Naagin Season 3 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish attempts to kill Bela and scares Rehaan

Naagin Season 3 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vish tells Sumitra that she made her Vamp and made dramebaaz as the heroine. She says Bela had left mandap after crying, but now she returned shamelessly. Sumitra says she didn’t return, I brought her back. A FB is shown, Bela’s father jumps in the pond, Bela jumps in and saves him. Her father tells her that he doesn’t want to live after whatever happened to her. Bela says the world is big and says she will live. Bela’s father tells that world is bad and if they don’t see sindoor on girl’s forehead then they apply kalang on it. Sumitra tells Bela that Mahir’s intention is not bad, he wants to stand with her all life. She tells that you can get more good guy than Mahir, but you will not get the honest man like him and asks Bela to agree for marriage. Bela hugs her father. Fb ends.


says so this is how you convinced her. Sumitra says the fire which was to witness your marriage, is witnessing Bela and Mahir’s marriage and says even God wants this. She says that’s why I believe in science. Vish tells that it was you who did all this. Sumitra says there is your hand also and tells that you were missing when I returned with Bela. A FB is shown, Sumitra tells Andy that Bela will marry Mahir now. Andy tries to oppose, but Sumitra takes a stand for Bela and says Mahir doesn’t know that he was to marry Vish. Bela gets ready and comes to the mandap. Pandit ji says everything will be auspicious. Fb ends. Bela and Mahir take rounds. Bela gives marriage vows to Mahir and tells that she will take care and think about him. She tells that when death comes, I will be two steps ahead of you. Vish gets angry on Sumitra and says she will put garland on dead people. She misbehaves with Sumitra for betraying her. Sumitra says I did right by not making you my bahu, who is mannerless. She tells that you might have thought to get Mahir’s property after marriage, I knew your plans. She says why you are getting angry as nobody knows that you were under the veil. She asks her to back off from investing in their company and says Mahir and Bela’s marriage will not break. Mahir applies sindoor in Bela’s forehead and tells that he has not broken her promise.

Sumitra makes arrangements of grah pravesh. Bela’s father asks her to take care and hugs her. Poulomi brings Suhani and Pratham there. Suhani says I am with Bela. Poulomi asks Suhani to come inside. Kuhu says it is not her sasural. Poulomi says it is not your sasural also? She takes Suhani inside the house. Vish throws rice grains on Bela. Bela sees her red eyes. Sumitra tells her that she will be happy and thanks her for marrying Mahir. Vish tells Bela that they will be housemates now and tells that she will stay here. Andy says you are welcome. Mahir says she can’t stay here. Andy says she will stay here and asks everyone to paint the town red. Poulomi hears him.

Sumitra takes Bela to her room and says you will stay here. He tells her that she got the dress made for her. She assures her that she will be there for her along with Mahir. Suhani takes Mahir to a room and asks Bela to sort it out. Bela tells Mahir that you shouldn’t have become my God and says if Yuvi ji has betrayed me then you also betrayed me. Mahir says I wanted to keep the promise. Bela says you knew that Yuvi can’t become of mine, but you supported him and ignored that he was eyeing other girls. She says I told you, but you didn’t listen. She tells that her Papa and Suhani tried to warn me and asked me not to marry you, and tells that I trusted you as I thought you are genuinely concerned. She says you are not and tells that with whom I shall complain. She coughs. Mahir blows off the candle and brings water. She refuses to take. It falls on her chest. He gives her tissue and apologizes. Bela says she will never accept him and can’t accept this fake relation. Mahir says I know that you are allergic to jasmine and that’s why I blew it.

Yuvi’s friends gossip that he ran away and Mahir saved everything. Andy tells that he is thankful to Mahir for saving his respect. Poulomi comes coloring her face red and says Andy has said. Sumitra says Andy had said to make the town red, he wants everyone to enjoy. Poulomi says why didn’t he tell me that he wants to enjoy with me. Sumitra asks her to go to her house and enjoy as this house is hers. Poulomi thinks Andy is mine and tries to gather his concern for her.

