Naagin Season 2 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 9th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sesha transfers her powers in a locket and gives it to Yamini. Yamini does her usual overacting. Rocky looking into mirror asks Avni to call Shivangi. Avni goes to call her. Mansi hopes babaji’s mirror catches Rudra’s partner. Shivangi comes down with Avni. Rocky sees her and thinks she can just be his Shivangi and nothing else. Sesha notices Shivangi as nagin. A few people from US come and tell Nidhi had invited them. Yamini says they have come for Avni’s alliance with their son. Rocky says a death happened in his house recently, so he is cannot talk about alliance now. Family says okay then, they have a return flight tomorrow and will return. Yamini says they have come from so far and should be treated well at least. She asks Avni to get tea and snacks for them. Avni goes to

kitchen and brings tea and snacks. Shivangi passes in front of mirror. Boy notices snake and shouts snake.. Yamini asks where is it. He says in mirror, now it is not there. Rocky checks and does not find any snake. Sesha says Yamini that Shivangi is nagin and if she wants to check, she should stand near mirror and call Shivangi. Yamimini calls Shivangi. Shivani comes and says she was frying pakodas. Yamini is shocked seeing Shivangi as snake and sends her. Sesha says now Rocky will see her real face and will kick her out of house.

Shivangi returns with pakodas and gets tensed seeing herself as snake in mirror. Rocky comes and she says she forgot to add salt in pakodas and returns to kitchen. Sesha tells Rocky that he did not check Shivangi at all. He says what rubbish. She insists. He call Shivangi and sees herself normal in mirror. Shivangi reminisces transferring her powers into a stone. She asks what happened. Rocky says Shesha wanted to check if she is nagin or not. Shivangi says she knew, Rocky would not doubt at all and it is someone else’s filthy mind. She goes back to kitchen. Guests leave.

Yamini cries that her bahu is a nagin and married Rocky to take revenge. Sesha says not to worry, today is Seshnag’s birthday and she will get more powerful after shiv pooja. Yamini says even Shivangi will become powerful. Sesha says only 100 year old nagin is qualified for it and describes the whole procedure in detail. Shivangi hears her hiding near door and thinks she needs to find out via gurudev about it. She goes to guruji and informs what Sesha told. Gurudev says he does not know about it and showing burning coal says if Sesha becomes powerful, she will be like burning coal. Shivangi holds coal in her hand and says burning coal becomes ash once its cools down. Gurudev says whatever she has to do, she has to do alone, he cannot help her.

Shivangi returns home and thinks of stopping Shesha from getting mahashakti. She disguises as Rocky and asks Sehsa if she can come in. Sesha says it is his house, he can come anywhere. She walks in and shows concern. Sesha says not to worry, ichadhari nag/nagin will be caught soon. He says he is feeling headache. Sesha says she will massage his head and starts. She then sees blue nails and realizes it is Shivangi who wants to stop her. She says let us go for a long drive and goes to washroom to change. She then thinks Shivangi wants to stop her, she is Shivangi’s aunty and is more intelligent than her. She turns into snake and silently leaves via window. Rocky comes to washroom and does not find her, realizes Shesha came to know about her plan and escaped, but she will not let Sesha get mahashakti. Sesha rushes towards temple. Shivangi follows her. Sesha reaches temple and dances in front of shiv ling. Shiv ling lifts up. Shivangi thinks she needs to stop Sesha and holds her as snake. Sesha throws fire on her and she falls far apart. Shesha gets under shiv ling and falls back. Shivangi thinks Sesha died under shiv ling. Sesha emerges more powerful and colorful and says she is most powerful nagin of the world. Other nag/nagin chant her name. Shivangi leaves from there. Sesha thinks Shivangi was trying to stop her and will be punished.

Shivangi returns to Gurudev and tells Sesha got powerful. Gurudev says he saw it with his superpowers and heals Shivangi’s injures with his superpowers. He says nobody can kill Shesha now. Shivangi says what about her revenge. He opens a secret door and her to secret room under temple. He then performs pooja and reads a sacred book and tells she has to go to takshak mountain and get nagrani takshika’s head. If Sesha looks into takshika’s eyes, she will turn into stone. Sesha says why should she kill innocent takshika. Gurudev says Takshika is not innocent, she is very cruel. She should bring takshika’s head to him, he tell what to do next, else there is a risk of Sehsa getting alive again.

Rocky goes to babaji. Babaji greets him. Rocky says how did he identify him with closed eyes. Babaji says he saw via his mind. Rocky says that mirror. Babaji says he knows he did not see icchadhari nag in it. Rocky asks to show path now. Babaji says he will show him path, but he may see unwanted truth on the way. Rocky says he is ready. Babaji gives his nag yantra and says it will show where nag/nagin goes.

Sesha returns to Yamini. Yamini asks how did she return safely and holds her, asks why did not garud kavach did not harm her. Sesha says she has become more powerful now and shows her multi-mouthed snake form. She says now she will catch Shivangi easily. Yamini says if Shivangi escapes this time, they will not get nagmani. Sesha says even if Shivangi hides in any part of world, she cannot hide from here. She throwws her black magic on mirror and says she has some power with her and is going toward north. Yamini says to kill them. Sesha says she will kill Shivangi. Yamini orders to just catch Shivangi and bring her here. Sesha says okay and leaves. Yamini thinks once Shivanig comes, she will force her to get nagmani and then kill her.

