Naagin Season 3 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish kills Yuvi before his wedding

Naagin Season 3 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela comes to the temple and looks at Vish. Raavi comes there and diverts her attention. Vish changes into snake. Raavi asks Bela to take her to her room and says she forget, don’t know how she came here following her. Vish recalls seeing the new face and gearing to take revenge. Raavi and Bela come to the hotel room. Raavi asks Bela how did Yuvi propose her? Bela says she needs to talk to Yuvi. She goes to Yuvi’s room, but Mahir comes there in a bath towel. She turns her face and tells that she needs to talk to Yuvi. Mahir wears bathrobe and asks her to turn to him. Bela tells him that Vish is not in the room and she is in the temple and doing something. They come to Vish’s room and see DND board. They knock on the door. Bela tells Mahir that they shall go and check in the temple. Vish opens

the door and asks Mahir if he wants to give her company in the bathrobe, and tells that she already has a company. They see Yuvi drinking in her room. Bela gets sad and tells that this marriage will not happen and she will not marry Yuvi. She tells Mahir that she has decided not to marry Yuvi. Yuvi comes to her and tells that he went to Vish as he was not getting sleep, he says if I had come to you then you would have send me saying it is inauspicious. Raavi says you would have come to me, I was waiting for you.

Mahir comes to Bela and gives napkin. He tells her that Yuvi had many girlfriends, but he loves her a lot and chosen her for marriage. Bela agrees. Yuvi asks Mahir if she agreed? He says trust me and tells that he just had a wine in Vish’s room. He says he will become just one woman man. Mahir asks her to cancel the marriage if he can’t be honest to Bela. Yuvi says I want her and I love her.

Poulomi calls Andy and asks him to bail out Adi. Andy asks her to trust him and ends the call. Sumitra says she will call you until Adi is bail out. Andy asks what shall I do, shall I beg infront of Police. He says sorry and says Mahir said that he will bail out Adi only if he is innocent, and says don’t know from where Mahir got high morals like you. Sumitra thinks thank god at least Mahir is like me.

Vish sees her criminals’ pic including Mahir, strikes Karan’s name and says one more will go tomorrow. Mahir knocks on the door and comes to her room. She stops him on the door and says I called your brother on drinks and asks if you don’t wear clothes in night. Mahir says no. She says nice. Mahir asks her to stay away from his brother and his fiancé. Vish asks what you will do, will you punish me? He warns her and asks her to stay away from them. She asks him to get out.

Vish feels something for him and thinks what was it? She says no. Adi calls someone and tells that Mahir is coming there to bail him out. Adi asks why he is coming? Boltu tells him that it is the snake effect. Adi ends the call. Mahir comes to the Police station with bail papers. Inspector asks Constable to bring Adi. Vish as a snake crawls inside the Police station and goes to Adi’s lockup. She turns her neck just as he does and says hi. Adi turns and is shocked to see her there. She changes into a snake and takes out her tongue. Mahir comes there and sees Adi. He asks what happened? Adi forgets seeing her and tells that he has a headache. Mahir hugs and takes him.

Raavi gets her Dad’s call and he tells about Justin Bieber’s concert. She says I am coming and thinks Yuvi is not going to marry me. She goes. Yuvi gets a letter from Vish as Raavi and she asked him to meet her. He thinks he still has 30 mins for marriage. He goes. Poulomi asks Pandit ji what she shall do? Pandit ji says you have to make snake drink milk? She says if it bites me and refuses to feed it milk. Snake charmer fees the snake and it bites him. Poulomi shouts. Sumitra asks them to take it out. Andy asks why did you do this. Poulomi tells that Pandit ji said this. Sumitra says it is good that Pandit is gone. Poulomi says she has many big pandits. She sees Adi coming and takes out his aarti and signs that she has taken maun vrat. Andy says it would be good if she keeps fast for forever.

