Naagin Season 3 17th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir and Bela’s marriage comes as a shocker for Vish

Naagin Season 3 17th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumitra searches for Yuvi and calls him. Mahir says he is not here, I have checked CCTV footage, he has ran away with his ex-girlfriend Raavi. I talked to the Manager and he said he went with her. Sumitra cries wondering what will happen with Bela. Mahir says I will do everything fine. Andy asks what will you do? Sumitra worries for Yuvi and says there is a thunderstorm outside. Andy asks her to pray and tells that all his investors are there, tells that if Poulomi’s son have done this, then it would have been different, and tells her that Yuvi is his legitimate son and this thing shall not happen. Vish strikes Yuvi’s pic and tells that she will kill Adi next and give him a painful death. Adi feels pain in the mark which Vish left makes on his pic with knife. His friends tease him. They click

for the pic with Suhani and Pratham. Someone tells that Mahir took Sumitra and Andy to room. They think if Yuvi is caught with any girl. Rehan calls Vish and asks where is she? She asks if the marriage started? Rehan says no as Yuvi is not here. Vish says this marriage will not happen and he will not come, she bets for 5 lakhs Rs. He asks her to take him also. Boltu takes Munshi ji to Bela’s room and asks them not to come down until he asks them. Bela tells her father that she is happy with her marriage.

Sumitra asks Andy to make some excuse. Andy says they will be ruined if the marriage doesn’t happen. Mahir comes there wearing a turban and hiding his face with sehra. Andy thanks Mahir for marrying for him. Mahir says I am doing this for Bela as I have promised to get her marriage done. Sumitra covers his face with Sehra. Vish comes there and tells that Yuvi will not come and might have change of heart. Andy and Sumitra call Mahir downstairs. Rehan asks Vish to give the money. Bela asks Yuvi why he came late. She sees Mahir’s watch and realizes that he is Mahir. Pandit ji asks both brides to take their hand forward. Bela identifies Mahir and takes his name. She gets shocked. Poulomi shouts……

Bela moves his sehra and sees Mahir’s face. She gets up and asks where is Yuvi? She questions Mahir. Mahir gets up and says he is gone. Bela is about to fall and says you have promised me to make everything fine. She says you were marrying me..She goes from the mandap. Vish smiles. Investors asks what is going on? Bela’s father is shocked and falls down. Andy asks Sumitra to call her. Shekhar asks Andy what he will do? Andy says he will get Mahir married and asks her to tell about the girl who is ready to marry Mahir. Bela wears white clothes and is going out of hotel. Sumitra says I really don’t know that this will happen. Bela says you might have thought that I will not know. Sumitra says my Mahir is really good. Bela says you are just your sons’ mother. Sumitra says I wouldn’t have let anything wrong happen with you if I had know this would happen. She says I am feeling ashamed. Bela says forgive me and get your good sons married to nice girls. She says I have kept the clothes given by you and taking humiliation from here. She sees her father going and runs. Poulomi asks Pandit ji to get Pratham and Suhani married, and tells that she will not wait now. Pratham and Suhani get married.

Shekhar tells Andy that he has a better option for him. Vish says I know this will happen and says someone will come here and plead in front of me. She sings Aayega…song. Sumitra comes to Andy and tells that Bela is not coming. Andy says I have more better option, and says Vish will marry Mahir. Vish comes there wearing bridal attire. Sumitra is shocked. Mahir tells that he don’t want to do this, but what to do as Yuvi ran away. Suhani gets sad and feel bad about Bela. Andy tells Sumitra that they tried to make Bela married Mahir, but she refused. He says if Vish Khanna wouldn’t have agreed then we would have been ruined. He asks her not to tell Mahir about Vish and call him. Sumitra goes to Mahir and asks him to get ready. Mahir asks if Bela agreed. She asks him to come. Sumitra comes to Vish and covers her head with veil. Vish looks at everyone. She sees Raavi coming back to Mandap while talking on phone. She thinks where is Yuvi? Vish thinks she has to stop everyone from seeing her. She lights the cloth on fire and throws it.

