Naagin Season 2 (Part-6)

Ritik says

Ritik:Now we will get more powerful to fight Mahishmati’s.He kisses her forehead.

Both get happy and Shivam sees them talking and he also gets happy.

Leap of 22 years.

Now Shivam is of 30 years and his brother who was born 22 years before his name is Rajat and his age is 22.Rajat is a human but Shivam is a naagin.Rajat exactly looks like Ritik there is no difference between Ritik and Rajat.Shivam(Siddhant Karnick)has same power as Shivanya have.But Ritik and Shivanya died in a car accident where Shivam was 12 years and Rajat was 4 years.But before dyeing Shivanya told to Shivam that he and Rajat are the protector of naagmani and they should never greed for naagmani.Shivam still remembers Shivanya’s words.Shivam thinks

Shivam:March and papa left us but Rajat is exactly like papa I am very happy.


Rajat comes to Shivam.

Rajat:Bhai I want to go to my friends house.

Shivam:Okay but take care of yourself.

Rajat:Okay bhai.

Rajat goes from there.Rajat goes by car.He is driving the car when a truck comes there and he turns the car but a girl who was walking on side she gets a little hit by car and falls down.

Rajat comes out.

Rajat:Are you okay?

He goes to girl.The girl lifts her face but hairs are coming on her face because of that her face is not visible.Rajat removes the hair strand from her face and her face exactly looks like Shivanya.They both get lost in each others eyes.

Rajat:Are you okay? (Worriedly)


Rajat:I am really sorry.

Girl:It’s okay.

Rajat helps her to stand and she stands.

Rajat:By the way what is your name?

Girl:My name is Sitara.

Rajat:Wow good name.

Sitara:By the way what’s your name?

Rajat:My name is Rajat Raheja.

Sitara is about to go when Rajat catches her hand.

Rajat:Should I drop you?

Sitara:No I can go by myself.

Sitara goes from there.Rajat is thinking about her.Rajat goes inside his car and goes to his friends house.His friend Karan (Karan Wahi) says

Karan:Rajat see my sister’site new friend came.

She comes and it’s none other then Sitara.


Karan:Do you know her?

Rajat tells the whole story to Karan.

Karan:Okay but Sitara are you okay?

Sitara:Yeah I am fine he helped me.

Karan:Thanks Rajat.

Rajat:What thanks because of me only she faced this.

Karan:It just was a incidence.

Precap:Shesha comes back again and says

Shesha:If not Ritik then Rajat.He is only mine and no one can take him away from me.
Guys characters are changed but faces are of Shivanya and Ritik only.So don’t shout.

And I was sad of naagin Season 1 end so wrote this ff now I am feeling better.

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  1. I am sorry but I didn’t like the new characters and shiva ya and ritik death. But anyways you can continue

  2. Siddhi di I liked ur idea very much plz continue omg sesha 2 return as villain n rivanya reincarnation so nice plz continue

  3. Hii siddhi i m sososo sorry for late commenting i m busy because is going on but ur idea is very nice please continue

  4. It’s okay and continue its nice

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