Vish sees hidden camera and changes herself into Raavi. Yuvi comes there. She asks him to come and tells that car is ready. He says full proof planning? She says yes. Employee comes and calls Yuvi for the ritual. Yuvi says he will come within half an hour. Boltu and others see Adi and get happy. Poulomi signs Pandit ji if she shall call bride and groom. Pandit thinks something else and says I am married. Poulomi writes message on her mobile. Sumitra reads it and asks shall we call bride and groom. Pandit ji says ok. Mahir plans Yuvi and Bela’s birthday. Sumitra tells Mahir to call Yuvi. Yuvi is in the car and tells Raavi that they have to go back soon and wrap up the things faster.. He tries to get closer. She says you will see my different angles that you will be shocked and cry. She stops the car and shows her face. He is shocked to see Vish. Yuvi gets shocked and runs out of car. He sees Vish in other clothes and asks how can you do this?

Vish says your death. Storm comes and black clouds appear. Vish asks him to run and says you can just run, but can’t be saved. Mahir searches for Yuvi and asks Rehan. He says he don’t know. Sumitra asks him to call Yuvi. Employee tells Mahir that Yuvi went with a girl. Mahir says that’s why thunderstorm is coming and says Yuvi ….you are gone. Yuvi runs…Vish comes in front of him and says time is ending. He asks who are you? He sees snake tongue coming out from her mouth. She says she is a Naagin? She says you hurt them, made them cry and took their life. She talks about Vikrant and Ruhi. She says you have taken life so you will give life also. She bites him on his leg. He writhes in pain. Mahir calls him. Yuvi writhes in pain. She lifts the phone and throws it far. She comes infront of him as half snake. She says you all will be punished and bites him. He dies. Vish thinks one of my guilty is dead. Mahir wonders how the marriage will happen now.

Poulomi starts speaking and says her 1 hour fast is over. They ask where is Yuvi? Mahir gets tensed. Suhani comes there and says Bela is coming. Mahir thinks I made Bela believe that Yuvi will marry her and thinks how will I break my promise. He goes to her room and says I want to talk to you. Bela says she thinks people wrong and tells that Yuvi was right and he loves me. She says I trust you and I know that you won’t let anything wrong happen with me. She asks shall I come down? He says no and says I will call you.

Mahir asks Boltu if he saw bela’s father. He says yes. He asks him to go and says nobody shall know what is happening. Mahir comes back to the marriage altar. Poulomi says if the bride is not ready to come. Mahir takes Andy and Sumitra to side. Poulomi thinks I will get just 5 mins to enquire. Vish comes to the haveli and thinks you can’t revive his life even in 7 births, sits on the chair and says I have killed him.

Bela sees Mahir sitting as the groom. She asks Andy to get his sons married to nice girls. Andy chooses Vish as Mahir’s bride. Bela says I am taking your insult from here. Vish is dressed as a bride tells someone that she is a naagin. Bela’s father jumped in the pond, Bela also jumps. Sumitra shouts no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Emptyhand20

    We need more handsome Naags like Rudra in the show, the rating will go up for sure. Puneett Chouksey, the actor playing Adi is so hot and handsome, he will look good in Naag attire. Adi is the one who killed Vikrant, he should be the last one to be killed. To make the story more interesting, Vish should make Adi against Mahir for the inheritance. Later, Adi will learn the truth about Vish, about Naagmani… and he will trick her to believe he is innocent and Mahir is the one who shot Vikrant, Adi will make Vish fall in love with him and help him become an Icchadhari Naag. Mahir also will become an Icchadhari Naag to help Bela against the villains. Vish-Adi couple will against Bela-Mahir couple and other villains for the Naagmani. At last, Vish will learn the truth about Adi and she will turn against him. Adi-Mahir will have a fight between two brothers and Mahir will accidentally kill Adi. Finally, Vish will join forces with Bela-Mahir against the other villains, protect the Naagmani.

  2. Today’s episode was simply mind blowing one waiting fr tomorrow episode to see mahir in groom look and Bela as sweet naagin who wants to take revenge fm Segal family. Super thrilling episode.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just don’t like Mahir and Bela chemisrty at all… ????

