Naagin Season 2 (Part-7)


Hi guys actually I have decided to continue this so let me remember you that now Ritik and Shivanya has died and 22 years leap is taken and Ritik and Shivanya have two sons Shivam who is of 30 years and Rajat who is of 22 years.Shivam is a naag and Rajat exactly looks like Ritik and he is a human.And a girl named Sitara exactly looks like Shivanya so let’s start.

Karan:Guys you all sit I have got a call.

Karan goes from there.

Sitara also gets a call on her phone and as her phone was on charging then she was going towards the charger but her leg got twisted and she was about to fall when Rajat catches her by waist.They both share a sweet eyelock.

Rajat helps her to stand.

Rajat:Are you fine Sitara?


She is going when her hand touches his hand and both feel current and both jerks eachother hand.

Both see their hand then see at eachother.

Sitara thinks

Sitara:What did happen now?I feeled that I have met him before also but how is this possible as I have met him for first time.

Karan comes there and says

Karan:Guys what are you doing?

Sitara and Rajat turns to him.

Rajat:Nothing and yeah I forgot that Shivam bhaiya told me to come early and I think I have to go.

Sitara:Yeah and I also have to go.

Both leave his house.

Rajat reaches his home and sees Shivam siting on sofa.

Rajat:Shivam bhaiya

Shivam turns to him.

Shivam:Rajat you came.

Rajat:No bhaiya I dint came.

Both start laughing.

Shivam:Now no jokes and get fresh.


Rajat goes to get fresh.

Here Sitara is in her room and remembers Rajat’s hand touching her hand and she would feel the current.

Sitara:How can it happen?

Sitara is lost in her thoughts when she hears a girl’s voice.

Girl:Sitara di

Sitara turns to the girl


Sitara hugs Radhika

Radhika:What is my sweet sister thinking?

Sitara:Today whatever happened have shocked me.

Radhika:What happened?

Sitara:Karan’s friend is Rajat and you know when I am near to him then I feel like I know him very well.When my hand touched his hand hand then I felt a current.

Radhika:Di he can be your past life lover that’s why you are feeling like this.

Sitara:Yeah I think so

Sitara gets a flashback of that she is their in a beautiful with a boy.His back is only visible so she can’t see his face.

Boy:Shivanya I love you very much and I can’t stay away from you.

Shivanya keeps her hand on his cheek

Shivanya:I also can’t stay away from you.

Sitara thinks

Sitara:I have to find what is happening.

Precap:Rajat to meet with an accident.

—————————————————————————–So guys how is this episode?hope u will like it.

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  1. It’s fine siddhi but not your best

    1. Siddhi

      I know and I will try to write my best

  2. Ya shreyaa is right ! Give a twisty mysterious twist ….

    1. Siddhi

      RS I have a very I threshing twist which will make u shock and happy and RS pls continue ur all ff’s pls it’s a request

  3. it’s nice Siddhi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks clevissha and pls continue ur Ff on naagin

  4. mouni roy fan

    very thoughtful siddhi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ridzi and why don’t u get registered and write ff on rivanya

  5. mouni roy fan

    actually i dont have a knack of writing.i like reading more than writing.but if u ask i can suggest u some innovative ideas

    1. Siddhi

      Okay ridzi

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