Naagin Season 3 24th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela is Ruhi and Naagrani, aims revenge from Mahir

Naagin Season 3 24th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehaan gets shocked seeing Vish attacking Bela. Andy, Shekhar, Mahir, and others come there. Rehaan tells Andy that Vish tried to kill Bela. He tells Mahir that Vish wanted to kill your wife. Rehaan’s sister says she is at home. Vish asks what is wrong with him if he didn’t take the medicine today. She tells that she came to see the place as she did the investment. Andy says sorry and says don’t know what is wrong with him. Vish says I got upset seeing Bela on my place and thought to hang her upside down, but then…She tells that she was seeing the portraits and it was good. Vish asks Mahir to be careful. Mahir asks Rehaan to come with him and asks him to stop drinking and stop hallucinating. Rehaan says I brought my car. He sits in the car and thinks to find out what happened. Rehaan goes

inside the haveli and sees Bela there. He asks if she is alright and tells that Vish has attacked her.

Bela says she doesn’t remember and asks how did she come here? Rehaan says she must have done something to you and tells that Vish is a naagin and is very powerful. Bela feels a headache in her head. Rehaan says Vish’s eyes color changes. He sees Bela’s eyes color changing and taking out venomous tongue. He gets shocked and asks who are you? Vish appears in front of him alongside Bela. Bela comes in different Naagin attire. He gets shocked and tries to run out, but the door is locked. Vish bends down in front of Bela and calls her Naagrani and asks her to give the order. Bela tells her that orders are not given to friends and says you are my best friend. She says this relation will not change even after wearing the crown. Rehaan screams for help. Vish tells her that she was about to bite Mahir, but just then he saw me. Bela says I came here to alert you, and he followed me. We have to do the drama unnecessarily.

Rehaan manages to open the door and runs out. He sits in car and calls Adi. He asks him to tell Mahir that Bela and Vish are both Naagins. Suddenly Bela and Vish appear infront of his car. He runs out of car. They stamp on the ground. Vish asks Bela to bite him. Bela says we both shall bite together. They beat him. Bela asks him to remember that he tried to molest her etc. They bang him against the bridge wall. He gets heavily injured. Both of them appear as snake and bite him. Naagin ki shakti se bhakti se plays…..They bite him and throw him in lake. Shekhar tells Andy that they will leave. His wife asks where is Rehaan? Shekhar says he will leave. Kuhu asks Shekhar to drop Poulomi and her family to her house. Poulomi says I have my car with me. Kuhu asks her to use it then. Anu asks Poulomi to go with Shekhar. Poulomi asks Kuhu to go to her house. Kuhu says this is my house also. Pratham tells that they shall leave. Mahir comes to Sumitra and tells that Bela is not in the house.

Bela and Vish come back to haveli and dance on the song Naagraaj tum aajawo. A giant snake comes there. Bela goes towards the snake and sits on the snake. Other snake comes and makes her wear the crown. Vish calls herself as Daasi and greets her. Bela asks her not to call herself Dasi. Vish says I would have killed Mahir today, and took your revenge. She calls Bela as Ruhi and says she wanted to take revenge for Vikrant’s death. Bela is Ruhi and says she has forgotten her name. They come to the place. A FB is shown, Vish tells Ruhi that she will become Naagrani today. Ruhi says she will get her crown after some days. She tells that she is very happy to get Vikrant whom he loves for 100 years. Vikrant comes there. Vish says I shall leave from here. Vikrant calls her Naagrani. She says she will always be his Rani. Vikrant tells that she is from above status and he is from below status. Ruhi says we will convince our families. Vikrant asks her not to forget him. Ruhi says no. FB ends.

Bela tells that those guys had killed my Vikrant and then I have sworn to kill everyone. She tells that she got a new face. She decides to kill everyone. They tell their plan. Vish says we met as strangers and you doubted on me so that nobody doubts you. Bela says she got her pic changed from the haveli. She says let everyone doubt you, now it will be easy for me to kill Mahir. She tells Vish that he didn’t come till now. Bela’s father who is Naag Pandit comes there to bless Ruhi/Bela. He applies tilak to her and whenever you need me to call me. Bela says you have supported me and stayed with me with humans as a farmer for 6 months. She says we acted as we are poor and indebt of the loan. Everyone was according to plan, as Yuvi saw me and insisted on marriage. She asks Naag Pandit not to believe on humans and says they all are very clever and not good. Vish says all humans are not bad. Bela says some humans are like suhani and munshi chacha. Naag Pandit assures her. Bela says it is your Naag rani’s orders. Mahir calls Bela and tells Sumitra that she is upset and might have gone somewhere. He says they shall wait. Sumitra apologizes to Mahir for getting him married to Bela. Mahir says I didn’t break any girl’s heart to marry Bela and says he married for his parents. He says you have one more son Yuvi. Sumitra tells Mahir that their love story will become love story soon. Bela says she will play death game with them and says she will not leave anyone.