Shivangi walks into jungle towards takshak mountain. Sesha follows her and sees her location in a mirror and thinks she is going to kill Shivangi.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh Yamini Knw Shvangis Thruth.

  2. I think shesha might look into takshaka’s eye and turns into stone

  3. shivangis truth is out now
    it is seen in spoilers that takshika will help shivangi for taking revenge on sesha,she had become very powerful
    It will be difficult to end sesha,
    friends pls share if you have any latest updates about the future story
    Im commenting here for the first time
    Im from kerala,I have been watching this show from the first season itself
    I love arjun and mounys pair
    If there is 3rd season of naagin

  4. vindhya tiwari is takshika, powerful snake and she will enter as cruel and helps shivangi to kill sesha. After that , shivangi kills yamini and completes the season. But how did ritik die and there is news he will enter as shivangi’s father. what is rocky’s secret. And season 3 will come or not ? Any one tell me. I think one of these villains will come in season 3. If sesha turned into stone, she will be revived somehow in season 3. All reply for my comment. Hi dhananjaya, yes naagin 2 is going off air in may. I thnk next week the precap will be rocky knowing shivangi’s naagin avatar and will kill her in a sad way. But again both be alive and unite. Shivangi bores a daughter. naagin 3 may air from october or november.

  5. I also think so krishna
    In precap it is showed that shivangi gripping sesha in her tail and throwi her away then a lady aka takshika looking into seshas eyes and blue light passes from takshikas eyes to seshas eyes and she looks on shocked

  6. Feeling Sad About Shivangi She Doesnt Knw Her Secret Is Knwn By Yamini Too.Poor Rocky Also.

  7. This is cheating guys the head of a snake jisko dekh ke insaan stone ban jaata tha kaafi old story hai ek nagin ki ye to cheating hui par phir bhi aage dekhte hai kaisa hoga

  8. Shakaib

    Oh Gosh..!! Com’on CVS…what the f**k are you showing…How could it be possible that Shesha transfer her powers in pendant….even I don’t show such illogical things in my ff??!! Very Glad Nidhi died… She deserve this…And its a request CVS..pleaseshow some high offensive drama…Please unite Rosha… Only Shesha is alone from season 1…. Rosha are awesome pairs instead of Rovangi….. I think the next one WO will die will be Shesha….And then Yamini and in naagin season 3… We will get to see that Mouni is paired with new actor…don’t know about his name..and please for godsake Ekta mam… I I request you not to show Rovangi Consummation is the most blo*dy scene+bustard….. Have same shame….. Your dramas reflect your mind’s thinking also…. so, don’t show your real face…sorry to anyone if someone is hurt….. Regarding Ekta mam, Rovangi, or show? Sorry to fans of Rovangi in advance…..
    And Nandi di..what’s your views on today’s episode..??

    1. Nandhini

      Hii shakaib! I didnt watch yesterday’s episode but managed to catch today’s episode…shesha transformed from black naagin to colourful panchmuki naagin??? panchmuki naagin…i think shesha will be alive but stoned by takshika…yamini may be killed..if there is next season, shesha and takshika might be the main vamps…

  9. Antara

    wow super excited 4 upcoming epi so with the help of takshika shivangi will kill shesha then last but not the least will be Yamini so i think in naagin 3 there will be takshika & shesha with may be yamini will fight 4 naagmani & REVENGE CONTINUES ……………………………………………………….. i want mouni & rithik in naagin 3 hearing that new faces will be there in naagin its not fair Mouni with any new face

  10. In Spoilers It Say That Vindaya Tiwary Is Plying Character Of Takshika.Shivangi Join Hands With Takshika To Kill Shesha..I Thnk Shesha Will Die Nw.Bt How Will That Yamini Wil Die??She Should Die First..

  11. Nishtha.M

    Is it just me or has the show been stretched a little far to much. There has been very little progress from Shivangi and Rocky knowing the truth, but it only takes minutes for Shesha and Yamini to know about Shivangi and her plans.

    BTW I was a silent reader first, but recently made an account to join in discussions! I am from Vancouver, Canada, but love watching Indian shows!

  12. Precap : Shivangi Is Going Somewhere & Shesha Attacks Her then She hits Back shesha & Throws her far away
    Then Shesha Says Now I’ll show You The power Of This 119-years old naagin
    Shivangi Brings For Takshika’s Head & Shesha Looks Into her Eyes then Some Kind Of Power(Blue Lightning) comes out of Takshika’s Eyes & Shesha Becomes Shocked

  13. Guruji said that Looking Into Takshika’s Eyes can Turn any1 into a Stone & Shivangi Should attack Takshika & Bring her head & Then make shesha look at the head but he also said That after that If someone Joins back Takshika’s Head to Her Body then Shesha Will No Longer remain a stone & Takshika Will Also Come back alive
    So i Think that In Season 3 (Yamini will Become Alive again & she’ll Join The head to The Body to Revive Shesha & Takshika and then They’ll Also Join the revenge

  14. Actually similar to clash of titrans movie

  15. Jia me too from kerala. From irinjalakuda. I think rocky is having relation with rithik

  16. I think shesha will be revived by gurudev accidentally and thus shivangi’s truth will be revealed in front of rocky and this season will follow same root of season 1Rocky will discard shivangi

  17. I think takshika had killed rithik

  18. how rithik died? when rocky find shivangi’s truth

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