Naagin A Untold Tale Intro+Episode 1


Hello guys its Tina ji and I am here again with a brand new FF. This is the intro and the first episode this story is completlely different to the Naagin story and there is no N aagin in this FF so here is the Character Sketch…..

Shivanya Shiekh – A simple and religious buetiful girl. She is middle class and loves her parents. He lives in Bhopal

Ritik Khan – A handsome and Rich buisnessman. He is Shivanya’s Cousin. He is not religious and is very careless.He is a very rich bachelor.

Ankush Khan – He is Ritiks father and he loves him a lot. He is the owner of Zara Enterprises

Yamini Khan – A cunning and smart woman she is Ritiks Mother. She is a loving Mother and Wife only

Angad Khan – He is Ritik’s Best Friend

Zubair Khan – He is Ritiks big Brother

Divya Khan – Zubairs first Wife

Tanvi Khan – Zubairs second wife

( Both zubairs wife’s live together )

Chand Bibi – She is head servant of the Khans family but is like a family member.

Sana – Divyas Daughter

Aroob – Divyas Daughter

Saif – Tanvis Son

Shabana Sheikh – Shivanya’s Mother and Ankush’s sister

Ghulam Sheikh – Shivanyas Father

Shesha Sheikh – Shivanyas Young sister

Zara Villa – Khan family house

In London

A phone is seen ringing. A guy is in his bed he looks at the phone and says

Boy: Who calls this early in the morning…. ( that’s right this is Ritik)

He picks up the phone…….he then says

Ritik: What marriage?…… no… I am coming right now…..

The scene changes to a girl in India. She is picking clothes from the Terrance ( dhule hue kapde utar rahi hai ). Shabanas husband Ghulam is seen praying namaz. Shabana calls someone and says

Shabana : People are coming to see Shivanya for marriage in the evening….

She then cuts the call.

In Bhopal

Shivanya is seen Riding her cycle

In London

Ritik is seen running with a back pack

Zara Villa is seen in Mumbai. Then a doctor is seen checking Ankush’s BP and he say

Doctor: Your BP is normal Ankush Saheb

Yamini then walks in and says

Yamini: Thank God…..Because looking at his condition last night I got very much worried……You see Ankush has taken the responsibility of work for the whole of his life…..he is always working

Doctor: Don’t work so rigoursly Mister Ankush

Just then Yamini’s phone starts ringing she picks up the phone and it is Shabana who has calls her. Shabana asks about Ankush’s health. Yamini says Ankush is alright the doctor has come to check him ….. And she will ask Usman to call her later (in a rude manner.)
Shabana says

Shabana : I am happy that Ankush is Okay…. People are coming to see Shivany-

Yamini cuts call in between.

Credit to: Tina ji

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  1. Tina isn’t it the Beintehaa story which was airing in colors. But it’s very very nice..

    1. I took the same cast and some scenes will be similar but the storyline is different

  2. Siddhi

    Awesome episode Tina pls continue

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