Naagin Season 3 10th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish proves Bela’s accusations wrong and aims at her prey

Naagin Season 3 10th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vish tells that she has changed her plan and now she will not only kill them, but will also give a painful death. Andy asks Arvind how dare he to stop him and says I am owner of this place. He sees his hands shaking and asks why you are shaking? Arvind asks did you hear the noise? Just then they see the snake sound and see the big snake. Mahir asks them to relax and says nothing will happen. Vish as Snake come in front of them and then leaves. Arvind says this is Naag and it is not happy as haveli is opened. Andy says this is Hindustan and says we welcome even Naag also. Arvind says they didn’t come to our house, but we came to their house. Sheikh asks how old is this haveli? Arvind says 1000’s old years haveli. They see the portraits there and ask who are they? Arvind says they are icchadhari

naag and can become naag and human whenever they want. Andy asks him to stop it. Sheikh asks him to continue. Sheikh asks if icchadhari naag can really take human form. Arvind sees Vish portrait and hears snake sound. He then sees Vish walking inside and shouts…Vish says hello guys, I am Vish Khanna. Mahir asks what are you doing here? Vish says she is the prime investor of their project. Andy says everyone knows you. They come down. Andy tells that Mahir will handle the project. Vish says then manhandling will happen and asks what Yuvi will do then? Andy says he don’t get time from partying. Vish says he is a smart boy and understands her signs. Mahir says you have to deal with me only. Andy asks did you see haveli? Vish says I have seen everything and is in the haveli since much time. Arvind gets tensed.

Bela asks Yuvi whom is he searching? Yuvi says he is looking for Vish. Bela gets upset and asks him to search her. Vish comes and says he is talking about me. Everyone starts dancing. Vish thinks everyone came in line and will go following line, nobody will be saved neither Mahir nor that girl. She collides with Bela and says you are saved, lucky you. Bela senses something wrong. Vish turns into snake and clings on to the chandelier. Bela collides with Sumitra and says sorry. Suhani sees snake and shouts snake. Andy shoots at the gun, Chandelier falls down. Poulomi gets a bit hurt and shouts. Bela sees Vish running away from the party. Vish gets bullet injury on her hand and runs out of party. Bela comes to haveli following her. Arvind warns her to stay away from naag and naagin and says they don’t like to see human presence here. Bela scolds him and asks why you are telling me, says she don’t want to hear. She goes inside the haveli and sees Vish looking after her wound and standing there. Bela hides behind the curtain and then sees Vish portrait. Arvind comes there. Bela shouts. Arvind asks her to relax. Bela tells him that the woman in the portrait is Vish. He also identifies her as the woman who came there. Bela asks him to bring that portrait there.

Poulomi asks Sumitra to see her and says she is feeling pain. Pratham says you are fine. Bela comes back to party and takes Vish to centre. Vish asks her to behave. Bela says this woman is wrong and there is something wrong with her. Yuvi asks her to come. Bela says we all need to hear her truth and says she is not an ordinary woman. Vish says yes, absolutely. I am a big investor and not like you all. Bela says I will prove that you are wrong and asks Arvind to bring the portrait and tells that I had seen you going to haveli and followed you. Andy asks her to stop it. Bela says Vish is a naagin. Poulomi faints. Bela says Vish Khanna is a naagin and tells that she was shot by Andy. She sees her injury gone and is just a scar left. Vish tells that this is not gunshot injury and tells that I was here only and got injured because of the chandelier. Bela says she is a naagin and lying and asks Arvind to give the portrait. She shows the portrait, but the frame is of someone else. Andy says everyone saw, but did you see? Bela is shocked and asks how did this portrait changed? Arvind says I didn’t see anything and took out the frame which you said. Arvind smiles looking at Vish as he goes. Yuvi’s friend tells that Bela is doing this because of jealous. Andy scolds Bela and threatens to break the alliance. Mahir says she is having misunderstanding. Andy says if Vish Khanna leave our project then? Vish says I will not leave anything so easily and tells that Bela called her naagin. She laughs on her. Andy apologizes to her and asks Bela to apologize. Bela apologizes to her.

