Naagin Season 2 (part-2)

They both sleep.At morning Ritik wakes up and sees Shivanya not there in room and goes to Shivam’s room and see Shivam and Shivanya playing and Ritik smiles and thinks

Ritik:Really Shivanya is a good wife and with that good mother also.

He comes and and says

Ritik:So what you both are playing?

Shivam:Papa we are playing with ball.

Ritik:Oh so but today is your holiday right?

Shivam:Yeah today school is not there.

Ritik:So we all will go out okay?

Shivam:Okay I love you papa.

Shivam kisses Ritik’s kiss and kisses Shivanya’s cheek also and goes from there.Shivanya is about to go when Ritik catches her hand and pushes her near him.

Shivanya:Ritik let me go.

Ritik:No I will not let you go.

Ritik brings his face near her but Shivanya leaves from there getting shy.

Ritik comes to hall and sees Shivam thinking something and he comes to him and asks

Ritik:So what my prince is thinking?

Shivam:Papa I am thinking where to go today.

Ritik:It’s your choice where to go.

Shivam:So can we go to temple today?

Ritik is shocked but tells yes and Shivam gets happy and goes from there.Ritik goes to Shivanya.

Ritik:Shivanya you know Shivam requested me to go to temple.

Shivanya:So what’s the problem?

Ritik:Problem is that in this age children’s thinks going to temple is boring but he wants to go isn’t it odd.

Shivanya:Yeah I think this is because of his hidden superpower.We have to know his super powers.

Ritik:We have to find.

Shivam comes there.

Shivam:Papa get ready we have to go.

Ritik:Yeah I will get ready and Shivanya you also get ready.

After an hour they leave for temple.They reach temple and take blessings and goes towards their house when their car stops.Ritik comes out and checks and sees it have technical problem.Shivanya also comes out.

Shivam was feeling bore so he came out of the car and stand in middle of the road.When a truck was coming whose driver was talking in phone.Ritik and Shivanya turns to see Shivam when they see that truck is very near to him.


Shivam sees the car extend his one hand and shocking thing is that with his one hand he stops his car.Ritik and Shivanya are shocked.

They go to him.

Shivanya:Shivam are you okay?(worriedly)

Shivam:Yeah Ma

Ritik shouts on driver.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to try to find Shivam’s power.

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