Naagin Season 3 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela suspects Rithvik is Hukum, a big conspiracy is ahead

Naagin Season 3 23rd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rithvik asking Mahir to spend time with good people when bad dream comes and asks Mahir to make him meet the family. Bela looks on. Rithvik, Mahir, Vikrant, Bela and Vish are sitting on the sofa. Rithvik offers drink to Vikrant. Vikrant says I don’t drink. Rithvik says even you don’t drink like Mahir. Vikrant says Vish sometimes drink. Rithvik offers her drink. Vish takes it. Rithvik asks Bela to have some wine. Bela says no. Rithvik says I thought to offered mahir, but didn’t as Bela got a bad dream. Mahir asks bela to have soft drink. She refuses. Vish says I didn’t know that you are scared of Bela. Mahir tells all husbands shall be afraid of their wives, and asks Vikrant. Vikrant says wife is Dayan and then says Darling. Rithvik asks Mahir to get his other luggage

bag from the car, and asks Bela to show his room. Mahir asks Bela to show her room. Bela goes with Rithvik, and senses something and holds his hand. He asks if the room is haunted and says he too got scared. Rithvik asks if she is having some problem and says she can share with him. Bela says there is no problem. His suitcase falls down. Bela sees books related to black magic. He says he is a tantric etc. He tells that he sees black force around her and that’s why offering his help and asks her not to tell Mahir.

Mahir comes and calls bela. Rithvik gives her something and asks to keep for her protection. Bela looks at the thing which he gave. Bela comes to room. Mahir asks if she is fine? Bela nods yes. Mahir comes to Bela and sits on the bed. He says he is not sleeping, but will act to sleep, and says whenever she wants to talk, shecan wake him up. He asks shall I hold and hug you. Bela is still silent. Mahir says I love you and asks her to reply tomorrow.

The thing which Rithvik gave her falls down from her hand. She is hypnotized and walks in trance. She sees Hukum on the door asking her to come to him. She steps out of the house, just then Mahir calls her and she comes out of the trance. Mahir says it is late night and takes her to room. Rithvik looks at them. Mahir asks if she is fine and asks what is her problem? Bela says I am fine and says don’t know why was I walking? Mahir says you was walking in trance. Bela asks him to leave her and says it is not a big deal. Mahir says you was sleep walking and says don’t know what would have happen if I had not stopped you. He asks her to see her condition. Bela says I am not a small girl and can handle the situation. She says I am a Naagin. Mahir says I know and tells that they are in a normal relation like a usual couple and asks her to share her troubles. He says you doesn’t tell me anything when Hukum is involved. Bela says you will not agree and tells that I think your cousin Rithvik is involved. Rithvik looks at the pendant which he gave to Bela on the paper through the magnifying glass and tells that he was right. He laughs loudly. Sumitra tells Yuvi that Rithvik might be Hukum.

Yuvi says today is very dangerous night. Sumitra says today is the black night and she is waiting for Hukum’s sign and will complete her work. She asks Yuvi to attack Mahir and Bela and lock her in the room. Yuvi says Naagrani..Sumitra says she is not Naagrani and says she had waited for that Naagrani position since years, but the crown went to Ruhi. Yuvi and Rohini say you will get it. Sumitra asks them to do the work. She asks Yuvi to kill Mahir, but nothing shall happen to Bela. He asks if Bela lost all her powers. Sumitra says she has her powers still and says she can take only her avatar and not of others. She says Maasi is with you to coordinate and asks him to get her rid of Adarsh wadi son. She says I will offered her a deal and she will give me naagrani taj and Naagmani. Rohini says if she didn’t agree then…Sumitra says if she don’t agree then I will handover her to Hukum and then she will give birth to Andhkasur, the black and dangerous man.

Rithvik tells that humans see everything, but don’t agree, but I am not fool like humans, knows well when and where to take their advantage, and says I have full planning. He says tonight is wonderful DurAmavasya and thinks to make it more spicy and colorful. He says lets play. Bela, Mahir, Vish and Vikrant discuss that Rithvik might be Hukum. Vikrant says he didn’t sense anything. They discuss that may be Hukum came, or take disguise of Rithvik or may be he is possessed. Vish tells about the danger of the night. She says Hukum knows about his next planning. Vikrant says but we shall be ready? Vish says we can’t kill him now, we have to be careful. Rithvik goes out somewhere in the night.Vish and Vikrant follow him and go out. Yuvi thinks Bodyguards Vish and Vikrant are not here, and thinks who will save Mahir and Bela from me now. He says elder brother will be killed by younger brother. Vikrant and Vish are following Rithvik. Rithvik sees a boy about to hit by a car and saves him in the nick of time. Vish and Vikrant think he can’t be Hukum. Rithvik calms down baby and goes.

Yuvi comes to Mahir and Bela’s room. He says time is up. Bela asks how dare you to come here. Yuvi becomes half snake. Bela warns him not to think of harming Bela. Yuvi says he will kill Mahir and holds his neck. He says he will not waste his poison on him and says my hands are enough to kill him. Mahir takes off some solution and pours on his head. He says I will take your life. Yuvi writhes in pain lying on the floor. Mahir says I know that your vansh snakes are scared of abhimantric phool. He says I would have killed your clan long back, but I am not that kind of person who kills and warns him, that he will kill him next time. He makes him leave the room and tells Bela that he will not let anything happen to her. Tera ho ke raho plays…….They have a hug.

