Naagin Season 3 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir and Bela apply haldi to each other, Vikrant sends Bela to kill him

Naagin Season 3 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir’s takes Vyom’s family to the guest rooms. Vyom goes to his room and opens the window. He asks Mahir about Yuvi’s marriage which was to happen before. Mahi says I will tell later. Vyom asks him about Bela. Just then Rinki calls Mahir, he goes. Vyom holds Bela’s hand and asks if she is marrying Yuvi. Bela takes her hand. Mahir comes out and asks Vyom and his family to ask Bhushan if they need anything. Once Mahir and Bela leave, Vyom and his family become hawks and some of them go out of window.

Vikrant comes to room and tells his mum these people can’t ruin their game, and says let the things happen as it is happening. He says Bela is about to kill Mahir, then she will lose her power and then they will get naagmani. He asks her not to worry. Vyom becomes

man and jumps on bed. He says you people don’t know how much big trouble came in your house, and says we came in groups, we are hawks, first we aim, then stare and then kill. He laughs.

Sumitra tells Amita that she is feeling bad not to welcome her. Amita says its okay, and says Andy told about your head ache and asks if she is fine now. Sumitra says she took medicine and slept. RJ comes and says haldi didn’t come yet. Amita says Rinki will handle and asks her not to worry. Vyom collides with RJ and tells that he is searching Bela. RJ asks why are you searching her? Vyom diverts his attentions. RJ says you haven’t changed. Adi introduces himself to Rinki. Rinki says you are Mahir’s step brother and that means I can flirt with you. Adi says nice. Rinki says I am not that nice. RJ comes and asks did you see haldi girl. Adi says she is damn hot. Kuhu tells that her baby kicked. Vyom’s brother makes her sit and says it is a good feeling. Kuhu says yes. Sumitra looks at them. Yuvi asks him to leave everyone and concentrate on him. Sumitra asks if whatever happening is right. Yuvi says yes and tells that bela and I are made for each other and I will make her mine. Mahir gets upset. Sumitra sees his displeasure.

Bela thinks why I was feeling strange infront of Vyom and his family. She thinks if they are with Vikrant and then thinks if they were his partners then he wouldn’t have alerted me. She prays to Bholenaath and closes her eyes for a quick nap. Vyom enters the room silently and kisses on Bela’s forehead. Bela says Mahir ji. He becomes hawk and escapes from the window. Bela says Mahir ji and opens her eyes. She thinks she felt as someone is here. Mahir comes there. Bela runs to him and hugs him. Mahir cries and says I can’t bear all this. Tere Sang pyaar mein…He says this is wrong and I can’t bear all this quietly. He asks her to stop all this and asks her not to go for haldi. Bela says no. Mahir says it is a bad feeling and says I don’t know you are near to know his truth or not, but you are close to marry him. Bela says this mehendi and haldi don’t matter to me. She says it is not easy for me also. Mahir says these things matter to me, I can’t bear when someone touches you. He says if you get haldi applied then it will be of my name else no. Sumitra calls Bela.

Bela asks Mahir to hide and says if she sees us together then. She hides him in the cupboard. Sumitra comes with Amita. Amita looks at the cupboard. Bela says she will come and closes the doors of cupboard. Sumitra asks Bela if someone is forcing her to marry. bela says she is doing this with her wish. Vyom comes inside. Sumitra asks about the feather on his kurta. He says he was in the garden so it might had fell there. Mahir comes out. Vyom asks Mahir if he is jealous as his wife will be Yuvi’s wife. He then says he is joking. Mahir and Vyom go from there.

Kuhu, RJ and Adi apply haldi to Yuvi. Kala Chasma plays…..Rinki, Pratham also apply haldi to him. Bela comes and sits on her side. Sumitra applies haldi to Yuvi. He whispers something in her ears. Mahir and Vyom come there. Sumitra tells Mahir that Yuvi wants you to apply haldi. Mahir comes to Yuvi. Yuvi asks if he will apply haldi to him with upset face and promises that he will not look at any girl. Mahir applies haldi on Yuvi’s eyes too. Bela smiles. Yuvi says you can’t any work and feel irritation in his eyes. Sumitra gets worried for Yuvi. Mahir asks her to look after Yuvi. He whispers something in Rinki’s ears. Rinki asks Bela to come and dance till her haldi happens. She takes her to dance. Mahir and Bela dance…yeh hai irada chahun tujhe zyada plays……

Mahir takes her to side. Bela asks if anyone sees you. Mahir says what did I say? Bela says you say something always. Mahir asks what did I say about haldi. Bela says you had said that I will have haldi of your name. She says bride gets groom’s leftover haldi on her face. Mahir says I know and applies haldi on his face and then applies on her face while rubbing his cheeks on her cheeks. Bela blushes and says how I will go now. Mahir asks her to think and says this time I won’t handle it. Bela says fine. Bela comes to the hall. Yuvi comes to her and asks who has switched off the music. Mahir says this is haldi rasam and not sangeet. Yuvi asks who applied haldi on your face. Sumitra says bowl is in my hand. Bela says may be it was on her hand and gets applied on her face mistakenly. Mahir is about to go, but bela stops him and says where are you going, you was missing from here, and asks what people will think that you are rude, she says you don’t approve of this marriage, but you shall be here.

