Naagin Season 3 15th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish takes Rehaan’s avatar to rest Anu’s doubts

Naagin Season 3 15th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit ji does the puja so that Bela can get powers and doesn’t come in her real naagin avatar hearing the charmers’ flute. She tries to control from becoming a snake. Vish appears in half human and half snake form and blows a heavy wind from her mouth. Everyone panic. ACP says your Naagin didn’t come, but this wind. Andy asks snake charmers to stop. Mahir says he will bring Bela. Bela comes in half human and half snake avatar. Vish tries to stop Mahir and blows wind near them. Sumitra asks Jamini to come, and asks Mahir where is Bela? Mahir asks them to go and says he will bring Bela. Anu tells ACP that Bela is still in the tent and must have become Naagin by now. Vish takes Bela out. Mahir comes to tent. Vish asks Bela to come in human form. Mahir comes and holds Bela’s hand, doesn’t see

that she is half snake due to the heavy wind. Bela frees her hand. Vish takes Bela’s avatar and falls on Mahir’s hand. She asks him to take her home. Bela thinks to thank God, Vish has taken her avatar and left. ACP asks Anu to come from there and forcibly takes her. Andy, Sumitra, and others come back home. Sumitra asks Kuhu and RJ who kept the muh dikhayi rasam. Kuhu and RJ make excuse and leave.

Mahir and Vish (who is in Bela’s avatar) come back home. Mahir thanks her for going to Doctor with him. Mahir tells her that she is a good observant and knows much about him. He says sorry for telling about her snoring. He then asks what Jamini said? Just then Vish gets Panditji’s call. Mahir goes. Vish comes in her avatar and thinks Mahir is really Mahir and that’s why Bela is taking time to kill him. She sees door locked and closes the door coming in Bela’s avatar. Jamini sees her and thinks so this is how this Dasi saved Bela. She thinks she must be on the way and says I am coming. Bela is on the way. Jamini comes there and tells that she is going to the temple and asks her to accompany her. Bela says ok. Jamini says you are trapped by promising me. Bela gets worried. Jamini tells Bela that the temple is in the cave. Bela says where is it? They go to the cave. Bela finds it difficult to walk on the stones. Jamini flies in the air. Bela doesn’t see her flying.

Jamini says those who are responsible and those you are sinner couldn’t walk here. Bela says but you are walking properly here. Jamini says she knows how to fly. She pushes Bela and she flies in the air and falls down. Jamini smirks. She reads some mantra and throws a net on Bela. Bela shouts seeing someone fingers. She doesn’t see Jamuni flying in the air. Mahir, Boltu, Kuhu and others come home. Mahir asks Bela why she didn’t inform him before going there. Bela says she didn’t get time. They see Rehaan there in the mud and puts water on his body. Rehaan gets consciousness and becomes fine. He tells Mahir that his rivals had attacked him. He thanks Jamini for coming there and bringing him back. Bela is shocked. Vish is in Rehaan’s avatar and signs Bela. They come back home.

Andy asks Shekhar and his wife to get happy as Rehaan is back. Bela thinks she doesn’t know Vish will take Rehaan’s avatar. Vish talks to Bela and tells that they have to do something about Anu. They talk about Jamini. Vish asks if she trusts her. Bela says she doesn’t know. She thinks she had messaged Vish when Jamini asked her to come to the temple. Vish was waiting there as Rehaan.

Bela gives pillow under Rehaan’s head. Vish in Rehaan’s avatar thanks her touching her shoulder. Bela asks Jamini if she is not happy with his return. Jamini says she is happy. Shekhar says he will take Rehaan home. Bela says I think he shall rest here. Shekhar asks why she is stopping us. Mahir says I think Rehaan shall leave. Rehaan tells that he will stay here for 2-3 days and asks her to make his favorite food and asks Anu to throw a welcome party. Andy says he is like my son and can stay here as long as he wants. Bela and others take Rehaan to the room. She asks him to tell her if he needs anything. Rehaan/Vish smiles. Andy teases Rehaan. Mahir asks if he is talking about Jamini and Rehaan. They all leave. Jamini acts sweet with him. Rehaan asks her to bring juice for him and comes in Vish’s avatar. She thinks about how to save myself from her.

