Naagin the ultimate love (part 1) RIVANYA

The episode starts Ritik sleeping on the bed and thinking that why a woman always gets into his dream wearing naagin dress. He gets up and goes to bath and dresses up.

He goes to hall and all are eating breakfast. His family is introduced. His mother Neela and his father Kishore greet him good morning. He too greets them and sits to eat. He checks all bowls but they are empty. He says you all are eating poori but he doesn’t have anything to eat. His younger sister Suman says Bhai! You will not have nothing to eat today and to have a fast. His brother Anirudh tells Ritik to swear not to tell lies to them if he wants to eat breakfast. Ritik fears and says why they are talking like this.

Kishore says yesterday night Pooja and stops. Ritik says yester night we didn’t conduct any pooja. Neela says not about god’s pooja, it’s his girlfriend Pooja and he went to a long drive. Ritik asks them to forgive him for telling lie. All laugh. Neela says stop laughing and eat fast to go to Dharam uncle’s home for Pooja’s birthday bash. Ritik says he will scare her at night.

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  1. HI Friends ! My second article is about naagin 1. I just changed the names of the characters except Rivanya. I changed the topic but will also change the plot and make every part interesting from next one. Nandhini dhi, shraddha dhi, dhananjaya, I created another account with this. Arjit5. Please comment.

  2. Arjit5

    I am the author arjit5. Please comment after reading this article guys.

  3. nice.
    looking interesting

  4. Very well written arjit. I want the next part. When will it published.

  5. I am very huge fan of naagin. Rivanya is the best couple.

  6. I am thaani. Please add me to your group. Your story is nice waiting for part 2. Thanq arjit. I love naagin.

  7. Arjit5

    Thank you. Farah and geeta. I wrote the part 2 it wil be published tomorrow. I have also written precap.

  8. Nice and still more interesting. Waiting for part 2. Nice creativity arjit.

  9. I am a silent reader of telly updates mostly naagin. I love the rivanya pair. You changed the names and some part of the story.

  10. Good plot and want shivanya’s character to come soon. I am a tamilian but love naagin pair.

  11. Very beautiful story arjit bro! I love the plot.

  12. Arni

    Amazing i am too a naagin ff writer,Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 is my ff

  13. Love the post of naagin. very well written arjit. is it the same story of naagin.

  14. nice story arjit.

  15. Ritik and Shivanya will meet soon I think. very interesting story. are you showing about Panchner haveli ?

  16. beautiful story by arjit. Love the pair foreverr RIVANYA.

  17. Love the written post by arjit. new story I think. You wrote it well. I love to watch naagin 1. I read many naagin fanfictions but yours is nice. bye

  18. good plot. I want shivanya’s character in a diffrent way. not taking revenge for her parent’s death but for other reason.

  19. awesome story. want shivanya come soon.

  20. well done arjit. You are a professional writer. the story is changed. is shivanya tsking revenge on ritik too with sesha.

  21. Ritik

    Nice but i read all the naagin ff,no one commented in other naagin ff but they r commenting in ur ff only? Why u all only comment in this ff?

  22. Arjit5

    I think they liked my ff so they have. Thanq ritik.

  23. the starting part was awesome. changed characters name and story. will shivanya marry Ritik or Sesha will marry him. I know rivanya means ritik + shivanya but new jofi ritik + sesha = resha

  24. Nandhini


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