Sumitra asks Mahir where was he? Mahir says I went to attend conference call. He says we shall do rasam. Sumitra asks her to sit and asks Amita, Rinki and kuhu to come. She applies haldi to her. Kuhu gives phone to Sumitra. Sumitra asks her to do rasam and goes. Amita applies haldi to Bela. Adi asks Yuvi to take a selfie. Yuvi says no and tells that his mood is off as he couldn’t dance. Mahir feels bad. Bela signs at him not to feel bad. Amita asks if everyone is done after apply haldi. Vyom says I will also apply and comes near Bela. Vikrant’s mum comes and stays behind Bela as snake. Mahir tells Vyom that it is women’s rasam and men don’t do it. Yuvi says that’s ok and thinks once he touches Bela, we will know who is he? Vyom is about to apply haldi on her face, but bela pushes the table and makes the haldi bowl falls down. She then says sorry. Vikrant’s mum goes.

Bela goes to her room. Sumitra says lets make arrangements to take off haldi. She takes off her jewellery and trishul pendant also. She asks her to come downstairs and says we will wait there. Mahir comes there and helps Bela takes off her floral earrings. He holds her waist and takes off flower waist band from her waist. He says I have applied haldi and will take it out with all the rights. He lifts her. Bela asks what are you doing? Mahir takes her to bathroom and makes her sit in the bathtub. He showers flower petals on her. Bela gets happy. Ishq Ishq…Tujh Sang Ishq lagaya aisa…plays….He washes her hand with milk and showers flowers on her. Yeh laal ishq plays….He makes her get up. She falls on him, he holds her and takes her out of bathtub. He takes her for shower and switches on the tap. Bela throws water on him. They get in playful and romance mood.

Mahir tries to get closer to her and says even I am drenched fully and made your wish fulfilled. He says you are mine, and I can’t bear if anyone see you, so nobody can apply haldi, mehendi and sindoor. Bela says you will not look good with sindoor and says but I can apply haldi to you. She applies haldi to his face. Mahir holds her face and is about to kiss her while they are under the shower, just then Sumitra knocks on the door. Bela and Mahir’s romance get interrupted. Bela keeps hand on Mahir’s mouth and tells Sumitra that she will come. She sends Mahir to room.

Vyom is tensed. Amita comes to him and tells that she cleared all ways for him. Vyom says really. She says yes.

Bela comes out of washroom and asks Mahir to go, asks if he is still there. Mahir says you are asking me to do as your work is done. Bela says I need to talk to you something important and says I am marrying Yuvi for whatsoever reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with Rinki. She says I can’t bear to see you with anyone, you can’t become of someone else when I am there and says you shall not flirt with her again. Mahir smiles and says I didn’t understand. He says his theory is weak and asks her to explain practically. He tries to get closer for a kiss, but Bela pushes him and asks him to go. He says you look cute when you do this. Bela opens the door and asks him to go. Mahir leaves. Hawk comes to Bela’s room and attacks her. She covers her face, it goes. Bela thinks who is it? Just then Vikrant’s mum as snake bites on her forehead. Sumitra asks if she is ready. Bela says just 2 mins. She takes her saree from the bed.

Vikrant’s mum comes to him. He gets happy and says you have done your work. He says Bela got my haldi applied and then she will have sindoor of my name. She will kill Mahir and then will handover naagmani to me. He says everything will be of Naagraj and tells that he is very happy.

Sumitra asks Kuhu to call Pandit ji. Kuhu says she is very tired and asks RJ to bring juice. Kuhu asks Adi to call Pandit ji. Yuvi asks Adi if Boltu came. Vyom and his family look down from the balcony. Yuvi/Vikrant looks at them. He comes to bela’s room and thinks if Maa sees me then will stop me, he closes the door and comes near bela. Bela is sitting dressed as a bride. He tells her that everything is happening as they planned. Bela nods her head. Vikrant thinks it is good that Maa bit you at right time and tells that our work is not done completely. He says we have to kill Mahir and says he is your real motive. He says I am very happy to marry you in sometime, but can’t forget your pain and I can’t forget that Mahir killed Naagrani Maa brutally. He says he will send Mahir to Haveli in 2 mins and asks her to leave for there. He says everyone started there and will end there.

