Naagin the ultimate love (part 2) RIVANYA

The episode starts with Ritik telling that he will scare Pooja at night. All eat their breakfast and Ritik goes to his room. He thinks to go to Pooja’s home fast. A snake enters his room via window and hisses. He sees it and says how can it enter his room without permission. The snake then turns into a woman with golden dress and he asks what is happening. The woman bites his hand and Ritik falls unconscious. She turns into snake and leaves.

At evening 6 pm, Neela comes to Ritik’s room to tell him to order the cake. She sees Ritik unconscious on floor and gets worried. She shouts all the family members to come. They reach and see Ritik lying on floor. Kishore asks what happened to Ritik. She tells he was lying on floor without movement. Anirudh checks Ritik’s hand and says there is a bite on his hand. Then they call doctor to check up. The doctor arrives. He says a snake bit him but it is no deadly poison. He says He will wake up in an hour.The doctor leaves. Dharam calls Kishore and tells him to come fast. It’s 8 pm now. Kishore tells him about Ritik’s condition and says after Ritik wakes up, they will come.

Ritik wakes up and asks why they were worried. Neela happily hugs him and says nothing. They get ready to go to Dharam’s home. All sit in car and the driver starts the car. Ritik asks his sister Saanchi what happened to him. She says a snake bit him. He says yes, I forgot to tell that the snake turned to a woman. Neela thinks the naagin came and she should find a way to escape.

In shiv ji’s temple, a woman stands and tells her guru dev that she gave nidra vish to Ritik Raheja. Guru dev tells Sesha, the time has come to start her revenge. She smirks and tells that she is an ichchadari naagin, any human can’t escape from her and anyone can’t stop my revenge.

Precap : Sesha tells to other woman that I am your partner in your revenge. Pooja gets scared seeing a devil and she shouts. Neela tells Kishore that soon the disaster will happen.

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  1. Arjit5

    this is my second part of the article RIVANYA. please comment in it.

  2. Very nice story. just some changes are done. is neela Ritik’s real mother in this. not like in naagin. thanq arjit

  3. Rocking story but want to see it as a show. then it will be nice to watch

  4. I am yashwanth. I too see naagin episodes mostly in voot. nice post arjit.

  5. who is the writer of this story. arjit ji, I loved the plot and how many parts it has

  6. Arni

    Wow amazing loved it do update soon

  7. Hi arjit,Its awesome yaar
    When will you update the next episode
    make it asap
    Anyway all the best

  8. wow………/…nice , awesome praney write so…….you know shradda di compliment on your creative writing.go ahead……………………….

  9. sorry my comment pubished twice ignore one.

  10. Arjit5

    thanq jia and tania and also Arni, meeting you after many days. you commented sometimes in naagin, Arni. My third part of this article will be published tomorrow. I will publish for every one or two days.

  11. next part when. I read your both articles arjit. Want to see the entry of shivanya.

  12. best of luck to your arjit.

  13. want to watch it live. could you create it the author. nice interesting story

  14. I am an ardent gan of rivanya. I too write some ffs of naagin and kkb but stopped it. I am trying to write new stories about naagin.

  15. nice creativity arjit. I loved to read this fan fiction.

  16. good fan fiction. how many parts does it has. loved to see the entry of snake via wimdow and biting Ritik.

  17. super ff by arjit. I love naagin the pair arjun amd mouni.

  18. Nandhini

    Hmmm so shesha has bitten rithik…

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