Everyone panics as the mandap catches fire. She switches off the power. She takes her outside and asks what are you doing here? Raavi asks how do you that I went to the concert? Vish tells her that Yuvi eloped to meet you and takes her to the haveli. She tells her that this is her Palace. Raavi asks who are you? Princess, socialite, party girl? Vish turns to her and says you don’t identify me. Raavi asks who are you? Vish says naagin. Raavi laughs and where is Yuvi? Vish says he is gone and tells that he wants to meet you, and wanted to have suhaagraat with Bela, but he couldn’t do anything. She asks what is behind the curtain. All 10 persons are behind the curtain. Vish asks her to worry her herself and shows her red eyes etc..Raavi gets shocked and runs. Vish comes in front of her as half human and half snake and hurts her. She tells you will gain consciousness, but will not remember anything.

Vish comes back to the hotel and thinks where is her dupatta? She thinks it is good and that Mahir shall see his bride’s face. She hears Pandit ji reciting mantras and Bela sitting as a bride. She asks what the hell? Sumitra tells her that she is her bahu and Mahir’s would be wife. Vish says this Bela doesn’t know that she is doing a big mistake. She says how can she marry a stranger, he is Mahir, not Yuvi. Sumitra asks then why did you agree to marry Mahir without knowing him. Pandit ji asks Mahir and Bela to get married. Sumitra says Mahir was more stranger to you than he is to Bela. Vish asks her to ask Andy and says he was begging in front of me. Sumitra says you are lying and says he will not beg in any circumstances, but must have folded his hands and requested you. Bela and Mahir take rounds. Bela gives promise to Mahir. Vish says you also came to me. Sumitra says no and tells that I never saw you as bahu. A FB is shown after a fire broke out…marriage stopped. Vish says this shameless girl went and cries, and now she came back. Sumitra says I called her back. Bela’s father tries to commit suicide and falls down in the river. Bela also jumps in the river. Sumitra shouts no. FB ends. Vish gets angry seeing Bela marrying Mahir. Mahir silently prays to fulfill all his responsibility.

Bela gives promises during marriage. Mahir and Bela gets married. Vish attempts to kill Bela and stabs her. Rehaan is in the haveli and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plz faaaaaaast :'(

  2. Umayal

    ❤ Woww
    I just love ? the pair of Bela and mahir ?

    1. Rithu17

      Me too..i never watched naagin b4 but surbhi and pearl look soo good together??

  3. Emptyhand20

    Adi is the one who killed Vikrant, he should be the last one to be killed. To make the story more interesting, Vish should make Adi against Mahir for the inheritance. Later, Adi will learn the truth about Vish, about Naagmani… and he will trick her to believe he is innocent and Mahir is the one who shot Vikrant, Adi will make Vish fall in love with him and help him become an Icchadhari Naag. Mahir also will become an Icchadhari Naag to help Bela against the villains. Vish-Adi couple will against Bela-Mahir couple and other villains for the Naagmani. At last, Vish will learn the truth about Adi and she will turn against him. Adi-Mahir will have a fight between two brothers and Mahir will accidentally kill Adi. Finally, Vish will join forces with Bela-Mahir against the other villains, protect the Naagmani.

    1. Umayal

      Kaise yar
      Thum thoh khud hi story writter ban gaye

    2. TaniaFairy

      yeah it will be great if this happen but this time naagin third season is not about the Naagmani but instead a revenge of a naagin whose lover was killed. so may be this will process by this story line and many twist will be added on I gonna wait as the story will process and as well as drama will become more interesting..

    3. Lokesh

      Hmm this can happen , as it’s Ekta show , but I really think , this Andy and Sumitra are upto smthng, so just wait,and Bela , her identity yet not revealed.

      1. TaniaFairy

        yeah Andy and Sumitra’s act behind everything will also reveal bcoz we can’t say anyone innocent in ekta’s show.They will surely show something like this like every season.

    4. Roz-roz wahi comment kyun?

    5. Emptyhand20

      What if after Vish successfully killed 9 people, include the culprit group (Adi, Yuvi, Rehaan, Karan, Daksh, RJ) and the innocent group (Pratham, Gultu, Anu), one of the main villains with great power will enter the show, that villain will secretly gather all the dead bodies Vish left behind, use power to resurrect all of them as Icchadhari Nags and mind control them to take the Naagmani. After Bela-Mahir find out a way to break them free from that villain, the culprit group (Adi, Yuvi, Karan, Rehaan, Daksh, RJ) will come back to take revenge on Vish and take the Naagmani for themselves while the innocent group (Pratham, Gultu, Anu) will use their power to help Bela-Mahir against the villains.

