Naagin Season 3 4th November 2018 Written Episode Update: New Entrants bring more troubles for Mahir and Bela

Naagin Season 3 4th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir telling that someone wants to ruin him after he is ruined. He asks Yuvi and Bela to hang DND billboard outside the room. Yuvi says not a bad idea. Mahir tells Bela that everyone is waiting downstairs. He goes. Vikrant comes in his avatar and asks Bela to go and says I will handle, asks her to keep away from moonlight. Bela comes out and thinks what did I do? She doubts on herself thinking if she killed Poulomi. She sees Mahir and comes running to him crying and hugs him. Mahir asks her what happened and asks her to sit and tell him. Bela is about to tell him about Poulomi and blames herself that she tries to make the things right, but opposite happens. Mahir hugs and comforts her, says everything will be right. Vikrant packs Poulomi’s body in the cover and says everything

will not be fine with you…Ruhi. His mum comes there. Vikrant says I was thinking what you will come, says I told you that she will get trapped in illusion and will doubt on herself. He says she played with my heart and I will play with her mind. He says Bela will kill Mahir and then she will lose all her strength and then we will get Naagmani and rule on this world…he smiles. Mahir asks her to sit and asks what is the problem? Bela says I am fine and says sorry. Mahir says sorry and asks why is the thing which completes in Yuvi’s room. Bela says I didn’t go intentionally. Mahir says I didn’t mean it, but…and says I know we can have distance between us, but not betrayal. I know you well, although you don’t see my dreams, but will not see anyone dreams when I am there. He asks why did you cry? If he did something to you and says I will not ask you anything. Bela says I am reason for my own problems. Mahir asks her to tell. Bela says I have a secret which you don’t know and if I tell you then you will not accept me. Mahir asks her to look in his eyes and asks if she can read hidden love in his eyes and says if not love then if she can read trust in his eyes for her.He says I trust you fully and will be with you. He says I accept everything. Bela says really. Mahir says just tell me. Bela is about to tell him about Vikrant and says Vik….Just then she sees Yuvi and says Yuvi. She takes Mahir to side and says Yuvi can’t see us together. She says you are really good. Yuvi/Vikrant tells his Bela that he disposed Poulomi’s dead body so don’t worry.

Kuhu tells Adi that Poulomi told her that she is going for some family emergency and says her mum is unwell. Adi says my Nani died long ago. Sumitra says Andy went there that time. Kuhu says she didn’t hear her carefully as she was shouting and quite irritating. Sumitra asks Adi to call her and asks what happened?

In th night, Bela is sleeping when she wakes up and sees Poulomi standing infront of her. She switches on lights, but then she couldn’t see her. She thinks if I am losing my senses and prays to God. Mahir comes to his room and thinks to be with Bela, says I will give you full privacy, but will not leave you alone. Bela sees Mahir’s reflection and thinks who is he? She becomes half snake and her eyes get brown. She is about to bite him but just then Mahir moves his head. Bela sees his face and becomes human fully. She turns herself. Mahir says you woke up and says he came to see her being worried about her. Bela says I am fine. She thinks of Vikrant’s words and thinks she is worried about Mahir. She thinks you shall not be here now. She thinks if Mahir sees me in this condition then…..She covers the curtains on the window. Mahir says I will switch on lights. Bela says no and tells that she has migraine problem. Mahir says it seems you are having fever and asks her to show her eyes. Bela thinks my eyes color is changing and I can’t show my naagin eyes to him. Mahir asks her to show her eyes. Bela thinks you will know everything if I open my eyes and says something is piercing in her eyes. She asks him to bring eye drops. Mahir says I am piercing in your eyes and says he will turn his face. She asks if he is joking. He gets a call from his friend and talks to him.

Bela’s skin gets scaly. Mahir turns his face towards her. He tells that he friend came from Newyork and wanted him to meet him. Bela asks him to go and says you should go. Mahir says I will not leave you here. Bela asks him to go. Mahir says I will call you often and asks her to pick his call. His friend calls him again. Mahir says call is disconnecting and asks her to pick his call. Bela says I will pick your call whenever you call me. She thinks I have to read the mantras so that my eyes color don’t change. Mahir asks Bela why is she sending him far from her. He says you are my everything bela. Bela says nobody is important to me than you…She hugs him. Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai…plays…Mahir sits in car and leaves looking at her. Their moments are shown.

She comes to room and sees Vikrant. Vikrant says you have again done it. He shows her someone’s dead body. Bela says if she is Poulomi? Vikrant says I have seen Poulomi here. He shows her Servant Jamuna and says you have killed her. He says you might have think her as Poulomi and attacked her. He says I am not accusing you, whenever you changes your kechwi, you don’t remember. Bela says I didn’t do anything and swears on her. Vikrant asks her not to take her false swear and says I will dispose her body also. He asks do you trust me? Bela nods her head. Vikrant takes Jamuna’s body and says it is your stupidity that you are trusting on me. He brings Jamuna’s body to his mum and says your idea worked, Ruhi is believing me. Bela says I am believing that you are a betrayal and a liar. I didn’t kill anyone. She says I worn this Trishul which is controlling my venom and I can’t kill anyone. She says I was sure that you will harm me and that’s why I worn this trishul so that I can get to your truth.

