Naagin Season 3 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish aims Yuvi next, Mahir warns her to stay away from Yuvi, Bela doubts her

Naagin Season 3 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahir calls Inspector and asks if he could find out the reason behind Karan’s death. Yuvi, Rehaan and others talk that he was a good swimmer, but was drunk. Yuvi tells that they shall get the case closed as Karan is in coma. Rehaan says if Police questions him then he might tell what he saw. Mahir asks what? Yuvi says nothing and says we were talking that who cares for him, he is just a manager. Mahir says I do and says this marriage might happen or not, but I will find out about the attack on him. Bela’s father tells her that he think it is a sign that marriage shall not happen. Mahir hears them. Bela says my marriage will happen and tells that you will find many people to get jealous of me, and nobody will laugh on me. She says but your bank balance is finished because of my marriage. Her father

says you have many excuses. She says Suhani is getting married and it is the happy thing for her. Her father asks her to think about her happiness. He says don’t know how is this family? Bela says they are good people, they made us stay at their house so that we don’t have problem in travelling and says Mahir and Sumitra aunty guaranteed me that they will never let anything happen with me and I trust them fully. Mahir hears them. Snake crawls and come there. Sumitra asks Mahir about the arrangements. Mahir tells him that all arrangements are done and Karan’s accident investigation will not affect the function. Andy asks what, and says my sons are not marrying rich girls, but getting ruined in love and then also I am wasting my money on them. Snake turns into Ruhi. He says the guests are rich and busy people and says if this marriage stops then they will not return. Mahir says no problem will happen, and says we need to know that about this investigation.

He asks him to trust him. Andy says I am counting on you. Sumitra asks Maya to get haldi and chandan mix and says function will begin soon. Andy asks about Pratham. Sumitra says children will not be affected because of parents’ mistake and says Yuvi and Pratham’s functions will happen together. Andy says just as investors come, I will take them to see the land. Ruhi thinks take them surely, even I will not get a chance to make this jashn turn into mourning. Sumitra’s daughter scolds a girl for flirting with her boyfriend/husband. Poulomi comes there and sprinkles cow’s urine and says it is auspicious. Sumitra stops Poulomi from sprinkling cow’s urine on Bela and reminds her that she is her bahu. Yuvi sees Ruhi coming and says now he is sure that she will listen to my saying. He says I am so glad. She asks him not to give himself so much importance. Yuvi says I am the groom. He asks her to get ready to apply haldi to him. She says you can’t force me. He says I will get haldi applied with your hand. Bela sees Yuvi and Ruhi together. Poulomi and Sumitra apply haldi to their sons, while Bela and Suhani’s father apply haldi to them. Andy comes there. Poulomi asks him to apply haldi to Pratham, but Sumitra’s daughter send her to get cow’s urine and asks Andy to apply haldi to Yuvi first. Andy applies haldi to Yuvi and Pratham. Poulomi gets cow’s urine sprinkle on Andy. Shekhar says Bhabhi is very excited today. Andy reminds him that only Sumitra is your bhabhi and not Poulomi. Poulomi asks Sumitra to apply haldi to Pratham. Sumitra applies haldi to Pratham while Poulomi applies haldi to yuvi.

Yuvi tells Poulomi that 9 women have applied haldi to them and it is an inauspicious thing. He tricks her to ask Ruhi to apply haldi to them so that 10 women apply haldi to them. Poulomi asks Ruhi to apply haldi to the grooms. Ruhi/Vish goes to Yuvi. Yuvi says he is Yuvi and gets everything whatever he wishes. He asks if she will kiss him in front of everyone and says she doesn’t mind. Vish is about to bite him, but just then Mahir comes there and pulls her. He says there is another groom too. Vish asks you jealous and says if you would have got married, then I would have colored your face too. She says her taste is good and she would have look at him if he is even half handsome than his brother. Mahir says it is good and asks her to stay away from his brother. Vish asks him to ask Yuvi to stay away from her.