Just then Karan comes there. Yuvi asks are you fine and asks who attacked you? Karan points finger at Vish and then takes Adi’s name shocking everyone. He accuses Adi for beating him in his room and throwing him out of the 3 floor window in the pool. Vish recalls making plan with Arvind in Karan hospital ward. She tells that they have to do something and divert everyone’s attention in the party. Arvind takes out the glucose drip and hides Karan under the bed. He says I will reach the party as Karan. Adi tells that I was in the engagement party all night. Karan asks Mahir to say. Mahir says you was not in the party and went to get ring. Adi gets angry. Bela says I have seen you coming. Adi gets angry. Karan gets angry. Adi says you can’t compete with me and asks him to lick his saliva and spits down. Inspector comes there. Poulomi tells that her son is innocent. Inspector arrests him. Poulomi asks Sumitra to save him. Sumitra says we will see what to do. Poulomi lies down in front of the police, but Police takes Adi with them. Poulomi slaps Karan. Karan gets angry and is about to turn into snake, but Vish keeps him normal again. Poulomi asks Mahir if he had done same thing if Yuvi was accused? Mahir says yes, and says Karan was attacked. Karan comes out and appears in his real form. He is Arvind and he tells that he will take revenge and help Naagin and kill humans.

Yuvi and his friends talk about Karan’s allegations. He says Adi can’t do this. Friend says I am sure that he did this and says naag naagin. Boltu tells that just as you said naag and naagin, I heard a bell sound from the temple. Rehan closes the door. Boltu tells that one went in the coma and other is arrested. He says 8 are remaining. Yuvi scolds him. Pratham comes and asks Yuvi to do something, says his mom is crying. Yuvi assures him that he will have his suhaagraat. Pratham asks him to talk to Mahir. Yuvi goes to talk to Mahir and asks him to do something and get Adi freed. He tells that Boltu is talking about naag and naagin. Bela comes there and tells that she is sure Vish is behind the attack and asks Mahir to get Adi freed. She asks him to believe her. Yuvi asks Bela to give him a kiss, but she refuses. Mahir turns his face. Yuvi says I am going as I didn’t get my answers. Mahir asks Bela not to mind his talks and says I am sure that you will be his present. Raavi comes there and asks Yuvi who is his would be fine? Yuvi introduces her to bela. She asks him about their couple name and says Belraj. She asks Yuvi to come with her and says bride and groom shall not meet before the wedding. Mahir asks her to excuse Yuvi. Yuvi asks Bela not to get jealous or call her naagin as Raavi is his ex-girlfriend.

Mahir scolds Yuvi for calling his ex-girlfriends and tells that our brother is in the police station. Yuvi says I will keep Bela happy, as I am marrying her with my wish. He says he will get some air as you suffocated me. Mahir says I will sleep with you tonight. Yuvi says we have not such scene. Mahir says we have shared everything, even our toothbrush. He says your wife will scold you. He says I am very happy for you. Yuvi says after marriage bachelorhood night will be suhaagraat night. Mahir says I am going to bath. Yuvi says big brother….and teases him. He thinks today is the last day to keep eyes on girls and thinks where are this Vish and Raavi?

Suhani asks Bela what happened? She asks if Yuvi’s ex-girlfriend came? She says I don’t trust him. Bela thinks she has to believe him else this marriage can’t work. She thinks he didn’t do wrong. Suhani asks her to decide. She hears some sound coming from the temple and thinks to go and check. She turns to Suhani, but she has already slept. Vish is dancing in the temple as naagin. Bela comes out of the hotel and is on the way to the temple. Vish falls down and gets up. Bela comes there and looks at her face.

Vish comes to the police lock-up and turns her head just as Adi did. Adi gets shocked seeing her there. Mahir warns Vish to stay away from her brother else it won’t be good for her. Yuvi gets shocked and runs seeing Vish. Vish scares him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice, H updated fast

  2. Wow……its cool….Naagin 3 is rocking ……enjoyed the whole episode

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting episode….
    I think show me jayda charam anita, rakshanda, chetan ke character intersting hai, leads yani surbhi and peral to boriyat laate hai…there is no charm b/w them… Itni lead boriyat to karan and mouni ke bich bhi nhi thi…

    1. Sorry Shraddha di! At first while reading ur comment I didn’t understand and thought it’s some unknown language. Then I got that the words were in hindi and had some mistakes. ?

    2. Ooshi

      Aesa to na kahain

  4. Lokesh

    Thanx hasan

  5. TaniaFairy

    Nice epi. it was her helper.The way that helper said “subke liye ek or ek ke liye sub” that means may be later Bela will also be seen as her partner in crime.
    Next one will die Yuvi.
    Poulami is so funny wearing all black looking like a ghost.

