Naagin Season 3 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir announces Rehaan-Jamini’s marriage, Bela searches Jamini’s truth

Naagin Season 3 21st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela and Rehaan come out of the ladies loo. Mahir sees them laughing and coming out from there and gets upset. Rehaan says I will bring Jamini and asks Mahir about the bill. Mahir says you have entertained me and I gave you this treat. Rehaan goes to call jamini. Mahir says I should thank Rehaan for making you laugh.

ACP thinks rich are mad and thinks Anu is like her father. He sits on his chair and sees a snake on the CCTV coverage. He thinks of Anu telling him about Icchadhari Naagin and believes in her story and thinks Bela is a wonder. Kuhu, RJ and Boltu search Jamini’s room. Anu tells them that Yuvi and Adi are in danger. She tells that Rehaan didn’t talk to me since he returned. Adi comes out of the box and tries to call Kuhu and RJ, but nobody hears them. He is about to say in the

mic when Jamini comes and picks Adi in her hand. Kuhu, RJ and others leave. Rehaan thanks Mahir for taking them on double date. Mahir looks on. ACP comes to meet Andy and Sumitra and says you are partying when your son is missing. Andy says he must be with his girlfriend Raavi Saluja in New Zealand. He says Yuvi is spoilt and does this. ACP tries to find out about Adi.

Rehaan comes to Bela. Bela teases him. Vish comes in her avatar and tells that Jamini made her mad. Bela says how you will make her tell the truth. Vish says I will make her say and asks her to stop laughing. She says if you can’t killMahir today then you will lose the bet. Bela says I have planned to kill Mahir, he will die in an accident, he will fall down from the terrace and die. Vish asks her to hurry up. She changes her avatar to Rehaan again and comes to Jamini’s room. He hears Jamini talking about Bela and asks what she said.

Mahir is changing the clothes. Bela comes there and asks why he did he change your clothes when I come to the room. Mahir asks why she feels uncomfortable with him and not with Rehaan. He asks if she is repenting to make him last minute husband and asks if someone forced her to marry him and now if someone asking her to do something. Jamini tells Rehaan that she saw him sitting with Bela and says she will not talk to him. Rehaan says sorry and plays the song. Mahir and Bela hear the music. Bela says Rehaan must have played for Jamini.

Jamini and Rehaan (Vish) dance with each other. Vish feels uncomfortable dancing with Jamini. Raat Akeli Hai Song plays…..Jamini acts to woo him while dancing. Vish gets tensed. Jamini thinks he is not Rehaan, else he would have come close to me. Vish hides. Jamini holds his hand and tells that you are not Rehaan and asks if Bela came in his life. Mahir asks Bela how she can be so sure that Rehaan played the music. Bela says it is just her thought. Jamini asks him to give her all rights. Vish thinks she is ready to lose the bet, but will not accept her condition. Rehaan says we have to wait till our marriage and says I really love you. He says I will just be back.

Mahir holds Bela’s hand. He asks if Rehaan was in her life since the beginning or came just now. He says I have seen love for him in your eyes. Bela asks what and says if it is true also you shall not have any problem.

Mahir says I have to have a problem as I…..He stops. Bela looks on surprised. Mahir says I am sorry and says I want you to be happy and tell truth to me. Bela says Mahir ji. Mahir asks her to tell the truth in the morning and says sorry once again. He goes out of room. Bela gets tensed. Mahir thinks of Bela and Rehaan and sees Rehaan going to his room secretly to meet Bela. He gets shocked and thinks what is happening? What kind of friendship they have. He thinks enough is enough. He then thinks to wait till she tells him in the morning. He thinks it is not that I don’t trust you, but….

Vish comes to Bela and tells that I can’t do. She then asks about Mahir. Bela says she couldn’t take Mahir to terrace. Vish says Jamini might be an innocent girl. Bela says she is not innocent and asks her to keep eye on Jamini. He becomes Rehaan and leaves.

Jamini walks on air and comes to Bela’s room. Bela says you are here. She changes the tea cup. Bela throws the tea in the vase. Jamini thinks poison is in the cup, once she puts her mouth on it, I will take her to my place and lock her. Bela pretends to drink tea, but just then Mahir comes and calls her. Bela drops the cup. Mahir asks her what she wants to say. Just then Sumitra comes and calls her. Poulomi tells something to Suhani. She asks if she is sure. Poulomi says Pandit ji told that Andy will become mine if I do this. She sees Sumitra and hugs her. She eats chilli and says Andy shall become hers. Mahir comes to kitchen and insists to talk to Bela. Poulomi asks Bela to go. Bela says she is busy in an important work.