Inspector comes and tells everyone that there were no traces of alcohol in his blood. He tells that how did he fell down in the pool then. He shows the earring which he got. Bela sees Vish getting tensed. Inspector says we have to do investigation. Andy says I will not let you question the guests. Mahir says we will fully cooperate. Vish prays to Shiv ji as they see the pics. Yuvi tries to romance with Bela, but she refuses. She goes near the CD player. Her pic is about to display on her projector. Bela thinks earrings belong to Vish. Just then the projector screen catches fire. Vish deletes the pics and turns. She sees Bela and asks if she is hurt and says everything will finish. Bela comes to Yuvi and tells that there is something wrong about Vish Khanna. Yuvi says I just don’t want to know. He tries to romance with her, but bela tells that they shall do whatever happens in an arranged marriage. She asks him to inquire about Vish, but he refuses and says I will kiss you. Just then Suhani comes there. Yuvi gets upset and goes. Bela thinks why can’t everyone see that Vish is not good. Bela, Suhani and her friends are in the car. Suhani and bela tell about their marriage proposal. They see famous Rudra temple and talk about it, that Naag and Naagin take Shiv ji’s blessings before their marriage. Just then Bela asks a driver to stop the car as they see Arvind standing in front of their car. Arvind asks where are you going? Bela gets down from the car and asks who are you and why did you stop our car. Suhani says we have saved you. Arvind asks them not to go there. Suhani says we have our hotel there and says tomorrow is our marriage. Arvind asks them not to go and says marriage will not happen, and says daily one person will die, and says Naagin will not forget her revenge. Other car comes there and someone asks why did they stop? Bela says someone stopped us.

Arvind vanishes and thinks they are doing wrong to go there. They reach hotel. Vish thinks of getting a new face as a boon for her revenge. Bela sees Vish standing on top of the hotel and asks Suhani to see, but Suhani couldn’t see her. She sees Yuvi, and others coming there and tells that she will attack the other now. Mahir asks Bela why she is worried. Bela tells him that something is wrong about Vish and tells about Arvind’s warnings. Andy comes there and asks her to behave as a bahu and asks why she is talking nonsense. He says today his investors are coming and he doesn’t want anything wrong to happen. Mahir says nothing will happen and asks Bela not to feel bad. Vish asks Mahir not to do promise which he can’t fulfill. Shekhar asks Andy why did he choose this place? Andy asks him not to say that in front of investors. Vish and Yuvi look at each other. Vish thinks Yuvi is her next hunt. Mahir tells everyone that Yuvi is his brother and Pratham is also his brother from another mother and is not less than Yuvi. They hug Mahir. The brothers dance with each other. Poulomi comes there with her face blackened. Yuvi asks what is wrong with her. Adi says I don’t know. Andy asks what the hell, why did she blacken her face? He takes her to side and asks her to tell what is going on. Poulomi tells that today is her kaala teeka’s fast, and says Pandit ji said this. Pandit ji comes there and asks why did you blacken yourself. He says I asked you to just apply black spot. She says she took his words seriously. Investors come. Andy gets worried. Mahir tells her that Pandit ji is calling her. She goes after patting on his cheek. Bela signs Mahir to wipe his cheeks, he wipes it and smiles.

Yuvi dances with Vish in the party sensually embarrassing Bela and Sumitra. Investors ask Andy why did he take time to start the project when he bought land long ago. Andy says he will start project soon and asks Investors to come to see the land. Mahir says we will go tomorrow. Andy insists. Mahir says I will follow you. Andy leaves. Mahir takes Yuvi to bela and gives his hand in her hand.

They reach the Rudra temple and haveli area. Andy says this whole place is ours and tells about the temple, says he will break it and made hotel. Mahir says let’s see haveli. Arvind stops them and says no outsider shall come here for their benefit. All icchadhari naag and naagin’s reflection appear. Vish appears as Naagin, and says come on killers. She says I didn’t call you, but then also you came in death’s trap.

Arvind tells them about Icchadhari Naag and Naagins. Bela thinks everyone will die, Bela, Mahir, and everyone will die. Andy shoots at something. Bela follows Vish in haveli and sees her pic as naagin. She comes back and tells everyone that Vish is a Naagin. Karan comes there and points his finger at Vish blaming her for his condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i have a doubt… in the previous two seasons of naagin, the naagins could change their looks according to their wishes. both Shivanya and Sesha would take the looks of different characters to fool their enemies…. so why here the naagin (Karishma Tanna) prays to shivji to give her a different face? this is in the same world as the previous shows, because in the beginning Shivangi was shown, her story was left incomplete and it was said that far away another story of naagins was taking place…. so shouldnt Vish also have the power to changer her looks whenever she wished?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its becoz she turned new new naagin.. As vikrant said on first episode, that she got boom now about being icchadari naagin, and till pooranmasi she can’t turn naagin in front of humans, so may be it will be also part a d to take revenge she did so… And in season 1 shivanya and shesha was born in naagin family and season 2, shivangi had boon that after 25 if she is unmarried she may turn into icchadhari naagin, due to shivanya past