  6. TaniaFairy

    Anita’s negetive naagin role somehow didn’t amaze me.she didn’t look as scary as Adaa was.Adaa used to be all calm but at the same time her voice was angry and scary.I really miss her.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Ya, but i think right now she is much better than bela and mahir…
      And where is our other naagin gang fans any idea???

      1. TaniaFairy

        yes di.she better than lead.
        I don’t have any idea whrere our all fans.Whrere Nandini di dhanajaya bro.I m really missing them.

  7. I have many things going on in my mind.
    1) Bela is realated to sivangi as she said Mai wapas zarur aungi. Maybe seghal’s r responsible for her dead.
    2)She is vikrant’s sister or someone n is there to take revenge n help vish/ruhi
    3) She is vish/ruhi cousin or friend n is there to help her (like sesha)
    4) she herself is ruhi there for revenge n vish is taking revenge from vikrant’s side she is vikrant’s sister is someone

    Whatever d reason is but I want surbhi’s character to be of a powerful nagin as this is nagin n of main lead will only be a normal girl then I will be disappointed.
    Also I think bela is trying to gain mahir trust.
    Maybe in wedding day it will be revealed that bela is a naagin n is with vish taking revenge together n it was a plan of both of them that on wedding day vish will look yuvi n bela will get married with mahir. or maybr both separately wants to take revenge from seghal but just for vikrant n bela for sivangi (I want this to happen. But ekta kapoor is ekta kapoor) Uff…….. But in all the poster surbhi too is shown as naagin. So she is a naagin for sure maybe sivangi’s friend as I fine this is more relatable. Maybe surbhi is Naagrani. Would love that. I find mahir character caring n also little bossy. Want to see queen naagin bela n dashing mahir chemistry.

  8. I didn’t watch tonight’s episode but will watch later. Vish’s tandav was good but why did she do “Uffff… ” to the vermilion while dancing. Is it a part of Shiv tandav? Anyways Arvind is also helping Vish and Bela. Shivanya’s Naagin avatar was revealed in the fifth episode, so will Bela’s truth be shown next weekend? I’m waiting. I liked Poulomi’s funny scenes.

  9. I don’t find much chemistry between them. Show bela as a powerful naagin soon please. Mahir’s character to some extent he is not able to match up with ritik n rockey. Like in first episode how he was shown his entry i thought he would be someone arrogant, bossy whom all the seghal’s will obey n will be frighten of but nothing like that happened. All he did in all the episode till now was telling yuvi to take care of bela n warning vish.
    Well I don’t like surbhi’s character name bela
    I thought it will be shiyana or something like that as d previous season’s had all d lead female lead names with S. Alright my stupid logic. But isn’t shiyana a good name for a naagin. Show both the Leads powerful please. It feels like they t playing side role.

    1. TaniaFairy

      Hi mayra.your logic is nice.haha it should be on screen.Shiyana nice name.And may be after marrige Bela and Mahir chemistry will be shown coz now I can see Mahir all has for Bela is respect as his would be sister-in-law.So he will not see her as his love interest.

  10. Thanks for the update h hasan.. So next prey is yuvi he deserves this….and if bela is with vish then they’ll get to know that maahir is innocent… Same things repeat in ekta kapoor serials..hope yuvi doesn’t get alive after being killed
    Anyways pearl is doing his best .. his attitude his looks are superb
    Want to know couple name of maahir and bela

  11. Oh God we have to wait for extra 5days but nice episode I feel Mahir chemistry with Bela is more unique than Yuvi?Yesterday episode(Vish) she couldn’t change at her own will but today she change the portrait and the bullet mark

  12. today episode was good but there is no chemistry between Bella and mahir and also i saw a image in utube that Anita in bride dress if any know about that guys tell me

    1. Yeah! Vish and Bela had same bridal dresses. Maybe while they’re changing forms at the time of marriage.

  13. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H. Hasan

  14. I want mahir and bela strong chemistry…….

  15. I want mahir and bela strong chemistry…….by the way thanks for update. ♥♥♥♥♥

  16. I dont find any chemistry in this there is nothing like nagin part 1

  17. The nice name for bela would be shivani as in season 1,2 names of naagins was starting with shiv it will be a good name for her.pearl was him.they should have choose some other actor for helper naag arvind he is not lookinv good.A good actor like rudr.arvind said “ek keliye sab aur sab keliye ek”.I think bela is the lead naagin who wants to take revenge and vish is the helping naagin.excited for belas truth and her story.shraddha di,tania d how r u? Whats ur opinion? Thanks for the update hasan bro!

