Naagin Season 2 (part-1)

Ritik and Shivanya have a boy.His powers are not revealed to them but they know that he have some power.After 8 years there son is of 8 years old and Ritik is 33 years old.

Ritik and Shivanya keeped there sons name Shivam as he is half human and half naag.


Shivam comes to Ritik who is sitting on sofa and doing work.

Ritik:Shivam come here beta.

Shivam comes to him and Ritik makes him sit on his laptop and Shivam say

Shivam:Papa where is made?

Ritik:Ma is gone out for work but what you want?

Shivam:I want a video game.

Ritik:Okay so I will give you if in upcoming exam you will bring nice marks.

Shivam:Papa I will bring nice marks then you will bring?

Ritik:Yeah I will bring.

Shivam:So I will bring nice marks.

Ritik kisses Shivam’s cheek.

Ritik:Now go play.

Shivam goes from there and Ritik calls Shivanya.

Ritik:Shivanya come fast Shivam was asking about you but however I distracted him.

Shivanya:Ritik what is Shivam’s power still I don’t know.

Ritik:But don’t you asked yogi Raj?

Shivanya:Ritik yogi Raj also don’t know.

Ritik:What!Okay bye come home.

Ritik cuts the call and thinks

Ritik:If yogi Raj don’t knows about Shivam’s power then how will we find out his powers.

After an hour Shivanya comes at house and Shivam runs towards Shivanya.


Shivanya takes Shivam in her arms and says

Shivanya:You missed me na.

Shivam:Yeah but how you know?

Shivanya:I am your mother and I know everything.

Ritik comes there

Ritik:And papa also knows everything.

Shivam:But how?

Shivanya:Because there is a big connection between child and parents.

Ritik:Yeah which tells us everything about child to there parents so never tell lie or we will come to know.

Shivam:I willoved never tell lie Ma and papa.

Shivanya:We believe in you Shivam.Now go it’s night so have dinner.


Shivam goes to his room.

Ritik:Shivanya now how we will know his powers?

Shivanya:I don’t know but at any cost we have to know his powers.

Ritik:Shivanya I think he would be having half of your power.



Ritik is about to tell when Shivam comes and says

Shivam:Ma I am hungry please give me some thing to eat.

Ritik:Give him don’t know if we will not give him food what what he will eat table chair give him food and give me also.

All the three have dinner.At night Shivam sleeps in his room and ritik is also sleeping in s room with Shivanya but she is not sleeping.

Ritik wakes up to drink water and sees Shivanya still not sleeping.

Ritik:Shivanya why are you not sleeping?

Shivanya:Ritik I am worried about Shivam if we will not know his power then what will happen?

Ritik:I am also worried.But Shivanya if you will not sleep then you will not be able to know his power.

Shivanya:But Ritik…………

Ritik kisses her lips and Shivanya gets shock.But she kisses him back and she unbuttons his shirt and removes it.They break the kiss and Ritik says

Ritik:Now sleep.

They both sleep.

Precap:Truck about to hit Shivam and Ritik and Shivanya to get shock.

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  1. Its very very very good Siddhi..But I think you add some rivanya moments..I wish you change the story such a way that shivanya gets pregnant again and the second child being a naagin..

    1. I can’t change the story but can add rivanya romance.

    2. I will add rivanya romance but will not be able to change the story sorry for that.

  2. very niceeeee…. happy family???????

  3. awesome. nice story..

  4. niceee?????????
    thanks for starting it….

  5. It was very nice ff just liked it very much

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