    2. hey sradhha, thanx for reply….. i suppose it makes sense that ruhi being a new ichhadhari naagin doesnt have all those powers. previously also Sesha and Shivanya had to perform dances on special occassions to please mahadev and gain more powers. this is also why Ruhi/Vish is taking her revenge slowly and the first victim didnt die but was simply sent to coma…. hope ruhi develops her powers soon 🙂 and we get a good revenge story….

  2. Thank you very much H Hasan for the update. Because of you I am relieved. Today the update was published faster. Today’s episode was average. The pre wedding rituals happened and same Yuvi-Vish’s dance, Mahir-Bela’s conversation.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi arjit how are u??
      After long time u commented

      1. Di! What long time? I was always active in these updates as Critic and Arjit. And I’m absolutely fine. ☺

      2. ShraddhaSharma392

        Ohh critic was ur id, i didn’t recognize

  3. And I find the spelling of Poulomi funny here. It was written Pulaomi. I feel I should make it pulao. ?

    According to upcoming spoilers, Vish lures Yuvi to a place while marriage goes on and Mahir marries Bela to save the dignity of his and her families. It’s totally Vish and Bela’s plan. Waiting for Bela’s story to unveil.

    You all know the teaser was released in February on Colors. In that a lady (maybe Surbhi) was dumped by two men and her eyes turned naaginised. Is it related to Bela in any way? Anyone comment your guesses.

    1. H Hasan

      Thanks. I have changed the spelling.

      1. A reply from author is very satisfactory for me. You wrote it well and yes there are some mistakes. Like Surbhi instead of Suhani. Well done!

  4. I can now give no assurance that a character might completely die in this show. Anyone can return anytime from dead. ?

    1. TaniaFairy

      Haha Pranay.u remind me shesha.she died so many times but return as well.We can’t trust any character here in Ekta’s show.they will not die in first but after two or three time later will may die.

      1. In everyone season it happened and will happen. Eg:- Rithik, Shivanya, Yamini, Shesha, Vikram, Viren, Kabir, Takshika, etc. And now Karan. Maybe Yuvi too in the future.

  5. How can nagin’s truth b out so fast… Strange

  6. Karan back from dead. Vish might kill Yuvi and Mahir will marry Bela according to Beshakha’s plan.

    1. Ooshi

      According to written updates karan is in coma not dead

      1. Yeah! I know. As Yuvi said Karan knows swimming, he might have not drowned in the pool. How can Vish be so neglecting about his death? She should have confirmed if he’s dead or not. ?

  7. I want mahir to marry vish because in season 1 rithik loved shiv in season 2 Rockey loved shiv so in season 3 it will be different like tashan love full of attitude and it will be very good to see Bella as best friends for mahi

    1. But Vish is Ruhi in disguise. She loved Naag Vikrant and is killing his murderers for him. How can she forget her mission?

  8. When naagin 3 air on tv????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      8 pm sat sun according to indian tym… But don’t know about repeat.

  9. TaniaFairy

    thanks for the update.
    Today’s Episode was nice.This Yuvi has a death wish that why getting close to Vish.He iis going tto marry and still flirting in front of his bride.So shameless, at least respect her and not to do this thing.
    Bela and Mahir little scene was cute.the way Bela signals Mahir to wipe his face I really find it cute.
    Why Ruhi cant change her form just like shesha or shivangi???
    and How on earth this Karan come back after ggetting killed?? may be he is Vish’s helper naag or somthing.

  10. TaniaFairy

    One thing is clear in Naagin series.All the seasone started with Engagement and Marrige.Then the story goes on.

  11. TaniaFairy

    How are you all Naagin fans??
    Shradda dI,Maira,Pranay,jemi,Ananya,shivangi and all.
    There so many missing from Naagin page.
    where Nandini di,Dhanajaya bro,Geet,Jia??

    1. Hey fine.nice epi,loved are you?

      1. TaniaFairy

        Hi,Jemi.I m fine.
        and yes it was a nice epi.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi tania
      I m f9
      How are u??

