Naagin Season 3 3rd June 2018 Analysis: Bela and Vish’s entries

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The Episode starts with Ruhi taking oath that she will kill all the boys involved in her partner Nag’s death. After 6 months, media reporters report about the haveli being decorated grandly for Andy Sehgal’s family wedding. Shekhar calls Andy while he is in car and asks if he didn’t find any other hotel for his sons’ marriages, he knows what happened in the haveli. Andy says don’t worry, everything is in our control. He then asks Shekhar to start the construction, he’s going to have marriage in his family, so don’t take stress. At haveli, Reporters say that the site is under work still, Sehgal family has arrived. Yuvi’s gang comes out of cars one by one. Media asks Yuvi how he is feeling, as his brother is getting married along with him. Yuvi puts his hand on Pratham and says Pratham is my brother, I m so happy. He gets in the house. Pratham doesn’t reply to the questions and goes in. Others follow.

In their room, Adi offers Pratham wine. But he refuses and says I promised Suhani, I won’t drink in marriage. Adi jokes on him and laughs along with others. Daksh drinks wine and makes fun. Bultu afraidly tells them that they shouldn’t have come to this haveli. All laugh. Yuvi’s friend tells him that his parents came too. Media reports that Rohit Jaiswal and Kuhu also came. RJ and Kuhu get out of car and walk in. Polomi (Andy’s second wife) gets out of car. Andy and Sumitra Sehgal too get out of car and walk holding each other’s hands. Media reports that Yuvraj’s mum Sumitra also came. Polomi walks with her friend and has a conversation with her. She comes to Andy and holds him. Media asks him about he, why didn’t he make his marriage with her official? Andy says so should I do it now, Polomi was my assistant, her financial health wasn’t good, so I supported her, the result is Adi and Pratham. Media questions Sumitra about it but she walks into mansion without answering.

Inside, Andy asks Shekhar why media questions always about his relationship with Polomi. He says I married Sumitra for money, after I became rich, I didn’t leave her, I kept the one whom I wanted to, I want to keep both of them happy. Sumitra calls him to say something but Polomi comes calling him Jaan. She caresses a dog and jokes with Andy. She asks him to leave her in a room. Sumitra says Andy! You know in today’s function girl’s family will also be coming, so it’s important that you stay even if crowd is there or not. She leaves after he accepts. Polomi says no need, come. Andy says my wife is here, so I can’t come. Polomi says marriage is happening not just to her son, but also your son, that means my son, he’s also your son. She says that’s different because you didn’t accept your sons as yours at all. Andy says I gave them my name, but can’t give money, because this whole property isn’t built on my power, but by Sumitra’s father’s power, so I can give the whole property only to her sons Yuvi and Mahir, I am sorry. He leaves. Polomi calls him again but in vain. Her friend comes and taunts her that Andy showed her tantrums, her sons won’t get anything, he is always with Sumitra. Polomi gets irritated by her dog’s sound and friend’s taunts. She asks both to shut up and hands over dog to her. She sees Munshiji and taunts him that he got a lottery, he came with Sumitra in Dahej, now his daughters are coming as bahus. He says my daughters have got luck by Sumitra behen, else I wouldn’t have got my daughter Suhani married to your son Pratham. He makes an excuse and leaves. She looks at him.

In her room, Sumitra goes in and keeps some stufd on bed. She assumes a snake and shouts to Andy. Andy and Yuvi come. She says I saw a snaks here. Yuvi says it’s not there, this is just a stroll. She says you did it deliberately right? He says no. She says after what had happened six months back anything can happen. He says nothing and makes snake shape with the stroll. Andy and he laugh for playing prank with her. He says I’ve got it made for Bela. Bela is seen choosing her fancy items.

She walks and picks all bangles. They fall and she falls on floor. She picks them and gets under bed for some more. Her father comes and says where are you? She says here leaning down under bed. He pulls her out. Her beautiful face is shown. She says here so much dust is there, I don’t like dust at all, these hoteliers don’t maintain them properly. He says your friend saya that you have PCD. She says what, it’s not PCD, but OCD, Over compulsive disorder. He repeats as she says. He then asks her to select rich clothes, those big ones. Bela says Oh! You mean gown. They have some chit chat emotionally. They recall. FB shows her father saying Andy saab will give us back this house if you marry his son. She says okay. FB ends. She hugs him after saying that she’s doing this on her own will.