Vikrant tells his mum that he is proud of his both tongue and takes out his snake tongue. He says I am proud of you also. He tells that today is Purab Maasi and she will change her kechwi, she will be very weak and if anyone bites on her third eyes, then she will be in that snake’s control and will do whatever we want. Bela thinks I am not in your control and is just acting like you are acting with me. She thinks I thought Poulomi is your mum, but she was killed although she was innocent. She thinks who is that human who is related to Vikrant and thinks who is the one whom he trusts much and thinks she is a woman. She thinks if her mum is alive. Vikrant tells his mum that Bela will kill Mahir on the mandap infront of everyone and asks his mum to go and bite Bela and fulfill their dreams. Vikrant’s mum comes to Bela’s room.

Bela hears snake sound and thinks she is ready to face Vikrant’s plan. She thinks to let snake come near her and thinks to use the magical ring and find out who is Vikrant’s mum. She thinks come near me so that I can see your real face using this ring. Vikrant’s mum as snake is about to bite Bela. Bela jumps and falls off from the bed. Just then Mahir comes there and asks what happened? He switches on lights. Snake vanishes. Bela asks him to get cold water from the kitchen. Mahir says ok and goes. Bela switches off the lights and thinks only old Naag or Naagin can have such powerful strength. Vikrant’s mum comes to him and tells that she couldn’t do the work. Vikrant takes out his anger and breaks the vase. He says no problem, we will get more chances, we will get Mahir killed by Bela on sangeet day.

Mahir brings water and is coming towards Bela. Bela hides her face and hands as she is changing her kechwi/skin. She asks him to get medicine from the box. While Mahir brings it, Bela intentionally collides with him and makes the water fall on his chest. She asks him to change his clothes. Mahir says I am really worried for you and takes out clothes from his cupboard. He says you get headache and migraine because of Yuvi’s marriage. He changes his clothes. Bela changes her skin while talking to him. She says I can understand as I am in the situation with him. Mahir says alone. Bela says you are with me. Ring also falls from her hand with the skin. Bela pushes the fallen skin to side. She asks about his friends. Mahir says he thought that they came, but they didn’t come till now. He says I will call them and says they are his cousins, Papa distant relatives. He tells that he is very excited and says they are very adventurous. He asks what are you doing? Bela says nothing. She says your friends must have come? Mahir says no and tells that you haven’t heard me because you have a headache. He says I will call my cousins.

Few men are riding on their bikes and see someone taking dead bodies for funeral. They go separate ways and become bats.

Bela pushes her fallen skin behind the bed and realizes that her ring is fallen out of her hand. She searches and picks her ring, but just then Mahir comes and asks what is she doing? Bela gets up. Mahir asks her if she was cleaning the room. Bela says who cleans at night and tells that she was searching her earring. Mahir checks her earrings and says it is there. Bela says I thought it is fallen. Mahir says this is happening because of Yuvi’s doings and says I can’t see you troubled. Bela says I am fine. Mahir says you are hurt on your forehead. Bela says I am fine and asks him what is he doing? Mahir says you don’t let me come close to you and don’t have any objection if Yuvi comes near you. Bela asks what you are saying? She says she is doing this to know the truth. Mahir says I can’t let you go near him and can’t bear to see your mehendi, haldi. I will die and can’t bear. He says if you don’t love me, then you might be feeling sympathy for me. He says now I can’t get my wife marry Yuvi. He says I am not that great, can’t lose you. He holds her forehead and presses with his finger. Bela feels pain and shouts.

Mahir says I can’t give you pain and is afraid to lose you. He says I am getting the feeling of losing you. Bela asks him not to think this and says I am with you, near you. She hugs him. Mahir says I am getting bad intuition and asks her not to go far from him. Ishq di….plays….They hug each other.

The bike riders/bats come to Sehgal house. They take out their helmet and show their faces. There are two ladies among them. They sit down, becomes bats and knock on the door. Andy thinks who the hell have come in the night. He asks Bhushan to open the door, but then opens the door.

Andy sees the bats family in a casual clothes as human. Vyom introduces his brother Amit, mom Anita and sister Rinki. Andy says Mahir and Vyom were college friends, but I didn’t meet you all. He tells that lucky and I was good friends, then had a fight, and we didn’t meet after that. Vyom says Papa died later. Andy asks them to enter. They all smirk and go inside. Bela tells Mahir that already so much bad happened to them and nothing more happen. They hear Andy calling Yuvi. Mahir says it seems they have come and tells Bela about Vyom’s family. Andy calls Yuvi and Mahir. Yuvi comes downstairs. Andy tells them that Sumitra is in the room as she is having headache. Vyom says we will meet aunty tomorrow. Yuvi comes and keeps hand on Bela, asks why my bride is not taking beauty sleep. Mahir says as guests have come. Yuvi says my friend Vyom. Mahir says my friend and asks him not to stop referring his things as his. He takes Bela. Vikrant says Ruhi is mine. Mahir comes to Vyom and hugs him, says how are you. Vyom looks at Bela.

