Naagin Season 2 (Part-5)

Shivam goes from there.

Ritik:Shivanya I think Shivam’s power he would only know.

Shivanya:Ritik but if he would know his power then he would tell us.

Ritik:You are right.

Shivanya feels that Ritik’s life is going to be in danger.

Shivanya:Ritik today you will not go out.

Ritik:Why?Do you want to do romance? (Asks naughtily)

Shivanya:No I feel someone will harm you.

Ritik brings Shivanya close to him and says

Ritik:If you will be with me then no one can harm me.

He kisses her forehead.And says

Ritiik:Okay I will not go if you will do what I want.

Shivanya:What you want?

Ritik:You know.

He brings Shivanya more close.Shivanya closes her eyes.Ritik takes her in his arms and lays her on bed and starts kissing her face.He removes her pallu and kisses her neck and shoulder romantically.Then he removes her cloths and puts blanket over them.He kisses neck and they consummate there love.

After sometimes Shivanya wakes up and sees herself in her lovely husbands arms and she kisses him and says

Shivanya:Wake up Ritik.

Ritik wake up and sees Shivanya and smiles.

Shivanya:Now wake up.

Ritik:No stay with me only know.

Ritik brings Shivanya close to him.

Shivanya:Ritik I promise you that today at night we will do this but now let me go.

Ritik:Are you sure?

Shivanya:Yeah sure.

Then Ritik leaves her and Shivanya goes to change.Afterwards Ritik also changes and goes to Shivam.

Ritik:Shivam is sleeping.

He goes to Shivam and kisses his forehead and thinks

Ritik:Shivam I don’t know which powers you have but I promise you that I will always protect you.

He smiles and goes from there.

At night Ritik,Shivanya and Shivam have dinner together.

Ritik:Shivam tomorrow I will give you a surprise.

Shivam:What surprise?

Ritik:It’s a surprise and surprise are not told.

Shivam:Okay.My dinner is finish.

Shivanya:Okay wash your hands and brush your teeth then sleep.


He goes from there.

Afterwards Shivanya is looking out of window when Ritik comes to her and says

Ritik:Thinking about me?


Shivanya hugs Ritik and says

Shivanya:I love you Ritik.

Ritik:I love you too Shivanya.

He kisses her neck and slowly he unties her blouse’s Dori.Shivanya slowly unbuttons Ritik’s shirt and removes it.Ritik kisses her cheeks.Ritik brings Shivanya very close to him and kisses her lips.They kiss eachother for 5 minutes and breaks the kiss.Ritik gets romantic and lays Shivanya on bed and he lays upon her and removes her jewellery.Shivanya kisses Ritik’s eyes and kisses his chest.Ritik kisses her passionately and removes her pallu and blouse.He removes her cloths and says

Ritik:I love you and don’t want to loose you.

Shivanya kisses Ritik on lips and says

Shivanya:I will never leave you.

She smiles and seeing her he also smiles and kisses her.

Then they asleep in eachothers arms.At morning Ritik wakes up and gets ready for office and Shivanya also wakes up and gets ready and makes break fast.Today is Sunday so she let’s him sleep.

Shivanya comes to hall and she feels dizzy and gets unconscious.Ritik comes there and is shock to see Shivanya unconscious and tries to wake her up.He calls doctor.

Doctor comes and checks Shivanya and says

Doctor:Congratulations your wife is pregnant.

Ritik gets happy and sees Shivanya and smiles and she also smiles.

Doctor leaves from there and Ritik comes to her and kisses her cheeks.

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