Naagin story so far..Will.?


Naagin; Should Shesha betray Shivanya for her desires…?

Hello we have seen that in the recent episodes
shesha is taking care much more of her desires
than her sister when shivanya was trapped by the snake charmers no matter how
many times she called shesha shesha did not
even move from her house when she was with
hritik it means that she wants to complete her no matter who suffers because of it or not we
have also seen that shesha is seen thinking of
hritik more than shivanya and their revenge it
seems that our thriller naagin is going to take a new turn and twist.. and the question also arises that till which limit can shesha to do snatch
hritik from shivanya

Whatever happens ..we know that some good
slice going to be added to be naagin soon at
this stage.

For me i think that shesha would try to hurt
shivanya for her desires or I think it can also be
that she gets trapped in gurumas plans..we
know that serial is tasteless without a good
villain but this is turning out to be an unexpected
turn so it is a little difficult to believe that our
beloved ada khan aka shesha is going to be an
enemy but at the the Same time it is also going
to be a very interest in part of the show away
from the daily drama and into the emotional
deep dramatic part..and also in the precap we
saw that with the help of the enemies shesha traps Shivanya in her disgusting trap… it is becoming more and more suspense…

what will
happen to shivanya?

Will shivanya die ?

Or get saved?

Will she be able to ever return to hritik ?

Will she ever be able to complete her parents

Questions are many but answers mysterious..

Pass your comments and tell about what u think is going to happen in naagin?

Good luck!



Credit to: Indressa

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  1. As good wins overs bad,shivanya and rhitik will be saved.

  2. with twist n turns everything is changing ya bit shocking but i wish no misunderstandings between shivanya n ritik in season1 i feel bad dat sesha who was a very good sis will betray shivanya whatever it will b good if rivanya pair is maintained in naagin2 bcoz naagin without mouny n arjun will b incomplete hence i request the makers to keep them. at the same time it will b better if ritik gets united wid his real father sangram singh.

  3. pls narrate whole episode rather then mentioning the questions arose.

  4. if shivanya is going to die ???I heard she would be paired with mohit in ashoka

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