    1. Ooshi

      H.Hasan is not bro

  18. How many of you r watching chandrakanta its so nice

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I am watching since last week…

  19. I agree that Surbhi and Pearl look very formal with each other and the chemistry is lacking but as of now Bela is engaged to get married to Yuvi ,who is the younger brother of Mahir… So we can not expect romantic feelings between the two …it is very obvious that Bela and Yuvi are not going to tie the knot as he doesn’t seem to be the one interested in the institution of marriage. So we have to wait till the engagement breaks for Bela and Mahir to start feeling for each other.
    Coming back to the episode ,even I feel that Anita is not very convincing in the role of a vengeful Naagin…may be she will improve as the story progresses One doubt that has been bothering me is why did Ruhi and Vikrant leave the bunch of rogues Yuvi and party just like that when they could have killed them that time itself …why were such powerful Nag and Naagin looked helpless like ordinary humans? Any constraints that time that are natural to all snakes???
    Paulomi’s histrionics were really awkward ,what an irritating character she is! Regarding how Bela can be a Naagin ,Urvashi has given four possible options…let us see which one will be correct OR it may turn out to be a totally different one.

    1. Ooshi

      Ruhi wants to show them her naagin appearance but vikrant didn’t allow as they promised their guru g that they will not reveal their identity in front of humans then he died and make her promise that she will not reveal her identity in front of humans(if I m not wrong)

  20. I have one dooubt if bela is human then she has to get a vardhan before she gets married in order to become a naaagin thats was rule for shivangi ri8??

    1. Ooshi

      Don’t know Dear

  21. Candiva007

    WOW I love Anita Hassanandani in this show. She was a very good pick! I love the other characters as well but she is so beautiful and deserves to have a good role. 🙂

  22. If Vish could remove her bullet then why That Naag couldn’t?

    1. Maybe bullet wounded his heart hard. Vish got hurt at her elbow.
      And don’t think about combination names anyone anymore because we all Naagin fans decided it one month back itself.
      Bela + Mahir = Behir
      Vish + Mahir = Vihir
      No objections I think. Long names won’t be good

      1. TaniaFairy

        hey pranay. yeah “Behir” that’s a cool combination. Just like Rivanya their ship also will be great.

  23. Thanks Ooshi for the is very heartening that Vikrant and Ruhi had preferred to die for the promise given to their guru.

  24. I think Ruhi and Vish are not the same one’s..
    Coz Ruhi was black coloured snake as shown in first episode.. But Vish is somewhat maroon colored snake.. So I think they are different characters..

    1. I think the same. Though a icchadhari Naagin/Naag can change their human appearance, I don’t think they can change their Snake form

  25. agar bela ka name shivani hota to audience quicklyko pata chal jata ki uska kuch connection hai shivangi ke sath….ho sakta hai suspence banaye rakhne ke liye alag name diya ho….but bella is also good name..

    1. mahir n bela ka couple name kya hona chahiye……….mahir bela=mahibela….??
      ya phir….BeMahi

  26. mahir bela=mahibela…..aur

  27. How does ‘Mahila ‘ sound ?

    1. TaniaFairy

      Mahila will be nice


  29. Mahila ???

  30. Emptyhand20

    We need more handsome Naags like Rudra in the show, the rating will go up for sure. Puneett Chouksey, the actor playing Adi is so hot and handsome, he will look good in Naag attire. Adi is the one who killed Vikrant, he should be the last one to be killed. To make the story more interesting, Vish should make Adi against Mahir for the inheritance. Later, Adi will learn the truth about Vish, about Naagmani… and he will trick her to believe he is innocent and Mahir is the one who shot Vikrant, Adi will make Vish fall in love with him and help him become an Icchadhari Naag. Mahir also will become an Icchadhari Naag to help Bela against the villains. Vish-Adi couple will against Bela-Mahir couple and other villains for the Naagmani. At last, Vish will learn the truth about Adi and she will turn against him. Adi-Mahir will have a fight between two brothers and Mahir will accidentally kill Adi. Finally, Vish will join forces with Bela-Mahir against the other villains, protect the Naagmani.

  31. Interesting version…Hope the writers will take a few clues from this…

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