Naagin Season 3 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvi and Bela get engaged, Poulomi gets killed

Naagin Season 3 3rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling Mahir that she will marry Yuvi with her wish and says we were talking about divorce and says let this happen. She asks Yuvi to make her wear ring. Yuvi/Vikrant says ofcourse. Mahir looks shattered and upset. Hamari Adhuri plays…..Yuvi makes Bela wear the ring and kisses on her hand. Mahir couldn’t bear and walks off to his room. Poulomi asks everyone to claps. Yuvi hugs Bela..He tells her that she has chosen a right decision by choosing him. Poulomi says it is good. Yuvi says marriage is after two days. Poulomi says I got time for shopping and asks Andy to give his credit card to her. Andy excuses himself. Bela comes to her room. Mahir asks why did you come here and asks her to go to her fiance and why did she come to him. Bela plays the music so that nobody

hears their conversation. She says when Yuvi proposed me suddenly and I don’t know how to deal with the situation. I was blank, I knew that if I had refused him then he would have known about our plan. He says if I had refused then we would never come to know about his plan.

Mahir gets angry, says he don’t want to know fake Yuvi’s plan and tells her that he loves her, and she is his wife and responsibility for whom I can’t be careless and carefree. He says you don’t understand this. He says that man tried to separate us and made me signed on the divorce papers without my knowledge. He says you don’t understand that the man is very dangerous and I can’t let you be with him for one day, and says you are too precious for me, you don’t understand this. Bela says I understand this, trust me. Mahir says you don’t understand else you wouldn’t have agreed. Bela asks him to relax and says you can’t lose me, nothing will happen to me, and says you might not believe on this, but I believe fully. She says I told you already why did I do. She says he shot my mum and framed you so that I become your enemy. She says we got the time now to know about his motive and save your life. Mahir says I am dying every moment whenever he touches you, calls you fiance, wife too. Bela asks him to be there with him. Mahir says I don’t agree with you and is not with you. Bela says you are a good man. Mahir says I am not a good man and says if he does something then I will break his hand. Bela says I wish everything gets sorted out fast.

Vikrant thinks he doesn’t want to kill Mahir at one go, but want him to die slowly. He says you have to die, but Naagrani Ruhi will kill you. He says I have to make Naagrani kill some innocent person and you will be the victim. Yuvi/Vikrant makes arrangements for sangeet. He asks Sumitra to check the arrangements and shouts RJ. Andy asks what is this? Yuvi asks if wine is more important than me. He asks them to make arrangements. He asks Adi and RJ to light the candle when Bela comes. Mahir comes there. Yuvi asks him to call someone. Mahir gets worried and goes to his room. He calls Bela and sees her clothes on the bed. Bela comes to Vikrant’s room and checks for the proofs. Mahir calls Bela and thinks why she is not picking the call. Bela’s phone keeps ringing while she searches for the proof. Mahir gets worried. Bela finds a ring in the box. Vikrant thinks what a scene and says Mahir will die with your hands. Bela looks at the magical ring and thinks this is the same ring with which we can talk to our parents. She thinks she tried to talk to her mum, but this ring was stolen. She thinks Vikrant told that his parents are dead, and thinks why did he steal it? Vikrant comes to the room and sees Bela. Bela says she came to meet him and asks him to tell his plan. Vikrant says wedding night. Bela asks him not to joke and asks him to tell. Vikrant says you shall be happy as you got rid of Mahir. He asks her to show what is in his hand and tries to check. Mahir comes there calling Yuvi. He sees them together. Vikrant becomes Yuvi and says what a timing. Bela goes. Mahir asks Yuvi to get ready.

Mahir asks Bela what the hell and says why did you go to room? Bela says listen to me first. Mahir says I asked you not to go to his room. Bela says she went to search proofs. Mahir says nobody can stop me from getting angry. He asks why he was holding his hand. Bela says I tried to tell you, but you are speaking nonstop. Mahir asks her to tell what happened when he held her hand. Bela says when I was in his room, he came there and then I told him that I got gift for him. She says you are possessive and tells that she got the clue.

Kuhu checks RJ what is he drinking. He fools her. Poulomi comes. Kuhu says who called her. Poulomi says she don’t need invitation and taunts Kuhu. Bela tells Mahir that fake Vikrant is planning everything with his mom’s help. She says he has hidden from her all these years. Mahir asks what do you mean? Bela says if you will catch my words and asks him to catch the main issue. She says I can’t tell you before I am clear. Mahir says I believe you blindly and if you say that he is not Yuvi then I believe you. Bela asks him to trust her once again. Mahir asks her to tell all secret to him. Bela asks why do you believe me? Mahir says I am not mad, but a good observer and says I have observed that he is not like my brother. He tells that Yuvi used to disliked Apple, but this fake Yuvi eats apple. He says just like I didn’t believe on fake Bela, we will find out about this fake Yuvi. Bela thinks I don’t know what is Vikrant upto? Why did he hide from me that his mum is alive. She says who can be that woman? A purple snake comes and crawls behind Bela. Bela sees purple snake crawling out from the window. She comes to the window and sees the moon. She thinks today is puran maasi, I have to change my kechwi.

