Naagin Season 3 2nd June 2018 Analysis

The Episode starts with the darshan of various Indian temples. A red colored snake crawls through the jungle and enters a big cave. There, Shivangi is seen lying unconscious. She slowly gets consciousness while Shiv stotra plays in the background. She opens eyes and a snake is shown near the Shiv idol. She gets up and holds her stabbed and bleeding stomach. Many big snakes surround her. She recalls all that happened with her, questioning Rocky why he killed her and then Rithik telling that he did for his sake. At present, Shivangi says my death won with my life, not death but my dear ones cheated on me. She recollects what Rithik said about her death. She says my father, why did my father and husband kill me, why did they take my life, life goes once, but again I will surely return. Her eyes turn like that of a snake. Shivangi hopes all that happened to her doesn’t happen to any other Naagin. She falls dead. Voiceover says Shivangi’s chapter has ended, she neither knew nor took revenge from them, her father and husband killed her, and her story has ended.

A new Naagin’s story starts: 100 kms away from Mumbai, Trimbakeshwar Shiv mandir

Voiceover signifies the temple that it is 3000 years old one, life has started from this so does death, and about rudrabhishek. Some devotees and Pandit are doing abhishek to the Shivji idol while Kaun Hai Woh… plays. A stylish man is seen standing by the crane and heading towards the place. The crane comes near the temple and all the people hear its sound. They come out of temple and look at the crane. Panditji asks the man why he brought a giant vehicle to a holy place like Shiv’s. The man shows them site papers and says these are this place’s papers, from today all this place is mine, Andy Sehgal’s, I’m going to become India’s richest man, this place is far away from Mumbai but connects the four side roads of Mumbai highway, I want to build a hotel here, no one should come in between, not any human nor your god. He orders the workers to ruin down the temple. Panditji tells him that those people will mix in the soil, if you do this a big bad omen will happen, this is 3000 years old temple, they say that Seshnag lives here, thousands of nags and naagins visit this temple, don’t ruin it, a man ignored it and had to repent later. Andy warns him that he isn’t a looser but a decider, he doesn’t fear of any human nor anyone’s god. He taunts the Pandit and says I know about Mumbai. A man pleads Andy to not destroy the temple, else snake would bite him. Andy says where’s snake, no snake appears to me. He points at a palace and says along with this temple I will ruin this old haveli, destroy this temple, break that Svayambu Shivling. Suddenly a disaster occurs. Panditji cautions Andy that he doesn’t know the power of Nag and their devotion. Andy holds Panditji hard and pushes on ground. He also mentions that he is a devil, he will see who saves these Bholes and which Shiv will do that? Panditji evokes Naagraj and Shiv to save his Maharudra mandir. Many big snakes reach the temple. Andy is taken away from the place by his friend. The workers who attempt to destroy the place get killed by some gaint snakes. A snake lands on Shiv’s idol.

At Andy’s house, his man and Andy’s friend tell him about the place which will take another 6 months time to be taken down. They walk out of the house. Andy and his brother get into the car while he also asks his man Aravind to file the contract now. They drive away. Aravind says Sir! Why don’t you believe ichchadhari nags exist? He turns into a giant snake and leaves. Andy and his friend have a conversation about their children. Andy says wherever they are, they make their night long.

On roadside, Yuvraj opens champagne bottle and his friends cheer him up. Pratham comes to them and says what if anyone sees them like this? Aditya/Adi self-praises himself and also talks about his dad Andy. Yuvi tells the manager to come with them and also asks Rehaan to take Devdas Pratham along with his brother-in-law Daksh. Anu comes and asks her brother Rehaan where they are going. He asks her to accompany them. At a club, Yuvi and his gang spot Veere Di Wedding’s Sakshi and Meera. They discuss about them. Sakshi asks Meera to order something. Meera says okay, what do you wany? She orders cappuccino. Yuvi’s gang tease them. Sakshi too teases and calls them kids. Daksh and Sakshi have a funny conversation. Later, Yuvi stops Sakshi while Adi stops Meera. Sakshi asks them to leave them, or else she will call Kalu. They ask her to call her up. Kalindi makes an entry. She saves her Veeres and points gun at Yuvi’s gang. She tells them to act like cocks/hens and also apologize to them. They do as she says. Then, Meera and Sakshi beat up Daksh and Rehaan. Avni comes in and holds Yuvi. She tells her Veeres about rejecting boys and then answers a call. She tells on call that Uncle! Your boys should leave within two minutes, or else she will file four-four cases on them. Yuvi says don’t do this. His phone gets a call and he says didn’t you answer a call before? Avni says now I’ll do. She then says lockup will be open for you. They do sit ups. VDW’s Veeres promote it and also talk about boys. Outside, Yuvi and his gang decide to go to haveli to change their off-mood.