Mahir asks RJ to help Kuhu changed the dress and asks the waiter to clean the place. Sumitra worries for Bela. Vish as snake comes to Bela’s room as she is getting ready. She hides under the blanket. Bela is about to pull the blanket when Sumitra comes and calls her. Bela goes. Vish comes in human form and says sweet little Bela is going soon. Boltu tells that where is Adi? Someone tells that Adi is bitten by a snake. Boltu gets scared. Poulomi tells that Pratham and Suhani will dance first before their first night. She asks them to dance. Andy tries to take Poulomi to save them from embarrassment, but Poulomi says she will dance later. Rehaan sees Vish and thinks she is looking qayamat. Vish comes to him and says she wants to end everything fast. He pulls her closer. Poulomi asks Pratham and Suhani to dance closely. Pratham gives Mahir’s hand in Bela’s hand. They dance on Alvida song along. Mahir says we are strangers, but we can try to make this relationship work and know each other. Bela says truth can’t change and she doesn’t want anything to change between them.

Rehaan gets a call from the hospital. He thinks about why they are calling me. Vish makes Electricity goes. Bela sees Vish’s turning her eyes red. Rehaan comes and asks for a dance. She twists his hand and asks if his ego is hurt. He says nothing. She gives him wine and says this should help. Bela and Mahir continue to dance. Dil Diyan Gallan plays….Rehaan gets a call from the hospital. He picks the call. Dr. Satish asks Rehaan to pay the hospital bill. Dr. Satish tells him that bill will be till today. Rehaan thinks Karan is fine now. Dr. says that he is still in a coma. Rehaan asks him to send CCTV footage for the 9th day. The doctor says ok and sends him CCTV footage. Rehaan sees Vish in the CCTV footage and gets shocked. He sees Vish taking out her snake tongue from her mouth while standing near Mahir. Kuhu falls down. Mahi asks Bela if she is fine. Bela sees Vish going out and follows her. Rehaan tries to stop her and go behind them. He comes to the haveli and hears Bela screaming. The doctor checks Kuhu. Poulomi asks if it is a miscarriage. The doctor says the baby is fine. Sumitra asks him to check. Rehaan goes inside and asks Vish to leave Bela. He asks Bela to move back and says I know who are you? Vish hangs Bela to the wall. She stamps on the ground to scare Rehaan. Rehaan says he will shoot her. He sees Vish turning into the snake and then appearing in front of him in multiple forms. Vish says every one of you will die. Bela falls down on the ground from the wall. Vish holds her head and hits on the wall. Rehaan calls Mahir, but he doesn’t pick the call. Rehaan calls Andy and asks him to bring everyone to haveli fast. Vish injures Bela’s neck. Bela asks why are you doing this? Vish says you will not be saved to know. He says that he knows that she is the one who attacked Karan. Vish says I have done everyone’s condition worse and says shall I tell how? She stabs near Bela.

Mahir, Andy and everyone come there. Rehaan tells him that Vish tried to kill Bela and tells everything. Vish comes infront of them in party clothes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bela is Vikrant’s sister and is possessive of Naagmani too. I’m eagerly waiting. Want Amrapali Gupta as Yamini’s daughter who wants Naagmani. Vish and her drama will be funny then.

  2. Kuch to locha hai?
    What is the connection between bela and vish??? Qki kal sab ke samne bela zinda khadi rahegi….Mihir innocent hai.yeh baat end me nahin ko pata chalegi aur bela ki shadi usse huyi hai..Bela mihir se pyar karegi..Main locha yaha hai ki kya ruhi bela ho sakti hai kya qki ruhi ne vish ka hi face liya hai yeh to clearly nahi dikha ya gaya aur nahi vish ne 2no marte wakt unka jikr kiya hai…Agar bela ruhi hai to asli bela kaha hai aur kya apna 100 saal ka pyar bhoolake wo mihir se pyar karegi…?????????? Agar bela aur wish sath hai to bela ne vish ka sach samne laane ki koshish q ki..Aur done sath nahi hai aur bela nagin hai to uski kya story hai? Haveli ke watchman ka kya role hoga aage

    Kuch bhi kaho anita behad khoobsurat hai??? yeh mihir ke ghar wale bhi ghadhe hai…Unki hi haweli me vikrant,vish,ruhi ki taswaveer hai par unhone nahi dekhi..????

