Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela defeats Jamini and kills her

Naagin Season 3 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela comes to Jamini. Jamini says so much anger, attacking me after coming. She says you got to know about shubh mahurat commencement. Bela says I won’t let you harm Vish. Jamini says I am marrying her, a chudail is marrying a naagin. She laughs and says people are getting modern in our world. She tells her that if Vish gets married to her then she will lose all her powers and then you also lose your problem. Bela is angry. Jamini asks if she wants to fight and says let’s fight today. She shows her hands. Bela takes out her poisonous tongue. Sumitra comes there with Shekhar’s wife. Jamini says Bela was giving her tips on how to keep my husband happy. Bela tells them that she will bring Jamini. Sumitra and Mukti go. Bela asks her to come. Jamini says she is very eager to go. Bela feels someone

is following me. Jamini asks did you accept your defeat? Bela asks her to see and says you will bang your head. She takes her to the mandap. Vish is sitting in the mandap. Mahir asks if he wants to run away. Rehaan says no. Mukti asks them to come fast.

Jamini says marriage is a barbadi and asks her to start the reverse countdown. Daksh teases Rehaan. Mukti thinks why Jamini is stuck on the way. Mukti goes to call them and see dupatta. They get worried. Sumitra asks Mahir to check where are they? Bela as a naagin takes Jamini out of the house. She throws her on the ground. Jamini falls down. Bela asks her to get up and says Vish is my friend and not my Dasi. She says I asked you to go, but you didn’t agree. Now see what I can do, I have to kill you. Jamini laughs and says what do you think that you made me lose. She tells that what do you think that you have brought me here and says I brought you here so that I want to face you alone. She says you have given me a chance herself and tells that she is Kankali Maa’s baali, and my hunt. Bela says you Chudail want to take Naagrani Bali. Jamini flies up in the air and laughs.

Jamini says today your story will end Naagrani with my hand. She shouts and makes such a noise which makes Bela unconscious and she falls down. Jamini says now nobody can save you from me. Mahir says someone took them forcibly. ACP’s man tells that he was keeping his eye on Bela, don’t know where they disappear. Shekhar says marriage would have happened if it was in my house. Andy scolds him and says everytime some drama happens. Kuhu asks him to relax. Poulomi says Andy is right and asks Pandit ji to read Shuddhikaran mantra for the house. Vish prays for Bela assuming Jamini took Bela. Jamini takes Bela to the temple in the cave. She asks Bela to get up. Bela gains consciousness and hears her.

Mahir says Bela’s call is not connecting. Poulomi tells that they might have got in the pillar. Andy asks him not to talk like illiterate. Shekhar asks ACP to do something. Rehaan/Vish thinks he/she shall go and save Bela. Mahir tells Sumitra that he has to go and search Bela. Vish comes to the temple and prays for Bela. She asks God to show where is Bela. Bela asks why did you bring me here, what do you want. Jamini says last time you were saved, but this time you won’t. She says this is Kankali Maa temple and asks her to lie down silently. She says I will behead you and takes a sword in her hand. She closes her eyes and read the mantras. Bela becomes a snake and tries to bite her. Jamini says you got the strength so soon. Bela comes in human avatar and asks why do you want to kill me. Jamini says she wants to become immortal and will rule on the three lok. I can kill anyone then and destroy. Bela says you can use your strength for someone’s betterment. Jamini laughs and says she is chudail, bhoot and not a bhagwan. They have no rules. She says you are talking as you are Naagmani’s owner. Bela says nobody is its owner, Bhole nath is its owner and I am just its sevak. Jamini says I will not come in your talks and asks her to lie down silently.

She makes a sound to make Bela unconscious, but nothing happens to her. Bela says you know everything and didn’t know that Naag doesn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear your shout but was just pretending you faint hearing it. Jamini is shocked. Bela says snake don’t hear any noise, they feel the movement. She says you worked according to me. She makes the sword fall down. Jamini says you are like me and asks where are your rules now. Bela says I am not greedy of strength, and can’t bear anything wrong. Jamini says you came here to take revenge, but dying for the deadly charm of the killer. She says you are helpless by your heart and loving humans. You have lost it. Bela says it is not like that.

Jamini says you forgot your revenge because of Mahir. Bela asks him not to take Mahir’s name. Jamini asks when you have killed Rehaan, then why can’t you kill Mahir. She says you care for Mahir and says I saw Mahir was jealous when Rehaan was running behind you. Bela asks her to keep quiet. Jamini takes the sword and attacks on Bela’s tail. Bela shouts. Vish senses Bela is in danger and prays for her. She sees Bela in the cave with Jamini.

Mahir comes to the temple. Vish hides seeing him. Mahir calls Kuhu and says Bela is not here. He asks God to protect Bela until he reaches there. Vish hears him and prays the same. Bela kicks Jamini and says you couldn’t know naag. Jamini says I don’t need a sword to kill you, and says my nails are enough. She tries to pierced her nails on Bela’s body, Bela holds her hand and fights with her.