Bela wears her pink lehenga dress. Yuvi comes and holds her dupatta. He says we will go away from here after the marriage. She says why, are you hiding anythinh from me? He says no and hugs her when Suhani comes calling her. She sees them and says sorry. Yuvu says what are you doing here? She says we share bride room as someone named Vish Khanna booked it for her. Yuvi says what, I wanted Bela to have a private room for dress up. He says I will sort this out and leaves. Suhani asks Bela if she really wants to do this marriage. Bela jokes that she will become a rich bahu, and taunts Suhani about her prince charming.

Yuvi’s gang comes to hotel reception. Yuvi warns receptionist that he wants a big room for his would-be wife, who is Vish Khanna, just do it fast. She says Vish Khanna is a big investor, she booked it. She gets a call and asks what, Vish Khanna is here? Yuvi and his gang decide to go to her. They see many costly cars coming in which Vish is there. His friend says it looks like she is more rich than your dad. They go down the hotel. Vish comes out stylishly and her eyes are shown. Naagin tune plays while Yuvi’s gang looks at her beauty. She walks in with her men and throws her coat on Yuvi, assuming him to be a hotel man. She walks up the ramp. Yuvi says we want a room from yours. She says all my staff stays here, they travel with me all time. He asks where are you from? She says that doesn’t matter, my habitat is far from here, so far and I’m here for a purpose. She says other discussions later and tries to leave. Yuvi says we organized a party at night, would you like to join? She says I will think. She walks upstairs.

Munshi ji asks Bela and Suhani if they are ready as all guests have come. Suhani hugs him and thank you Papa for this dress, it is Pratham’s favorite. He gets lost in thoughts. Bela asks him if he remembers what he promised, he will not go against the marriage once accepted. He nods yes. FB shows Munshi ji telling Bela’s father that he should accept Andy Saab’s proposa, even though Andy has two wives his sons are not like him, as Yuvraj has Sumitra’s blood too, and Mahir is elder and doesn’t want to marry any woman. Bela is hearing all this from kitchen and comes to him. She asks her father to say yes. He nods.

Munshi ji says but he is Polomi ji’s son. Bela says when Yuvi considers Pratham as own brother, why can’t we, you only said sons are also not totally like their father Andy, so promise me. Bela convinces Munshi ji for Suhani and Pratham’s love and marriage. He promises. FB ends. Bela jokes on Munshi ji that he should look cool. He says you are so naughty and leaves. Suhani thanks Bela. In her room, Vish sees Shiv mandir from mirror and walks up to the doorside. She says the time has come, for second part.

In the engagement party, Rohit and Kuhu attend and take a selfie. He gets diverted seeing a lady. Yuvi’s gang enjoys. Andy and Sumitra come. Yuvi goes to them and wishes Andy. He says same pinch to Sumitra since they both are wearing green colored clothes. Andy hugs Pratham while Sumitra hugs Yuvi. Polomi walks in calling Andy Jaan. Sumitra gets upset and leaves. Bela and Suhani come in the party. Pratham tells Suhani that they will meet his mom. Yuvi and Bela have a moment. Daksh comes and Suhani talks about Yuvi with him. Bela gets disheartened on hearing Yuvi’s words and leaves. She holds Sumitra while she is about to fall down. Sumitra says maybe it’s due to sandal. Bela takes her sandal and fixes it. Sumitra gets happy. She praises Bela and finds her a perfect wife for Yuvi. They both walk talking about Bela’s educational qualifications. Sumitra says I am a saas who wanta her daughter to do what she desires, I called you daughter because I consider you more than a bahu. Bela too expresses her emotional wish that she will learn from her mother/saas. Sumitra looks at Andy, who is talking to Polomi and then looks at Bela again. She tells about Mahir, Yuvi’s elder brother and says if you have any problem with Yuvi, then tell it to Mahir, he will solve it. She praises him and also tells that he just sleeps 3 hours a day and works the rest of the day.

Mahir comes in a blue dapper suit. He has bluetooth in his ear and converses with it. A guard stops an ols woman and says you can’t go in. Mahir helps her sit. Guard says she is a party waiter’s Dadi. Mahir says she is Dadi anyways. He asks her if she wants something. She says I am feeling thirsty. He gives her orange cool drink. He takes guard aside and warns him to respect her. Sumitra tells Bela that there Mahir is, she will get him.