  4. I agree that Vish-Mahir seem exciting. But somehow, Bela-Mahir remind me very subtly of Ritik-Shivanya. Mahir is very caring and he goes out of his way to help Bela and make her feel comfortable, of course their is chemistry between them, not attraction but what later on can become a great love story. Meanwhile, I am really excited to know who is Bela exactly? A naagin or nagmani’s real protector? Or Vikrant’s sister? Or related to Shivangi?

    Love Bela-Mahir or BeHir

  5. I’m not from India. Written update is the only one source for me to know the updates ?

    1. You can still watch all episodes of nagin 3

    2. Type Naagin 3 online on the net and you will definitely get some valid links.

  6. When will Bela turn into Naagin? I m waiting. Definitely next target is Rehaan. Should wait 6 days again.

  7. raji tamilmagal

    is she a naagin or mermaid…coz according to kdramas mermaid has ability make ppl lose their memory…can naagin too do tat…?intersting…dot…

    1. TaniaFairy

      If she become mermaid story will be amaizing.
      Kdramas are awesome.and Naagin has this ability to erase memory.Just like what she did with adi.

  8. Just very mindblowing episode. Finally mahir and bela r married. If bela is also a naahin then vish must be knowing about her then why she tried to kill her. If both r doing drama or bela will turn into nagin later like shivangi.

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Ufffffff vish ke killler? lookssss?…..??????

    2. Shivangi, shesha ya shivanya always tried not hurt innocent, but vish she did that..

    3. Finally Bela and Mahir married…
    Jeevansathi hum, diya aur baati hum

    4. I think may be Vish will also marry in same family… And killing bela either will be drama or dream…

    1. I love VISH. She is full of poison.

    2. TaniaFairy

      Hi di,how are you?? Vish will try to marry in this family so that she can take revange easily.And I think next epi will show how Bela become naagin as we saw in the promo she was injured and than her eyes turned snake’s eyes.
      And this Vish is killing innocent one. that’s why she is the main villain.Bela will be saving them or may be will join with her in this game.waitng…

  10. TaniaFairy

    Finally Mahir and Bela’s marriage happend with much drama..
    I laughted When Andy said to his client that “Indian marriage doesn’t happen without drama””
    Mahir and Bella’s background tune is awesome.I think he will love Bella but Bela will realise it later.
    At the end Hoping for the best. Looking forwart to see more chemistry between the leads.

  11. Shivangi and shivanya never troubled innocent people, while vish is troubling yuvi’s girlfriend and in next episode she will stab bela. (bela is innocent)

    Seriously, I don’t want ada khan or mauni in show but I don’t like even face of ‘vish’ she doesn’t suit as naagin. She can’t do good acting.

  12. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H.Hasan

  13. So far this is the best season of Naagin series. So much of mystery and so many deaths within the first few episodes. Anita is indeed the best naagin ever on screen.

  14. Thanks for the update h haaan….many of u are right shivanya shesha did not hurt innocent people but vish did that…waiting for Bela’s naagin avatar..and mahir is verycaring this will be a start of amazing love story
    Missing rivanya

  15. So true …I indeed loved mahir and bela ‘s Jodi…..Hope to see more lovey scenes …. Loved vish’s look

  16. Loved the episode…Vish is a true vengeful Naagin intent on killing not just the real culprits but eliminating anyone who dares to come between her and her goal..Yuvi’s girl friend should be thankful for getting away from Vish’s wrath with just a partial memory loss…Blessing in disguise that she won’t remember that fateful night.Otherwise there wouldn’t be a better torture than living with the memory of that frightening encounter….Now I fear for poor Sumitra….the lady has invited Vish’s wrath by telling her in no uncertain terms that she is not the right bride for Mahir ….thank God,for a moment I thought Vish would become Mahir’s wife….Somehow Sumitra could bring back Bela and convince her to marry Mahir ….at the same time I wonder how she could re convince her husband who was so elated that a rich business tycoon like Vish would be his daughter in law….We could see that Andy was conspicuous by his absence ..Anyway ,loving the show but as some of my friends said on this forum that Vish should not be targeting innocent people who cross her path unintentionally…then the viewers won’t have much sympathy for her cause…

  17. If I am the only one person who likes Vish-Mahir pair? Maybe I like Anita that’s why want to see her as a lead not a villain.Though I knew Bela will marry Mahir, but I was happy when I see Vish as a bride.