    2. Breathless looks of vish, ufffffffffffff…. She is soooooo different..?? And too compete shesha… But bela-mahir do not compete shivanya-ritik,

    3. Yuvi is soooo cheap and womenizer…???

    4. Bela-Mahir se jayda to chemistry andy-sumitra I mean old couples? me hai, new me nhi hai vo…???????

    5. Pulomi is soooo funnny…????????????????

    6. Why i have a feeling or may be after watching 2 seasons of naagin??, i doubt sumitra may be shown as villian?… As vo itni siddhi dikhayi hai, or show ka record raha hai, yamini jinti siddhi dikhayi gyi thi, uttni hi badi villian? thi…

    7. After soooooooo long time:
    Karpura Gauram Karunavataram …..full song till naagin ki shakti shiv…????????????

    8. Precap is soo confusing, bela-mahir ki shadi hogi ya vish- mahir ki???

    1. i think that mahir-bela is better than shivangi-rocky but not than shinvaya-ritik. i think bela mahir ki shaadi hogi kal

  4. Its getting interested these a days…real saga begins…excited to see Bela’s naagin avatar ….bela and maahir are looking great
    Your idea is great empty hand20 yeah the guy playing adi role is very dashing snd even maahir is cute theyll be an awesome choice as naags
    Lets this is ektas serial anything can happen…naagin ka inteqaam shuru hua…missing rivanya alot even adaa too

  5. Who will marry major actually vish or Bela?

  6. This time two swaps in marriage. First groom and then bride… Mahir replaces Yuvi and Bela replaces Vish. I feel maybe Mahir is also a naag. Vish and Mahir always talk and some tunes play in between them. Bela is Vikrant’s sister. She doesn’t know it yet but will discover after marriage. She is a white naagin and looks similar to Shivangi. They will definitely have some connection. Waiting for Bela to turn Naagin

    1. yah shahid who shesh naag bhi hai

  7. I saw this new it says that Bela is a Manidhari naagin and she’s way powerful then Vish/Ruhi or any other Naagin. Only time will reveal Bela’s truth

  8. I just saw this news, it says that Bela is a Manidhari naagin and she’s way powerful then Vish/Ruhi only time will reveal Bela’s truth

  9. poor story.. we have to know shivangi death reason… where is ritik and rocky????

    without completing the story, they started new story with vish bela and mahir! but most of them blindly praises naagin 3 is superb… but the real fact is NAAGIN 3 just below average show… .. anyhow. the director have to change the main script with some logic.

  10. I don’t want the director to change vish as a negative character in the end

  11. TaniaFairy

    First of all I want to congratulate all of Naagin Fans,CONGRATULATION!!! guys..
    Becouse naagin season 3 has topped in trp chat.Naahin 3 topped num 1 with 16 million + viewership within 2 week.Naagin has replaced Kumkum bhagya which used to be top 1 in trp chat now it has gone num 3 as Dance Dewane become num 2.
    I m really very happy for this success.Naagin sets has the celebration mood now.Hope they will continue to rock..

    1. Tania di! I know it already and I think many would have known it by now. It’s good that it did well. I expect to see Naagin 4 on board. I thought Yuvi will be last target. He died first as Karan is still comatosed. Vish said that she would torment the killers and give them death then, so she just hit Adi and made him forget. It’s waste of time. Why that scene? Doesn’t make sense.

      1. TaniaFairy

        yeah Pranay,I want to congratulate all of u bcoz we are the reason for this success..
        and I cant find she torments anyone not even Yuvi and what she had done with Adi.. Really,it doesn’t make any sense.
        ,she just played with them.
        but I can say she sure torturing Mahir bcoz of her presence.

  12. I agree that Vish-Mahir seem exciting. But somehow, Bela-Mahir remind me very subtly of Ritik-Shivanya. Mahir is very caring and he goes out of his way to help Bela and make her feel comfortable, of course their is chemistry between them, not attraction but what later on can become a great love story. Meanwhile, I am really excited to know who is Bela exactly?

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