Naagin season 2 Analysis

Last epsiode We have seen Yamini along with her gang is back of Rocky to find his truth,Anotherside shivangi is been Protecting Rocky..The secret of Rocky is been out that he is a Icchadari “Naag”,,Rocky is in Shock dont know what is been happening with him,Gurudev tells Shivangi to stay away from Rocky as its dangerous for her life, Shivangi disagrees tells that Rocky is her love and she will never leave him its her fate that Rocky is a “Naag”,Gurudev is shocked.There are sudden changes in Rocky as next morning everyone sits for breakfast Rocky eats the whole breakfast as he have not eaten for many years Everyone is in the state of shock including Shivangi,Rocky tell Yamini she made soo less breakfast, Yamini is soo shocked she goes in the kitchen to bring more and sees lizard and shouts, Rocky come and stares the lizard,It Falls and dies,Rocky tells its a dead lizard and goes,Yamini is shocked..Yamini and mahendra goes to Baba and narrates the whole story..Baba tells he will find it soon.
As the serial is been going through very much intresting track,Rocky is a “Naag”..We hope in the upcoming epsiodes it would be more romantic scenes between shivangi and Rocky!!!

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  1. Arni

    Yeah i hope too that romantic scenes r more

  2. Nandhini

    I think more than rocky and shivangi romance,, they will show animated snake romance as they both are snake couple…

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