Bela says my aim is now….Vish asks her to think if someone searches Rehaan. Bela says she has Rehaan’s phone and messages Boltu that he is going to his farmhouse for some days. Vish says you did right and tells that she shall go as she is a newly wedded bride. Bela says she will kill Mahir today. She tells Vish that she had seen that Mahir was holding the gun and tells that he had killed Vikrant. Vish asks her to change her kechari and asks her to go to the temple and change it. Bela asks what is the time? Mahir says it is 11:50 pm. RJ says even Vish is not here. Sumitra says it is good and tells that Bela gets upset seeing her.

Mahir thinks if Bela went to Haveli. He goes to search for her. Kuhu asks Sumitra to drop her to the room. Anu says where is Rehaan? Boltu tells that Rehaan messaged that he is going to farmhouse to chill. Anu says it is getting renovated and says he must be known as he went to supervise the workers. She says why did he go there.

Vish takes Bela to temple and says you will come to your Naagin avatar at 12 am and asks her to remove the kechari. She says you will come back to a human form again. She says she is going to Sehgal house to handle them. Mahir comes to the temple. Vish hides seeing him. She thinks what to do and changes her avatar as Bela. Bela thinks Mahir must have seen her and thinks I have to go in front of him. Mahir is in the car and sees Bela coming towards him. Bela sees Vish standing behind his car in her avatar.

Precap: Anu taunts Bela for becoming Mahir’s bride when she was to marry Yuvi. Bela skin is turning into a snake. Vish tells her that they have to be alert till she gets her new snake and says she will keep eye on the door. Bela says Mahir shall not come to room until I get ready to kill him. Adi hears Rehaan’s voice message and hears that Bela is a naagin. He gets shocked. Vish hears him. Mahir comes to the room. Bela is sitting as a bride and hides her scaly skin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Surabhi is a good actress ,no doubts, loved her in Qubool Hai and KLKAH but not the right choice for Naagin,,,,the same with Rajat….In Jodha Akbar ,he was awe inspiring as the emperor,,but here I could n’t even recognise him…Good that he was shown in just one or two scenes and packed off…If at all he comes back ,I hope they will take care of his appearance and dialogue delivery as well.Anita is very talented but not a perfect choice either….Ekta could have done better had she gone for Mouni again or someone better..Anyways ,it is too early to draw conclusions and I hope Surabhi will do much better as the story progresses….

  2. i cant fine the episodes after this one.
    why is that.??

  3. Ziah,Naagin is twice in a week serial….on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm in India.The next episode will be telecast on 30 th of June and 1st of July…

    1. ohhh.. okaaay.
      Thank You.

  4. I knew it, Bela is Ruhi. I always thought there was something weird about Bela she was too keen for her forced marriage to Yuvi. I don’t want Ruhi/Bela to fall for another man. Since she loved Vikrant to death.

  5. Pari,I endorse your view ….Bela had always been critical of Yuvi’s clandestine relations ,at the same time keen on getting married to him.Now we know the reason for her becoming a member of Sehgal family and appreciate her motive but I will never support her if she forgets Vikrant for whom she claims to have waited for 100 years …

  6. Angelk1

    Theirs nothing wrong if she falls for another. If other characters can do it why not bel. How many characters from different shows have claimed their significant ones were the love of their life, but end up with another. Bel lover died well was murdered, he told her to live. So if it means moving on than why is it so bad. I just wont like the whole love triangle which shows love to do.

  7. Definitely there is nothing wrong if she moves on ,but will she ever feel the same for the other guy…I may be a bit orthodox in my view but I feel true love is once in a life time experience …and the later relationships will be for some other reasons like companionship ,financial / social security ,family pressures etc but not for love…Whether it is this show or any other serial,my view remains the same…

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