Sumitra goes to Mahir and tells him that he only saw Bela in photos and not visually, so she will make them meet. She tells him how Polomi manipulated Andy into getting Yuvi married to Bela along with Pratham and Suhani’s marriage. She says make sure Yuvi does not create problems for Bela. He says Maa! Nothing will happen. Vish and Mahir cross paths while walking. He goes to Bela. Sumitra introduces them to each other. She says where did Yuvi go? Yuvi is with Vish and tells her that he didn’t expect she would come so early. She says should I go out and make an entry again? They have a talk. A RJ announces that the two would-be married couples will dance.

All dance as two on the song Ishq Ishq Sa… Bela wishes to dance with Yuvi but he dances with Vish instead. She gets sad and Sumitra sees her upset. Polomi and her friend Pinky have a funny conversation. Polomi hopes Andy dances with her instead of Sumitra. But surprisingly he offers Pibky to dance with him. Mahir and Bela watch Yuvi dancing with Vish. Mahir goes to Bela. He says lets dance. Sumitra insists her to dance with him. They dance together. After sometime, Vish goes to counter and chats with Yuvi’s friend sitting there. He says Vish… it’s a shortform. She says if we get into full form, then we do whatever we wish. She smirks. She collides with Adi next. Yuvraj watches it dancing with Bela. Vish walks out of hotel. Yuvi follows her and talks with her again.

Yuvi follows Vish in jungle. Yuvi’s friend watches them hiding behind a tree. Suddenly he finds them missing. Yuvi runs after Vish and they reach near haveli. He asks her why she brought him here. She says this is a place, where no third one sees them. She then walks away again. Yuvi says where are you Vish, what games are you playing with me, come out. She becomes a giant red snake and scares him. He gets shocked and runs. Snake follows. Near haveli, Mahir comes and asks Yuvi what was he doing here? Yuvi afraidly says snake… Mahir says what snake, you have killed a snake and now you’re cooking up stories. He shouts enough, go to hotel back. Vish comes and says you are so nice, you made him away, only a man and woman are there here. He warns her. She confronts in her manner.

At hotel, Mahir comes back. Pandit ji asks them to start the engagement. Aayush and Vish get into a room. She smirks. Pratham and Suhani get engaged. Yuvi takes ring to get engaged to Bela. Vish turns into big snake and bites Aayush. He dies and she throws him down in pool. Ring falls down and rolls till the edge of engagement mantap. Bela bends down to pick it and sees Aayush’s body floating on pool. She screams and Polomi says this is bad omen. Vish emerges from a water body as snake and then turns into ichchadhari Naagin. She says all will die.

Precap: Yuvi dances with Vish again. Mahir and Vish have a heated conversation. Later, Vish scares Arvind and some Arabs in haveli. Bela sees Vish’s Naagin image in a curtain. In the party, Vish says neither this girl (Bela) nor this guy (Mahir) will be alive. Bela reveals to everyone that Vish is a Naagin. All get shocked including Vish.

Update Credit to: Critic (Arjit)

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  1. Critic

    Sorry for late update guys! You know that I am not familiar with Hindi but I did it. It took two hours today for me to write this update. Hope you all will comment about the story.

    1. Ooshi

      do u know what’s happening with mobile users of TU

      1. Ooshi

        Just avoid it as u will be

    2. A good job pranay ?

    3. Thanks for the update.

      1. Critic

        Thanx Khush for reading and commenting. Also for joining the list of Naagin fandom.

    4. TaniaFairy

      Good work Pranay.

  2. Appreciate your effort.thanks

    1. Critic

      Thanks! And you look new here Sivapp. Sorry as there are some mistakes in the update. I m trying my best to understand hindi and write it well. Will update next week too if H Hasan does it late.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Very very exciting episode…?????????

    2. I think?? vish is ruhi as she said finally waqt aa gya hai, and sab culprits ke face?? uski eyes? me dekhe

    3. Kya entry thi vish ki uffffffff maar hi dala…

    4. Though its second episode only, but bela ka character dumb hai, like normal serial jisme heroin dumb hoti hai…

    5. Rishta bela or yuvi ka hua hai, but shadi bela or mahi ki hogi, i think…

    6. Anita was looking killer in pink saree??, and bela was looking dumb in this lehenga, as vo bilkul accha nhi tha..

    7. Mahi ka and Vish ka dialagoue: Acche ke sath accha hun, or bure ke sath bura.. Nailed it..??????????????

    8. Chetan hansraj ke character ne 2 marriage and 1 bina marriage, yani kud bhi wahiyat or bacche bhi????…expect mahi, as i think??? mahi is not his real child..