  18. Nice episode n nice pair…Mahila…
    why vish is trying to kill bela……
    uska koi connection bhi nahi hai vikrant ki maut se…..she is turning negative naagin like shesha

  19. I didn’t watched the epi.Can anyone tell that how sumitra convinced bela for marriage?

  20. Sree,your query can not be answered because it was not shown how Bela ,who got outraged at the last minute swapping of the bridegrooms,could get convinced by Sumitra.As Bela comes out of the hotel ,hurt and furious at the deception,Sumitra follows her and tries to convince that Mahir is a gentleman but invain.Bela advises Sumitra to find a suitable bride for her noble son .Just then Bela sees her dejected father running towards a nearby river…..concerned she runs behind him closely followed by Sumitra…Bela’s father runs across a small bridge on the river and before Bela stops him,takes a plunge into it.To Sumitra’s shock,Bela too jumps.With that this scene ends and next We see Bela sitting beside Mahir in the Mandap ….If I too have n’t missed something ,the convincing part was not given importance and not shown.So we have to assume that Bela was convinced somehow for the marriage.

  21. Yes,Vish seems to be becoming negative ,she is certainly not big hearted…if so ,she would not have planned to kill all these guys one by one .And it is evident she won’t spare anyone who would come in her way or sense her truth…
    The reason for her wanting to kill Bela may be two…first is very obvious that Bela has almost exposed her truth …if not for the miraculous healing of her injury ,Vish would have been exposed by Bela.The second reason might be Vish’s attraction towards Mahir.We could see how furious and disappointed she was seeing Mahila becoming a couple…What I don’t understand is how can Vish get attracted to another man if she is truly Ruhi who is back with a new face to avenge the nag’s death…. But there is no doubt Vish felt the chemistry and she too wondered the same..

    1. Please! Mahila is not good when compared to Behir. It indeed means ‘woman’ in Telugu. Behir is being used by all the Naagin fans since May.

  22. Spoiler alert…..In the upcoming episodes ,Vish will take Bela to the palace and try to stab her.That’s when Bela shows her true colours and turn into a Naagin.Vish comes to know that Bela is none other than Vikrant’s sister who is out to avenge her brother’s death…so two naagins waiting to strike…..Then what is going to happen to Bela and Mahir’s marriage..May be she will fall in love with him and protect him from Vish…..Otherwise also he should n’t be made responsible for his brothers’ sins.

    1. As for me, I’m always ahead to read Naagin 3 gossips. Don’t misunderstand. But it seems like you comment so long. However they are many too.

  23. ok…Behir….
    I was using Mahila….माहिला….
    and महिला means woman in marathi…
    mla mahit navat ki sagle fan ‘Behir’ he nav use kart ahet….?
    Behir is nice also…

    1. Lokesh

      Mahila is a hindi word, not Marathi.

  24. Don’t misunderstand me either but why do you think that the spoilers are given exclusively for you,.If you keep in touch with the latest news it is fine,but there may be others on the forum,who care to know.
    I think we need not tell each other how to comment…it is the moderator’s job.We are here to express our views about the story and it’s characters,not to comment about our co commenters.Every one is free to express his/her views within the limits imposed by the forum and none of us have the right to impose restrictions on others …..writing crisp or lengthy comments is individual discretion,sometimes writing in Hindi is also fine…..the important thing to be noted is we should never ever be rude and hurt each other’s feelings for a mere serial.The golden rule to be amiable on the forum is to agree to disagree…still if we disagree with each other,better to avoid rather than be rude.

  25. Super episode.. mahir and bela jodi is looking nice.

  26. Angelk1

    Hello everyone, first time here and I have to say This show is really interesting. I had a suspension about mahir, maybe his ancestors were naagins or people that use to tame them. But next week precap looks interesting, it could be that bela after being slit on the neck dies, near shivani temple. snakes appear before her while lying motionlessly causing her naggin power to awaken. It would be interesting to see Vish surprising face and bela warning Vish to stay away from her husband family. Maybe for bela they could change it up a bit and make her scared when she finds out she’s a snake and mahir could help her with her struggle. And help her with her naggin power.

  27. Vikrant’s sweet heart Ruhi has come back with a new name Vish and a new face …so is his sister as Bela..We can see they are ichhadhari naagins with the same objective….Is there any possibility of the Nag also coming back or was his death the end of that character…

  28. Hello Angelk ,even I would love to see Vish’s reaction when she comes to know that Bela is not an ordinary human….and what sort of relation both the naagins will have….will their interests clash or will they work in tandem….I feel Bela will turn out to be a protagonist and Vish,an antagonist….

  29. i love anita as vish her acting and expression is killer i luvvvvvvvv uuuuuu vish

  30. Vish❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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