Mahir thinks of Bela and Rehaan. Bela comes there. He asks her if she was in contact with Yuvi and his friends, and asks how she was so confident that he will stay here. Bela asks her to wear something else she will be uncomfortable. Mahir says sorry and takes his clothes. They have an eye lock. Jamini flies in air outside their house and thinks how this Rehaan is alive, Vish and Bela had killed him. Anu calls Rehaan, but Vish rejects her calls. Bela comes there. Vish takes her inside and locks the door. She says I shouldn’t have done this as I don’t know anything about him. Bela says even Mahir was asking how I was so confident that you will stay here. Vish says it is good that I took his phone from you. She tells that Anu is messaging her. Bela says he is her brother and she must be concerned. Vish asks her not to talk as humans. She messages Anu that he will call her later.

Bela goes to her room. She tells Mahir that she went to give water to rehaan as Sumitra asked her. Mahir says Jamini would have given her. Bela thinks to ask about Rehaan so that she can tell Vish. She tells that it is strange that Rehaan haven’t called Jamini to our marriage. Mahir says you don’t like Jamini right? Bela says when did I say that I have an issue? She gives him pillow. Mahir asks if she has problem as he is sleeping nearby. She says no. He sleeps on the couch, while she sleeps on bed. Mahir thinks why am I thinking much and asks himself to sleep.

Vish in Rehaan’s avatar tells Bela that she sent Jamini to make tea. Bela says you will not like anything made by others. They talk. Mahir sees Rehaan holding Bela’s hand and gets jealous. Jamini tells that she brought breakfast as Bela was busy with Rehaan. Mahir gets upset and serves juice to himself before Bela could serve him. Kuhu asks if he get good sleep and asks why he didn’t talk to Anu. Rehaan says I slept. Rehaan says they shall go out for dinner. Kuhu says RJ and I can’t go. Mahir says Bela and I will give them company. He asks he will book Poison I V and asks Rehaan if he will control his hunger till then. Rehaan says yes. Mahir goes without eating food and says his hunger died.

ACP is in his cabin. Anu comes there and asks why are you not picking my call? ACP says you are neither my sister nor my bride. He says he don’t want to get enmity from anyone. Anu says there is definitely some problem. ACP says your brother came home and that’s why you can’t doubt Bela. Anu says he didn’t come home still. ACP asks her to go. She leaves.

They come to the restaurant. Rehaan makes Bela sit. Mahir gets jealous. He asks Jamini to sit. Rehaan asks Mahir to sit. Mahir sits. Waiter comes. Jamini says we shall eat fish. Mahir says Bela is allergic to fish. Rehaan asks how do you know? Mahir says she is my wife. He orders the food. They have food. Mahir asks where did you meet first? Rehaan says Yuvi made them eat first. Mahir says I was talking about Jamini and you. Rehaan thinks she doesn’t know and asks Jamini to tell. He asks Jamini to tell. Jamini tells that she was going to temple and there he met her and it was love at first sight. Rehaan says I love her. Rehaan asks Mahir where did you meet? Mahir says Bela still thinks it was accidental. Bela goes to wash her hands. Rehaan also goes. Mahir looks on. He goes to the ladies loo and comes in Vish’s avatar. Bela asks Vish to be with Jamini and tells that she is very clever and hiding your truth so that her truth hides. Vish asks her to kill Mahir and tells that they must be waiting for them. Bela says ok. Mahir sees Rehaan and Bela coming out of ladies bathroom and laughing.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. ok ok episode…
    2. Mahir is getting jealous that tooo from vish/rehan, I mean human?? is jealous from naagin???…. ????????

  2. Amrit somvanshi

    The story is going Awesome

    BeHir scenes of today were really romantic

    But story is much parallel to the last two parts of the naagin season as karanvir bohra(rocky) became jealous of rudra and same here where Mahir is being jealous of Vish/Rehaan…..

    Nothing very new

  3. vijayalakshmi

    amritha somvanshi there is a difference b/w naagin 2 and here in dat season Rocky was jealous of rudra the naagin he was a boy bt here mahir is jealous or rehaan actually not boy actually jealous towards girl to girl vish to bela dat is different

    1. I think Jamini works for Shalakha (who still need to make an appearance) Jamini is a witch and Shalakha will be a sorceress

  4. Loved maahir getting jealous love u pearl

  5. maadar chod bhen ke lode sab ke sab mera lund muh mein le lo sab

  6. Naagin-Chudail ki shaadi is coming up! Jhamini and Rehaan (Vish)’s wedding! ?

  7. This is same as naagin 2. In naagin 2 shivangi thought rocky is also a murdrer but he was not and in naagin 3 also this same things happens between bela and mahir

    1. Yes its getting boring as same stories that’s why mouni decided to stop acting she was getting tired of it

  8. I think it is the worst season of naagin.. it is very much boring.. seriously worst worst.. every character are just not acting good … and the main character bela n vish are acting like a kids naagin… kids will like to watch this show…

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