Adi, Rj and Yuvi talk about marriage. Yuvi says nobody can snatch anything from me. RJ says you have snatched your brother’s bride from him. Mahir comes. Yuvi says Mahir did wrong to marry his bela and says I am not brother to any girl. Poulomi tells Bela is looking beautiful. Bela comes there. Everyone claps. Mahir looks at her. Yuvi says you are looking stunning. Sumitra asks Mahir if he is ok. Mahir nods. Sumitra says I am a very bad mum and says this is the big defeat for me. Mahir says you didn’t do any mistake. Sumitra says sorry and hugs him. Yuvi asks Sumitra where is my Jhappi. Poulomi asks him to take kiss from bela. Bela thinks I think purple naag is here and if I wear this ring then will identify that snake.

Yuvi says can we have the first dance and dances with Bela. Ae dil hai mushkil song plays…..Mahir asks Yuvi if he can dance with Bela, with whom he was never paired. Yuvi says it is good that you realized that you were never a pair. Mahir and Bela dance. Mahir tells Bela that he will take care of her always, but can’t bear to see Yuvi touching her, says I can’t bear if he shows right on you, I feel jealous and angry. Bela says what do you think that I like this and says no. Mahir says when it will end, I can’t bear it anymore. Mahir says it will end tonight, before that I have to do something stupid and mean. She tells that she is calling it off, they can’t dance. Yuvi gets happy hearing her and asks to play energetic song. Yuvi and Bela dance on the song Munda Tera……..Nachde Saare….Poulomi collides with Kuhu and shouts at her. Bela thinks to check using the ring who is Vikrant’s mum and her enemy. Poulomi walks near the room. Bela sees someone eyes behind the door and gets shocked. Adi comes and swirls her fast. Bela holds her head. She thinks this magical ring is getting attracted towards the pillar. She thinks some snake eyes were sparkling. Poulomi drops the glass. Bela sees her and follows her.

Vikrant is still in the party. Bela sees Poulomi going inside the room and goes inside. She thinks what is happening. She comes inside and sees Poulomi sitting. She says I know you are snake like your son and calls her name. She asks her to come in her real avatar and asks her to look at her. She asks her to tell what she wants to do with her son. She says I will deal with you with my way and becomes half snake, asks her to tell why did she do this and come in her real avatar. She touches her. Poulomi slips. Vikrant comes there and asks her, did you kill her? Ruhi says no and asks him to check her. Vikrant checks her and says she is not breathing and asks if she has bitten her. Bela says she didn’t bite her and tells that she was looking well so she came to room.

He says there is a snake bite on her neck. She thinks she can’t tell him and says if he don’t trust her. She says I didn’t bite her. Mahir asks Kuhu about Bela. Kuhu asks him to stop worrying about her and says she is Yuvi’s problem. Vikrant says you don’t remember anything while changing your kechwi. He says you tried to bite me once. Bela says it is years old incident and tells that she is now mature. Vikrant asks her not to come in contact with Moon during change in kechwi. Bela says I didn’t kill her. Vikrant says it is ok.

He says I have to dispose her body, if anyone sees her dead body then. He says I will throw her body in jungle and wild animals will eat her body. Bela says Poulomi has a family, we can’t give her this farewell. Vikrant says Kuhu will doubt on you and now Mahir can’t do anything. He says we are close to our mission. Bela thinks I am very close to know your truth. Mahir comes there and sees Yuvi and Bela standing. Yuvi says everyone has manners to knock on the door, and says Bela and me just and kisses on her cheeks. He says you know how I am impatient. Mahir says I don’t know why did I get stuck between you love birds and says it seems like someone likes to ruin me. Bela looks at him. Mahir looks at Bela.

Vikrant tells his mum that when Bela loses her powers and crown, then they will get Naagmani and everything. Mahir asks Bela to tell what happened? Bela says you don’t know my one truth and if you come to know then you will not accept me. She hugs him. Mahir asks her to tell and says can’t you read my eyes. I trust you fully and will be with you. Bela thinks Vikrant is a betrayal and a liar and thinks to know who is with him. She sees Poulomi standing infront of her in the night and sees purple snake in her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Boring episode again…

    1. Correct bhayya

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Poor Bela and Mahir, they are suffering toooo much..😢😢😢😢

    2. I hope Mahir believes Bela innocence even knowing her Naagin truth…😑😑😑😑😑

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    5. Poulomi really died or she is hidden Naagin🐍

  3. #SaveNaagin3#WeBegYouEkta

    Maar daalo. Sabko maar dalo. Kisi ko bhi mat chhodna iss serial mein. Show ki shuruaat hi murder se ki aur dheere dheere saare achhe characters ko khatam kar daalo. Ekta Kapoor, I wish you were in this show and I was the producer, I would have literally killed you there. Or else I would be Bela and without worrying about Nafarmani, I would have bitten you. I fear there will come a time when there will only Bela,. Vikrant and Mahir left.

    Oh please, stop killing characters. Bring some nice story.

  4. don’t worry #savenaagin… all those good characters wud soon reappear as per the spoilers n all

  5. Boring episode. Unable to see Behir suffering. Please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  6. boring boring boring episode… stop dragging serial anymore…

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