Mahir says you are same exactly like before. He asks Vyom to meet his wi…Yuvi says my fiance Bela. Anita hugs Bela. Bela senses something. Anita says you are beautiful. Vyom says Papa used to say about you, but never praised you. He shakes hand with Yuvi. Yuvi senses something and says I don’t like to hear someone praise me. Mahir takes them to guest room. Yuvi takes her to side. Vikrant tells Bela that he sensed something wrong and says they are not humans. Bela says that guy looked at me differently. She asks who are they? Vikrant says I didn’t feel good when he shook hands with me, they are hiding something. Bela says something wrong.

Vikrant tells his mum that these people can’t ruin their game, but they will follow their plan. Mahir ties kamarband to Bela’s waist. Vikrant tells his mum that you have done my work, Ruhi got haldi applied of my name, she will wear wedding dress and will marry me in few hours. He says I know there is nothing impossible for you. Mahir and Bela get romantic and look at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously seriously those bikers changed into bats with their bike like seriously and why turn into bat again just to knock the door. Why are the writers doing this to the show it started with a good plot now it’s just a mess and bella is sleeping in mahir’s room why I thought they got divorce.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Uncessary drama and addition…..😑😑😑😑 Just loved 😍😍😍bela and mahir hugging secenes and songs…. Just miss vish and acp😢😢😢😢😢

  3. For me this episode quite good because more bela mahir romance scene..mahir talk a lot this time expressing his feelings..what?! New character again? I think they r not bat but eagle.r they coming as villains or help mahir defeat yuvi .?n btw,i like the last moment of precap ,bela mahir romantic scene..😍😍😍should b more scene like this..

  4. Lokesh

    So ab Naagin Ko Marne chamgadar aaye h , wo bhi full family,😂😂😂 Prem se boliye Ekta Mata ki they will produce ultrasonic waves, that make naag Naagin weak, just my perception.

  5. I think that bats are there to help Bella against Vikrant as Bella’s expression was not so uncomfortable when she hug bat women (mother) but Yuvi feel very uncomfortable.
    *I like today’s episode waiting for next week.
    *Now it shows that Vikrant’s mother may be Sumitra as she didn’t come in front of the bat and now Polo is also dead so we can’t think her as Vikrant’s mother.
    *I don’t want to see Sumitra in negative role
    *How can a bar’s family be friend with Andy??????? Can anyone ans me……

    1. i guess Andy also not human but a bat / vulture.. Mahir so happy to see them coming that why i think mahir ask them to help him to fight yuvi..juz my guess..

  6. I think that bats are there to help Bella against Vikrant as Bella’s expression was not so uncomfortable when she hug bat women (mother) but Yuvi feel very uncomfortable.
    *I like today’s episode waiting for next week.
    *Now it shows that Vikrant’s mother may be Sumitra as she didn’t come in front of the bat and now Polo is also dead so we can’t think her as Vikrant’s mother.
    *I don’t want to see Sumitra in negative role
    *How can a bat’s family be friend with Andy??????? Can anyone ans me……

  7. Can anyone plz tell me where is vish ??? Is she really dead?? Why bela is not asking about vish?? Naagrani bela also seems not to worry about vish as both used to stay together . What is this happening?? New characters entry with old characters dying….bullshit….when will they reveal vikrant’s mum ??? I m eagerly waiting when will this show end. Its too much boring nowadays …it should end now ..

  8. Hi Sharman, wish is dead as she took poison

  9. Kamalanayani

    What happened to vish and Bela’s mum??
    Many youtubers predicted that Poulomi was VIKRANT’s mum and to ward that off, Ekta K – as killed her..
    But don’t change sumitra as Wicked Vik’s mum..
    Almost boring.. If they don’t wanna reveal vik’s mum, then please don’t reveal it… Ekta ji, You are not the only one who takes serials.. really irritating about the purple nag who comes and goes and stands in dark without revealing face.. Yuvi is showing much advantage on Bela infront of Mahir.. really bad..

    This is really a bad portrayal of our tradition.. See a guy leaves bride in the mandap and his brother takes the pressure as his and saves the day. Then when he comes back, he has no right in asking her back.. Women are not your toys or money or things.. which can be given for sake and claimed back.. Really disappointed with Ekta ji..

  10. If we look at the serials of ekta we can clearly predict that vikranth’s mom is sumitra…as till now she is following the same pattern..nagin 1 villan was arjun’s mother,brahmarakshas villan was the hero’s mother,even in qyamat ki raat villan is hero’s its sure here there will be the same scenario

  11. I doubt whether this ekta kapoor is editing the script for only rajat.. Killing all and entering new ones.. Even mahir is not getting such importance.. I think vish comes back to take revenge..
    Yeah..again same pattern..sumitra vs bela.. Please change it At least in this third season.. Loving Behir more and more.. But,I also disagree with ekta’s concept of wrong attitudes toward relationships..

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