Naagin :yeh mohabat hai yaan nafrat (Part-1)

The day starts as always in rivanya room. Ritik is trying to wear tie but is not able to shivanya comes and say
Let me fix it for u
Ritik pulls himself away
Its okay i don,t need anyone especially ur help
Shivanya left sadly she came downstairs and start serving breakfast when amrita came with a bottle of wine in her hand
Amrita, oh my drink i love it
Yamini, amrita each and evertime we see u you r only like this when will u get serious i dont know what will u do with ur life
In the meanwhile ritik comes downstairs
And have his breakfast shivanya is about to serve him but he refuses she feels bad but hide it
Ritik leaves for office and between driving he spots a place it was a coffeshop with it there was a small flower stall he remebered their moment over there
It was raining heavily ritik and shivanya were in a coffe shop and when they came out it was rainig they came under the umbrella of flower stall ritik took some flowers and make a necklace of it and made shivanya were them then he took one one one and put them in each of her ear
Ritik, dekhna humari shadi pe bhi bilkul tum aise he lag rahi hoge
Shivanya,acha shadi ka plan bana bhi liya aur agar hum shaadi na kar sake tu matlab agar mein mana kardun tu
Ritik, hmmmm tumhe utha kar phere longa bilkul aise
He picked her up and took her in the rain dancing and laughing their hear tout
Agar woh sab pyar tha tu yeh sab kya hai mein samajh nahi paya shivanya tumne aisa kiya kyo he shouted
I so hate u shivanya i so so so hate u

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  1. Siddhi

    The episode was nice do continue

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      I will surely do and by the way thanks siddhi????

  2. Wow ! Awesome

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank u dear

  3. give in English too dr…pls as some cannot get the meaning in Hindi

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Oh i am really sorry i
      From next time i will be careful

  4. Ramya.riya

    Nice episode..

    1. Rivanyaforever1

      Thank u

  5. Rivanyafanforever

    Nice I like it

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