Naagin-Suhana Hai Pyaar (Intro)

Hi Guys ! I’m Shivlakshmi ; a great fan of RS Di (RSTHEFFWRITER ). She writes very very well . I’m writing this ff because of her only because she’s my guru as well as my inspiration.  I’m only writing this ff but the idea is of RS Di.  So, if you like this ff then don’t mention my name , mention RS Di’s Name .

Intro :

Shivanya : A sweet simple girl who is very passionate towards her work . She doesn’t believes in love . She is a doctor.

Ritik : A handsome boy who is smart and intelligent. He is a biomedical engineer . He loves to hangout .

Shesha : Shivanya’s sister.  She is a bubbly girl. She flirts with boys and she’s also a doctor

Yamini : Ritik’s mother

Ramya : Shivanya’s mother .

Episode 1 will be updated soon. RS Di Please look at this and comment.  I love you .
There’s something  I want to tell you . It is “You are very sweet” .

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  1. Ramya.riya

    Wow … shivanya and shesh as doctors and rithik as engineer… it is very new and intersting idea RS so nice.. and very nice intro and all the best shivlakshmi…i hope u will continue to attract through ur ff like RS..

    1. Shivlakshmi

      Thanks Ramya !

    1. Shivlakshmi

      Thanks Lucky

  2. Siddhi

    Amazing intro and update 1st episode soon and I also like rs ff me too a big fan of her and also read my ff Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2

  3. Thanks Shivlakshmi for praising me ! But actually I’m not a good writer . Siddhi is a very very good writer . You read her ffs . By the way you wrote very well.

    1. Shivlakshmi

      Thank you so much di ! I wait for your comment.

  4. Nice promo…waiting for next update soon…..

  5. Shivlakshmi

    Thanks Siddhi! I will read

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