      1. TaniaFairy

        Hi Shradda Di, I m fine.

    3. I am here . Finally got time to see episode . I am not able to predict the story. If bella is a naagin then why she wants to reveal the truth of vish/ruhi.

  12. Saturday-Sunday at 8 PM on Colors TV.

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    Right now i am watching this show just for vish and my doubt was right that vish is new face of ruhi… Right now i just watch this show for vish aka anita… Rest story is ok, but lead pairs are dull and no chemistry b/w them, i mean that spark which shivanya and ritik, rockey and shivangi (mouni, arjun, and karanveer) had since day 1 as when they use to meet..

  14. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H. Hasan

  15. Ooshi

    Previous Saturday

  16. Hey, guys, I am a silent reader. But really Naagin 3 is going awesome. I love Vish(Her Naagin avatar) and Surbhi is all time favorite. Looking forward to Bela conversion as Naagin.

  17. am i the only one who keeps on thinking about suhani si ek ladki after the character suhani and yuvraj in naagin3?

    1. I forgot about it totally. That’s why I don’t get about the names in thoughts.

  18. Hello Friends,though I have n’t seen the first two seasons of Naagin. I am thoroughly enjoying season 3….I know I have missed seeing the beautiful Mouni Roy as the Naagin…no one can excel her,that’s for sure…At the same time I wish the new naagins all the best.
    Coming to the episode ,Andy is looking much handsome than his sons…I could n’t stop laughing at Vish’s comment that Mahir should feel jealous of his brother Yuvi for his good looks…Pearl V Puri is known for his good looks …anyways he is acting very well as a matured and responsible eldest brother and it is obvious that Bela is going to end up with him…the chemistry is already visible.
    I find Poulomi’s character very intriguing …outwardly she seems to be easy going and almost innocent from a rural background,,,but how she is able to fit in this high figh and very sophisticated Sehgal pariwar !!! And it is not fair on the part of Andy to have not married her …she should be thankful that atleast he is magnanimous enough to give his name to their sons .
    Friends ,I have one or two doubts…as I understand Ruhi played by Karishma comes back as Vish played by Anita to take her revenge…Does that mean Ruhi and Vikrant’s characters are over….If so, I will be disappointed because I am a big fan of Rajat Tokas.I remember seeing Surbhi also as some kind of Naagin in the promos…But Bela has nothing to do with all this ,,,she looks to be a normal girl..can some clarify on this…
    Thank you Hasan for the detailed update …I know how tedious it s to write update for a one hour show because sometimes I too write updates for Zee serials.Thanks once again…

    1. Bela’s story is different or she’s helping Vish. I think you have seen the first teaser where a lady was dumped by two men and she’s a Naagin. Maybe it was Bela or something related story connects to her. This show has #Metoo as said by Ekta Kapoor.

  19. Though Vish is the vengeful one, I feel that Bela is Ruhi not Vish.

  20. @pari, its a very good guess 🙂 but in the promos they showed Karishma and Anita changing into each other so dont know if it is possible. also Ruhi loved the nagraj so i dont think she as bela would marry mihir and fall in love with him…. still i hope bela is the fierce naagin who is pretending to be a gentle one like Shivanya did in season 1 with ritthik…… lets see how the story pans out 🙂

  21. Mona146

    i think anita is a real bad choice to be a nagin here that seductive part. she doesnt look like that. Adaa was best in killing looks. disapppointed with surbhi somehow in this serial.

    1. Yes . Adaa khan rocked in her killing looks . Her expressions, tone,face,fire eyes.
      She was best naagin .mouni was also gud . But adaa was best as negative naagin

  22. Agree with you Mona, Surbhi somehow is not as convincing as she was in Qubool Haii and Koi Laut Ke Aaya hai…It looks as if she is somewhat confused about her character…may be it is too early to judge but certainly something is missing.

  23. anita looking very very old lady… poor naagin.. bored glamour naagin…
    bela looks not impressive..
    ekta kapoor makes bored in selecting leading naagins… really dissatisfied.
    but mahir looking handsome

  24. Anu88

    Nice episode……… Thanks hasan for the update………….

  25. I am not satisfied with naagin 3…nor i was with naagin 2…naagin 1 was best…they are repearing the same story again nd again…in naagin 1 also the first target was also snt to coma under similar circumstances and same marriage plot nd same unnecessery large family…

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