  3. How could naagin take multiple forms at ones.I don’t remember such things in previous seasons.Is it an additional boon for them?
    Bela vowed to Mahir that she’ll tell everything to him.She also a naagin&I’m waiting to see how she handle the situations in future.
    And one more thing eagerly waiting to watch Bela’s naagin avtar…

    1. No! Ichchadhari Naagins can create replicas. Im season 1, Shesha showed multiples of her to Gurumaa in a jungle. And now Vish is showing Rehaan.

  4. I love today episode special Behir moments

  5. Nice episode
    but I feel that part vish went to Bela room as a nagin and fit into d blanket is too fake no way a snake as big as that will fit in

  6. I think Bela is Vikrant’s sister..She also came here to take revenge of her brother’s death

  7. O K episode…first half I found a bit boring particularly Bela incriminating Mahir for marrying her.What was she cripping about ,I haven’t understood…He did the best possible thing to save her father’s honour and his family’s as well…Had she wanted ,she could have refused to marry Mahir and told Sumitra the same.Anyway ,not a pleasant beginning to Bela and Mahir’s relationship..Mahir’s character is too gentle,,,a little aggression will make this character more interesting.
    As for Vish,she is turning out to be a negative character…..waiting to see Bela’s Naagin avtaar and her purpose of becoming a part of Sehgal parivar…

  8. vish khanna LOOKING VERY OLD LADY. Bela also looking dull. mahir only looking good. STORY is going to become very bore after the twist in bela character. naagins are extremely big in this season 3 looks like ANACONDA ???????.. poulami funny mental lady ???

    1. TaniaFairy

      Rahim you just said my thought.Those snakes look like Anaconda..When First saw Vish’s naagin avatar I got scared then I thought may be they will change later but it never change. Real Snake can go wherever they want but those Anaconda can’t and they get caught, I wonder how they handle?

  9. where is naagmani?
    where is rockey and rithick?
    with out completing the season 2 twist why season 3 started with too many characters and revenge story too?!!! not satisfied with this script.

  10. I think bela aka surbi jyoti is a simple human.she will be in love with mahir and both might be naagmani rakshak of raajkul and not the naag naagins.And might be karishma tanna will be back to fulfill her intakaam and vish or karisma in love with mahir beside bela and will trouble bela and mahir.I think in this season the naagins will be the villians..

  11. Same story…same twist… Now both Bela and vish will become friends to take revenge and same time both will love maahir.. then vish will become villain js like shesha

  12. Agree with you that Anita doesn’t have the grace or beauty of a Naagin,the positive thing is her acting as a vengeful Naagin is spot on.And Surbhi was also looking very dull and drab in this episode..I was shocked to see her face when she came out of the water …..with the make up gone ,she looked very ordinary…May be one of those dull days in the shoot ….

  13. TaniaFairy

    Todays epi was ok.Bela and Mahir got married. Sumitra was looking so beautiful.
    Now they got married I sure Ekta mam will bring Yuvi when Bela will fall for mahir later because they have not shown his dead body yet and in her show anyone can come after dead.

  14. Good episode… Mahir is very caring…I agree with u Tania fairy yuvi can come back
    Waiting for some twists

    1. TaniaFairy

      yes Samreen that’s happend a lot of times in naggin and many others show. now viewers can guess easily.

  15. Thanx Arjit 4 clearing my doubt
    I’m waiting 2 watch d chemistry btn Behir

  16. this vish naagin is full of over drama…. karan is lying in coma and i dont understand why she doesnt she simply go there and kill him?? she killed yuvi, but she had to bit him numerous times. previously it used to be one bite and normal human khallas…. and she bit Adi, and he has only red mark on his head and i dont understand what actually happened to him other than him forgetting about vish turning to naagin…. she didnt kill rehann either, just scaring him… so when she has full opportunity to kill them everytime, why doesnt she? in season one, Shivanya and Sesha were trying to find out the face of the fifth killer and also get back nagmani and so they waited before killing…. in season 2 Shivangi had no idea who were her enemies and so she took her time…. but this vish is just waiting there giving looks, drinking and dancing….. hope with bela’s truth it will be revealed why vish is doing so much drama instead of killing them….

  17. bela is ruhi

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