Vikrant hugs Bela and kisses on her head before leaving. Bela looks on as if she is in trance. Vikrant calls Mahir and tells that he is calling from site. He tells that the wall behind the haveli fell down and many workers got trapped behind it. Mahir says what? Kuhu comes to Bela and says everyone is calling you, come. She covers Bela’s head with ghunghat and takes her downstairs. Mahir asks did you call ambulance. Vikrant asks him to come fast and acts. Mahir says I am coming there. Vikrant thinks go Mahir Sehgal…go, today death storm will fall on you.

Mahir comes to Haveli and sees Bela standing. Vikrant comes and asks Bela if Mahir died, if your hands are colored with his blood. She says he planned cleverly and tells that until when he would be under her, and tells that now he will rule on Naaglog. He says I made that innocent man killed by your hand intentionally. Bela slaps him hard. Vikrant is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Wo dekhte h, tarte h fir marte h, wo jhund me h, par wo kiski side h, sayad bela ke, whr was Andy today, all behir scenes were nice, then suddenly all shit things happened, waiting for tomorrow as precap was interesting.

  2. Superb episode.. Love you Behir:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Seems to be this vyom is in belas side..? But,he also may have some intentions.. Yeah,beta ka haldi main baap ghayab..where’s andy..? I think Bela vs vik ke beech ki takar main shaayad mahir ne bela ka sach jaan jayega.. Agar vik ko maara toh next fight will be bela vs mom(sumitra)..
    Precap is soo interesting.. Is it bela.. Or whether it’s vish came back for revenge..?
    Guys,I read an interesting news that Surbhi was Ektas first preference in Naagin1 also..When she rejected due to Qubool hai,ekta approached Mouni.. Otherwise surbhi as shivanya,the whole series would had a different mode..

  3. wat does that forehead bitting means..wat happened to bela coz of tat..?plzz anyone explain

    1. Got haldi applied on her 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Hi, it means she will be in vikrant and his mother controle (like hyptonised)

    3. In an earlier episode vikrant had said that if a naag/naagin bites on naagrani’s forehead then naagrani will be under that naag/naagin’s control and will his or her orders

  4. Behir scene was superb. We were very happy to see Behir happy. Please save Mahir and Bela and don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. Hai frnds….mein yahan regular comment tho nahi karuthi but I always all comments.aah cmmnt Marne ka Mann kiya…coz today epi was lykkk😀😀😀😀I loved it very much.Best epi of naagin for me.I am sorry if l hurt someone but kehna tho padega ki,behir r such cute n divine.I cud see a different chemistry n love which I cudnt see in previous two pairs. mahir’s love for bela is very much divine n deeper…living them to coree, fav is behir onlyyy😆😆😆😆it’s only my point of view.weekends tho bht tym lagta hai same mein..wait nahi kar pathe….gud day everyome

    1. I agreed with you.. Behir is the best.. Then,shivrik…

  6. Nice episode behir scene was awesome

  7. I agreed with you.. Behir is the best.. Then,shivrik…

  8. If practically seen then I don’t think Vikrant’s mother is Sumitra since when Vik mom was standing in the room after biting bela then Sumitra called Bela from outside…….I had one more question Are both Vikrant’s mom and the masked woman the same…If yes then Adi knows her and if no then who is the oher one…Can she be Suhani…..Don’t know by what intentions these hawks have come,lest Precap was interesting…..By the way loved today’s episode.Behir scenes were awesome and so cute…

  9. Hope to see more good episodes…But the main theme of Revenge is lost in this series and it has turned it theme just as a Naagmani protector with some naags,naagins,snake charmer and many suspicious behind to steal it…now just hope that they connect it some way to the mystery of Naagin season 2 then it will turn awesome and exciting (JUST MY OPINION…SORRY IF IT HURTS SOMEONE)

  10. What will happen if Adi gets to know that Vikrant has killed his mother((if she is actually killed as shown however can’t say she can be alive too when vikrant is alive)) Will he broke his partnership with him??When did they became friends?? And what he did with that video once made of Bela killing daksh….Was it just to waste time….(Sorry for so many comments but I am commenting after a lot of time.So just asked what I thought…..)

  11. 1234

    yeah…behir are awesome…..waiting furthermore good episodes..

  12. I think Vish helps Bela and turns as Bela and gets married to vikranth and gets mangalsutra from him

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