Mahir holds her hand and takes her to room. Bela says she was working in kitchen. He asks about Rehaan. Bela says you have lost it. Mahir asks what did you think last night? Bela says she don’t want to talk to him. Mahir asks do you have anything between Rehaan and you. Bela says I barely talked to him like I talk to Yuvi. She asks him not to call him her Rehaan. Mahir asks if she is sure. He says then you will not have any objection with what I am going to do.

Mahir calls Rehaan’s family and announces Rehaan and Jamini’s marriage in a huge party. Poulomi asks why so suddenly. Vish gets tensed. Sumitra asks Mahir if this is happening because of Bela. Mahir says he took her approval. Shekhar and his wife get happy. Sumitra says marriage will happen here. Shekhar says Mahir is doing what I couldn’t do. Vish gets tensed. Jamini acts to be shy and hugs Rehaan. Rehaan excuses himself. Jamini touches elders’ feet and tells Mahir that she is very happy. She thinks this guy has spoiled my plan and thinks to kill Bela tomorrow itself. Bela thinks I have to find out Jamini’s truth and stop this marriage. Vish thinks I am not Rehaan and don’t want to marry Jamini, someone save me.

On the marriage day, Shekhar and his wife thank Mahir and Andy. Poulomi brings sweets and makes them eat. Jamini says Suhani is lucky and tells that Bela is also lucky as I got Rehaan because of her. Poulomi says my bahu is superb. Bela makes everyone have sweets. Mahir tells everyone that mahurat is in the night and tells that he has managed catering, decoration etc. He asks Rehaan if he thought not to marry. Shekhar says don’t know why Anu don’t want to come. Poulomi says it is good that she didn’t come here, and tells that today’s kids don’t tell us before going. She says don’t know where is Adi. Adi is tied and kept in the box. He shouts and says I am here. Sumitra says it would have been good if Adi and Yuvi would have been here. Poulomi says they will ask for chameli flowers jewels. Mahir says he made all the arrangements. Jamini asks Bela to make her husband have sweets. Mahir opens his mouth. Bela gives sweets in his hand and silently tells Rehaan to come to the terrace. Rehaan goes. Mahir looks at them.

Vish asks Bela why Mahir is getting Rehaan and Jamini’s marriage. She tells that she has kept her eyes on Jamini. She becomes Rehaan. Bela hugs him. She collides with Mahir. Mahir says I need to talk to you. He asks if she is repenting for her decision. Bela says she made an opinion about everyone and tells that she has to go and give Rehaan’s gift to Bela. Mahir asks her to show, but she refuses.

Vish as Rehaan tells that he has to go and tells that he can’t be away from Jamini. RJ says they have kept bachelor party with Daksh’s help. Rehaan says I don’t want this. Daksh says there will be girls there. Vish asks them to respect the girls else he will tell Kuhu. They leave.

Bela comes to Jamini’s room. Adi tries to shout so that Bela hears him, but she doesn’t see him and closes the drawer. Jamini comes there and says I caught you. Bela turns and haldi bowl falls from her hand. Jamini flies and comes near Bela. Bela is shocked to see her near her. Jamini smirks.

Jamini tells Bela that she is a chudail and flies in the air. She says if you tell everyone that I am a chudail then I will tell them that you are a snake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love this episode very much…………..
    Mahir’s jealousy love for bela

  2. Really I can’t stop myself anymore what a funny scene of vish someone save me….from this marriage.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Mahir is so jealous of vish aka rehaan…. ??????? he is falling in love with Bela slowly…. His jealousy can be seen so easily…??????
    Vish is going to marry jhamini: Naagin? weds Dayan? mindblowing wedding invitation will be made:
    Every Viewer is co-ordinally invited in the marriage ceremony of
    Naagin? Vish
    Dayan? Jhamini

    Naagin? bela
    Human Families ?????

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha????????????????????????

    1. Hahahahahaha…….really naagin Weds chudail…..
      And chudail every night fly outside of the house….bela hears the voice of adi from the stairs that someone is shouting so why she couldn’t hear now……hahahahahaha……?????????

    2. This is just like Nevla Kabir & Amrita (Naagin Shesha)’s wedding. Same thing was scripted again. This time between two feminine characters.

    3. Seriously yar aur jab show mein Naagin ke sath Churail bhi hai i toh fir serial walo ko Vampires aur werewolves ko bhi serial mein daal dena chahiye ?

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