Naagin Spin-off: A Story of Two Handsome Naag Brothers

As we waiting for Naagin season 3, I think they should make a spin-off with new story and new characters, this time with two handsome Naags as main characters. A Naag story instead of repeating Naagin story again, again and again, which is getting boring. I’ve imagined Gautam Rode and Varun Kapoor as the main leads while writing this story, enjoy!

The story about two handsome Naag brothers, the villains try to get information of Naagmani from their parents, but they refuse to reveal information to them. The villains kill their parents and burn down their house, kidnap the younger brother when he is still a baby, two brothers get separated. The older brother lives in foster care after his parents pass away with the hope to find his lost brother and revenge for their parents.

Many years later, they grow up. The older brother is a hot and handsome man, he becomes a teacher of his long lost brother without knowing he is the foster son of their parents’ murderers.

The younger brother is a cute and handsome nerd, he’s obsessed with mythical creatures in TV shows like vampire, werewolf… and wish to become one himself without knowing he’s actually a Naag because he’s not yet developed power. His teacher (the older brother) usually protects him from bullies at school and care for him, they have a good relationship. One time, the younger brother unintentionally caught his teacher turn into a snake, with the obsession for mythical creatures, knowing that Naag do exist in real life and his teacher is one of them, he promised to keep secret.

The younger brother has a foster sister who loves him and a foster brother who jealous of him for getting all the attention of the parents, he usually bullies the younger brother. Despite being mistreated by the foster brother, the younger brother still loves him.

One time, the foster brother trick the younger brother and set up an accident to kill him, but he doesn’t die, his teacher (the older brother) turns to snake form and save him. Due to the accident, the younger brother triggers his power and turn into half human, half snake. The teacher gets a shock after he knows his student is also a Naag, he helps him turn back to human form and teach him control his power.

The teacher takes his student back home, he realizes his student parents are the murderers and his student is his long lost brother. The older brother reveals the truth to the younger brother and they reunite, the younger brother continues to stay in the enemies’ house to help his brother take revenge.

Later, the younger brother finds out the secret of Naagmani through a book and his foster sister is a Suryavanshi by the tattoo on her neck, the villains have kidnapped her to get Naagmani, his foster brother discovers he’s a Naag and expose him. The older brother helps his younger brother escape the villain’s house, the younger brother informs him about Naagmani, they have to save his foster sister from the villains and tell her the truth.

With the help of dark power, the villains know their plan and go one step ahead, they trick the foster sister to get Naagmani for them. The villains become more powerful and unstoppable, Sheshnaag uses his power to get Naagmani, but he fails to stop them due to dark power and get a serious injury. The Naag brothers fight against the villains, but they are too strong and overpower them, two brothers escape with injuries, due to protect his younger brother, the older brother lost his power.

Failed to protect Naagmani from villains, Sheshnaag must make a ritual sacrifice to destroy dark power, he needs the snake head of a pure heart Naag who voluntarily sacrifice his life for the ritual. After the ritual complete, all the power of Sheshnaag will transfer into the snake head and Sheshnaag will die, the snake head can use to absorb and destroy dark power.

The younger brother wants to sacrifice his life for the ritual, but the older brother doesn’t allow him, he cannot let his brother die. The younger brother insists his brother to cut off his head as it’s the only way to destroy the dark power and it’s his decision, they must protect Naagmani at any cost. The younger brother turns to snake form, the older brother cuts off his head, give it to Sheshnaag and bury his dead body.

Sheshnaag completes the ritual sacrifice, the older brothers use his brother snake head to absorb and destroy dark power. After the old Sheshnaag passes away, the younger brother gets resurrected by lord Shiva as new Sheshnaag, he goes to help his brother get Naagmani back and defeat the villains, take revenge for their parents.

After that, the younger brother gives Naagmani to his foster sister as she’s a Suryavanshi, the foster sister says he should keep Naagmani, he had sacrificed his life to get it back, now he’s the new Sheshnaag, it’s his responsibility to protect Naagmani. Sheshnaag recovers power for his brother, they turn to snake form and go off with Naagmani.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice should write a ff of naag brothers and their love interests

    1. Emptyhand20

      It’s just a main plot focus on the brothers, If they want to turn this story into a tv serial, they can add more extra characters and details

  2. Fenil

    You should continue this story as FF.

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