    9. Naag? naagin? ke body colors acche nhi hai, i mean graphics… But they are not small like previous seasons, sab ke sab double ???size ke hain…

    10. One down 9 to go…????

    11. Bus ek kami reh gayi, anita aka vish ne jab half naagin ? half human ? liya tha tab naagin ka theme song bajna chiye tha…

    1. Shraddha Di! You commented many points. And about mine:
      1. Whenever I hear that Naagin bgm while Vish is shown, I remember Shesha. It’s her bgm in most of the times.
      2. Shivanya/Shesha/Shivangi used to kill enemies after telling that victims that they have killed her her parents, but Vish didn’t tell Yuvi’s friend anything and just poisoned him. It’s unfair that she didn’t reveal to him anything. I think she is just a killer Naagin and doesn’t want to reveal anything about Ruhi.
      3. It’s so soon. Vish started killing in the second episode itself. It’s fine because 6 months leap was given.
      4. When Ruhi told Vikrant (who is lying down after shot), she said that she would take him to Gurudev for treatment but he declined. Why? Did know he that he wouldn’t live anymore? As a Naagraj (protector of the Shiv temple), he should be protective and get treated for the sake of his duty at least.
      5. Bela’s intro was not as expected. I thought it would be interesting. In all the posters/hoardings she is shown as snake woman, that’s why I felt her character has some different shades too. Maybe in the future it will happen. For a few episodes after her marriage to Mahir she will be tortured by Vish. That’s what I have seen. Vish will make Bela fly in air ?.
      6. The ichchadhari Naagin skin should be changed for Vish as in the last scene it didn’t look good.
      7. Mahir-Bela-Vish’s marriage will have some twists. Bela will be marrying him instead of Yuvi. Anita and Surbhi were seen in same bridal dresses ?
      8. Mahir’s character is so kind and he is workaholic very much. If he sleeps her 3 hours, then his face should have looked tired right?
      9. Either of Sumitra and Polomi will be a villain just like Yamini. I can say this bcoz Rakshanda Khan’s previous character Mohini had the same change. ?
      10. VFX is like magic. Sparks and the person changes into ichchadhari Nag. At last Vish’s ichchadhari Naagin was like graphic. It didn’t suit perfectly.
      What are your thoughts?

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        U too have valid points and 2-3 similar to mine, just change in lang….. Bela entery was normal.. I think jaise shivanya naagin hai der se pta chala tha, bela ka bhi pta chale ya fir shivangi ki tarha baad me transform ho..

  4. It is good vish revenge is start looking forward to upcoming episode

  5. Ooshi

    Good work
    Indeed very good work
    Episode was good
    Looking forward

  6. Sahina

    Nice episode..

  7. Sahina

    I hope makers doesn’t turn Rakshanda khan positive to negative later??

    1. Hello are you?how was the epi

  8. Nice update pranay

  9. Is Vish getting married to Mahir or Bela will get married to Mahir?

    1. same question here

  10. i think bela may be the sister of Nagraj vikrant . 6 months anything can happen .. even both vish and bela make create some plot to get revenge. though . some thing fishy . of course Mahir marry bela they already give romantic sequence between mahir and her dance together and ring fall down both try ti pick ring … lets wait for there twist.
    else these not happen then old movie nagin plot like bela ,a girl who try to secure her husband life and his family from vish ha ha ha . any way …

  11. Guys i think there a new twist its just a theory
    Bela might ne the reincarnated version of shivangi as she said she will be back and she doesnt remember yet and her mission is to find why she was killed and vish will be helping her in future to get revenge ther is some connection her i dont know but they still havent shown how bela will naagin so ots a mystery to be unfold and vish and ruhi wmight be sisters or friends so vish might be taking revenge instead of ruhi coz she promised vikrant she wont show haer real face

  12. Vish was awsome.bela’s entry was not too interesting.yuvi remind me viren from season 1

  13. i think that vish or bela could be ruhi but the fact that bela’s father is not naag? maybe she is adopted as she is really a naagin. I think shinvangi will come back…mahi and bela great they will get married in the end

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