Mahir is on the way and thinks maybe Bela went to the cave and maybe Rehaan too. He thinks he won’t let anything happen to her. Bela holds Jamini by her tail and hits her. She says I will take my revenge one day, but you will never get Naagmani. Jamini says I will not leave you. She falls in the mud pit and gets inside. Vish comes there and asks Bela if she is fine. She thanks God for protecting Naagrani. Mahir comes there and calls Bela. Vish becomes Rehaan and Bela comes in wife’s avatar. Mahir asks what happened and where is jamini. Bela sees Jamini’s hand. Jamini drowns inside fully. Rehaan tells Bela that they shall tell him everything. He tells that Jamini was a con-woman and was fleeing with the jewelry. He shows the jewelry bag. Bela had a doubt on her and told me also. She followed her. Bela says she saw her eloping from window and followed her. Mahir asks why didn’t you call me? Bela says I tried your number, but…She says she then calls Rehaan.

Rehaan tells Mahir that he knows that you are stressed out because of us and says there is nothing between us, we are just friends and says we were talking much as I wanted to know about Jamini from her. Mahir asks where is Jamini. Bela says she has escaped. Mahir says why didn’t you tell me and says if there was her gang here. Rehaan says what she would have said, and says Anu and my Dad hate her and thought her wrong. He says I am done with this and need a break. I had enough and want to leave this country. Bela says I am happy that you are not in danger. Rehaan says I am also happy and asks her to stay safe. Mahir gets Sumitra’s call and he tells her that Bela and Rehaan are safe. Mahir worries for Bela. Mana ke maine….song plays. Mahir says he was getting bad thoughts as if he lost her. Bela recalls Jamini’s words and says she wants to go home.

Adi jumps from the drawer and falls to the ground. Sumitra says Jamini is a thug and says I don’t believe. Poulomi says my left eyes used to blind seeing her. Andy says you made garlands for her. He says he is happy as jewelry is saved. Sumitra says our real jewel is safe and talks about Bela. She asks her not to risk her life and says they all know that she loves them. She prays for their Jodi. Poulomi prays for Pratham and Suhani’s Jodi. Sumitra says I have decided to leave this house. Andy asks what and tries to talk to her. Poulomi hugs Sumitra and says you have taken a right decision and asks Andy to take out the car. Sumitra asks her to go to her house and tells that she is going to her mother’s house with her family. Andy tries to explain to her that there is nothing inauspicious about the house. Poulomi says even Andy went to the police station from here. Mahir says ok, we will shift to Nani’s house and convinces Andy. Sumitra hugs him and says you are the best son. Bela thinks of Jamini’s words and looks on.

Anu comes to ACP house. ACP asks if she got Bela kidnapped. Anu says I didn’t go to Rehaan’s marriage and tells that she was very insulted in the house. She asks him to take her to Raavi. ACP asks her to go and says he has off today. He says all officers went to search her. Anu asks him to trust her and make her meet Raavi once. ACP says ok. Rehaan /vish calls Mukti and tells that he is going to Newyork and not will be in touch with anyone, and asks her to make Dad understand. Vish comes in her avatar and says this story is ended. Someone/maybe Arvind comes and says not yet. Vish looks shocked.

Vish comes to the hospital in disguise of a nurse and thinks she did a mistake by leaving proofs. She comes to Raavi’s ward. ACP and Anu come there. Vish silently walks out. Bela tells Mahir that she doesn’t want to share anything with him and says I don’t feel close to you. Mahir gets sad. Vish comes to Anu’s room as she is sleeping and eyes her. Adi calls someone and asks him to tell everyone that Bela is a naagin. Mahir tells Bela that he was staying in this room as they thought they can walk together, but as she doesn’t want, he will leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jhamini will return one day. She was just drowned in mud, not killed. What’s happening between Behir? In an episode, Mahir told Bela that he trusts her. Now he’s questioning her with doubt? This season touches both Season 1 & 2.

  2. I don’t know where story is going but, I red that the makers are planning to bring Vikrant back (guys ye Ekta Kapoor ka show hai, yaha mare hue log kabhi bhi zinda ho jate hai). I think then will show a love triangle between Mahir/Bela/Vikrant then they’ll turn vikrant evil. They always does these kind of things.

  3. Nice episode… Bela would have killed jhamini she just drowned and she’ll come back definitely..i hate this anu even after Rehaan / Vish came back she is still targeting Bela…. Anyways maahir will save her
    Critic he’s questioning her as he is possessive about her and frankly he is jealous of Rehaan or Vish
    During their dance in the previous episode he asked her why u are feeling discomfort with me and not with others
    Agree with u pari if vikrant come back then this revenge drama will be of no reason but seriously I don’t want his entry.. Let’s wait and watch

  4. Abhinav somvanshi

    Ya vikrant may have a return in the story this hint was given when acp recognized his photograph in. That haveli

    Moreover he only killed ruhi’s mother by giving that medicine…

    May be any thing can happen

  5. Only 4 comments…what happened to all others…
    I think maybe bcoz of this chudail track many stopped following it seems
    U are right as acp recognized him there maybe chances but it’ll be more irritating than this chudail track
    We just want BeHir not that vikrant track

  6. If vikrant is evil then why tis revenge drama. Ok will accept revenge bcoz they tried to molest a girl,but not for killing vikrant.

  7. I think there will be original bela(not ruhi ) will come one day ….because..ruhi identity changed as bela then there must have original bela..I think…😊

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