Yuvi’s gang drives to to haveli on jeep shouting. They get down and see the haveli. Anu says what kind of place is this? She captures its pics along with the waterfall’s. Bultu chants Jai mata di and shivers. Yuvi jokes on him and laughs along with others.

A brown snake is shown turning into a beautiful Naagin. The Naagin Ruhi dances happily on terrace to Tera Pyaar Jeevan Ka… Yuvi’s gang hears her anklet sound and discuss. They go near a tree and see Naagraj Vikrant and Naagin Ruhi romancing. They comment on their old fashioned dresses. Vikrant and Ruhi dicuss that they had waited for 100 long years for union. Vikrant tells her that he has a gift for her and asks her to go and see it. Ruhi goes and wears the bridal dress. They are a bit distanced and come forward to meet each other but Yuvi’s gang stops them. Yuvi tells Ruhi that seeing and showing here isn’t allowed as it’s his dad’s property. Vikrant politely asks them to talk with manners. They laugh on him. Ruhi warns them as Yuvi taunts her. She slowly turns into Naagin but Vikrant stops her. Yuvi taunts her and shows gun. Vikrant says we don’t want to fight, just leave from here. Yuvi’s gang leaves. Hero Mahir Sehgal is shown as a businessman. Vikrant tells Ruhi that for a happy living she shouldn’t show her Naagin form to humans. She nods as promise. Then, Yuvi signs his gang to catch them. They catch Vikrant and Ruhi. Some youngsters throw Vikrant down the cliff. Ruhi shouts Vikrant… He rolls down and holds the edge. Yuvi drags Ruhi and she gets injured on the ground. Anu, Bultu and Pratham sense danger and run for their help. Vikrant comes up somehow and shouts leave her. Yuvi says we have seen many like you. He says you haven’t seen anyone like me. He turns into half human and half snake. They get stunned. Anu, Pratham and Bultu reach them. Anu gets shocked and takes Nag’s pics. Mahir looks for his family’s youngsters in jungle running. Vikrant grips Daksh and hits him. Yuvi and Adi leave Ruhi upon Pratham and Bultu’s plea. Ruhi runs to Vikrant. Vikrant and Ruhi happily talk. But Adi takes gun and shoots at Vikrant. He gets shot. They leave.

Ruhi holds Vikrant crying. He tells her to leave him. She says I won’t promise, I won’t leave you, today is our milan ki raat. She cries badly. Later, she turns into a snake and climbs up the cliff. She swears to never leave the culprits who killed Vikrant. She determines to kill them as she has Shivji’s boon.

Precap: Ruhi takes a form of Naagin as Vishakha. She is introduced as Vish Khanna, a celebrity. She swears to take revenge. In a party, Mahir asks Vishakha who she is. She replies Vish. Bela is also seen. Yuvraj gets followed by a red snake/Vish. He gets afraid.

Analysis by: Critic (Arjit)

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  1. Critic

    I hope you all readers will like the update. I’m none other than last commenter in Naagin 2 updates and now first commenter in Naagin 3. Welcome back. How’s the season.

    1. Aafiya

      I liked it..

    2. Woah pranay, what a manner to reintr urself
      Umm…my guess was right about u

    3. TaniaFairy

      You did well Pranay.The analysis is much better than the original update of TU for the reader.U added all the details correctly.

  2. Critic

    Intro of Ruhi was awesome and the new song was also good. But Shivangi’s story ended without letting us the reason.

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks for the update critic. Yeah shivangi story was left with many secrets which we will not know but as all say past is past focus on present. So Naagin 3 is good karishma rocked today as ruhi. Waiting for Surbhi and Pearl pairing. And really curious to know how will surbhi become naagin.

  3. nice story….hope shivangi’s murder mystery gets revealed someday….

  4. Episode like good wait for next episode shivangi must know about the reason why ritik and rocky kill her

  5. Vishaka(Anita) looking like an old lady,Ekta could have chosen some other actress to play the role of Vishaka.Karishma looks stunning

  6. first episode was not that much..

  7. The episode was good but it would be more better if the secret of shivangis death were revealed

  8. hello guyss.epi was superb.good to see you all here.hi are you?hi maira sis.hope you liked today’s epi.plz rply guyzzz

    1. Yes di
      But I m not watching it n only read the updates

  9. Hi pranay,hi are you both?nice epi.loved it.plz rplyy

    1. I think Jia, Geth, Dhananjaya are missing. I don’t know how will Bela’s story shape up.

  10. Hii shivangi…..can you remembr me.

  11. excited to watch surbhi and pearl pairing and their love story in naagin 3….

  12. Love the first ep a lot

  13. Waiting for revenge story

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