Vish and Vikrant come there and ask what happened? Mahir says we are fine. They tell Rithvik saved a boy and says they feel that he can’t be Hukum. Bela says I doubted him wrongly and tells that even he can help us. She tells that he told that he is researching on the black magic etc and says we can take his help. Mahir says we will talk in the morning. Vish and Vikrant go. Rithvik comes home. Bela again wakes up and finds the pendant given by Rithvik. She knocks on Rithvik’s room. Rithvik says you are here now. Bela says I am very worried and couldn’t sleep. She says you said that you will help me. Rithvik asks her to come inside. Bela sees the books, candles. Rithvik says I am listening, Bela says I don’t know who is Hukum and tells that he wants me to give born to his evil son which will destroy the world. Rithvik asks her to relax and sit. He gives her tea and says it is good for health. Bela sees tantra vidya book.

Rithvik closes the door and tells that he doesn’t want anyone to hear their confidential talks. Bela gets up and asks why are you locking the door and asks him to open the door. He says he placed special lock for safety. He asks her to drink her tea. Rithvik says I know you are not comfortable, but this is right for you. She asks him to open the door for last time and becomes half snake. Rithvik asks what the hell? Rithvik says this is for your betterment. Bela asks him to open the door. She hits him with her tail and hits the door with her tail. She becomes human and goes out of room. Rithvik says this is not over and gets angry. He sees the locket in her room.

Mahir and Vikrant come to Boltu’s house. Mahir says we need to be cautious. Kuhu comes and hugs him. Mahir shows Abhimantric phool and asks them to make its taveez and wear it. Vikrant goes out of room and locks the door. Mahir asks them to take care. He finds the door locked and asks Vikrant to open the door. Vikrant says whatever we are going to do tonight is dangerous and tells that bela knows everything. Mahir asks him to open the door. Vikrant says whatever I am doing on Bela/Naagrani’s orders. Mahir tries to go through window, but kuhu tells that it is grilled. Vikrant says this is for your protection. Mahir gets worried.

Precap: Hukum in human form takes hypnotized Bela to bed and gets closer to her. He says my work is done, my Ansh/Andhakasur is in you. Bela comes out of trance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Why can’t someone kill show writers…. Story dragg krne ke chakkr me sir ka dard bann gya hai… Wahiayt show…

  2. So thia seaaon 4 of naagin is about andhkasur hmmmmm

  3. What d f…… is shown in d precap 😡😡😡

  4. What a boring story. Because of Behir, the serial has become successful. Even till today, even if the story is anything, if Behir’s scene is shown, we get smile on our face. Precap is very worst and bad. If really hukum gets intimate with Bela and after that Behir takes revenge on hukum, it is totally waste. Please before hukum does anything to Bela, please teach him a lesson other wise no one will watch the serial.

    1. SsiyAa

      koi fayeda nahi.. whatever they do.. people will still watch it and keep it on no.2 in trp race…. and that’s how ekta’s buissness runs.. kuch bhi dikhao actor acha lao.. bas trp aani chahiye..

  5. mujhe to yeh samajh nahi araha hai ki asli hukum hai kaun instagram pe dekha tha ki shaurya lauthar is serial mein enter kar raha hai as villian and woh hi hukum hai phir india forrums aur saas bahu saazish mein dekha ki nikitin dheer enter kar raha hai show mein as hukum aur ab zuber khan woh bhi enter kar raha hai aur usko bhi hukum kaha ja raha hai to in tino mein se asli hukum hai kaun shaurya lauthar,zuber khan ya nikitin dheer aur karishma tanna aye to thi wapas huzoor banke jisne fake ruhi k roop mein bella ke life mein problems create ki par yeh sab karke uska fayeda kya hua aur uska real roop kya tha yeh sab to pata hi nahi chala aur ek baat zuber khan ki entry k baad is serial mein woh wapas aya bhi to rhitik naam se jab ki yeh naam naagin1 ad 2 mein shivanya k husband aur shivangi k dad ka tha to kya yeh rhitik aur woh rhitik ka koi connection hai ya nahi aur mahir ke asli parents kaha hai aur kab pata chalega ki shivangi ko rocky ne kyu mara tha aur us baat ka in sabke kahani se kya connection hai itne sare sawal lekin ek bhi jabab nahi hai humare pass,
    ab tak to yeh bhi pata nahi chala ki rhitik wapas kaise aya tha last ko aur usne rocky se apne hi bete ko
    marne ke liye kyu kaha tha aur uske baad vishaka,ruhi,vikrant aur mahir ka rhitik shivanya shivangi aur rocky se connection hi kya hai ab tak yeh sab bhi samjh nahi araha bas ek ek karke naye entry karwa rahe hai aur purane logo ko kahani se out kar rahe hai maar maar ke

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