went to his cabin sat on his chair and saw shivanya’s photo smiled to her and sat on his chair started to work when his personal assistant shikha entered
Shika, a very good morning sir?
Ritik, morning shikha ok please without wasting any time further i want u to complete the presentation which u have to show to mr. Mehta
Shikha, sir i have some confusions about so please can u help me on them.
Ritik, sure.
(Guys i know u all must be thinking that shika must be in love or something no theres nothing like that)
They did their presentation showed to mr mehta
In rahega mansion
Shivanya was making doosa for everyone and dhokla for ritik cause he does n,t like doosa
Divya, bhabhi chalo pose do ek selfie lete hain
Shivanya prevented but divya forcefully took one
And left to upload it on fb
Shivanya to herself, ritik family is so loving caring affectionate then what is up with ritik. In college he only proposed then what happend now
A tear fell from her eye but she weaped it
Shivanya, no i will not cry i have promised myself now i will never cry but the ones who will make me cry i will make them cry

Hope u liked it well i have a Good news for the ones who like my work that tommorrow i will upload three more episodes with a big twist.

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    Eagerly wait for next episodes..

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  2. Fantastic. I am eagerly waiting for the three episodes tomorrow

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