Naagin Season 2 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini with her Manjusha and Ranveer brings babaji to a room. Ranveer asks why babaji is coming like a thief. Yamini says if Rocky sees him, he will hold his leg and sit, they cannot do what they have planned. Babaji asks if knife is ready. She says yes, Rocky’s death weapon is ready. Mahendra enters and fumes that he knew they are planning to kill his son. He tries to attack Yamini when babaji throws black magic on him and he collapses. Yamini says it is time to use this knife and walks out.

Police drop Shivangi far away from Rocky’s house and warns to be at least 500 meters away from Rocky’s house. Once they leave, Shivangi thinks she will go and leaves as snake. Yamini brings Rocky to a room and says she needs to perform his nazar. Rocky closes eyes and asks to perform soon.

Mahendra from mirror watches that and shouts at Rocky to get alert. Yamini stabs Rocky and he falls down in a shock. Shivangi reaches outside house as snake. Rocky in a shock repeats badi maa. Yamini laughs. Mahendra cries loudly. Light emerges from sky and Rocky wakes up and asks if she performed nazar, then he will go. He asks to come out soon as everyone are waiting for her. Yamini thinks how Rocky is alive again. Babaji says Rocky’s life is linked with many people, so he cannot die, Rocky is alive for everyone.

Shivangi does not feel pain and thinks how can pain vanish, what is happening to Rocky. She enters house wearing mask kept near door. She searches him and thinks if Yamini and her puppets harmed Rocky. Rubel announces birthday boy Rocky is coming. Rocky comes holding Tany’s hand. Everyone sing happy birthday to you Rocky. He cuts cake and feeds it to his family. Babaji is seen doing black magic while Mahendra sits in front of him and watches. Rubel, Avni, and Aaliya dance on Aaj ki raat…song…Shivangi walks behind Tanya and gives her hypnotic poison/nidravish and she collapses. She then turns into Tanya and walks out thinking she will be with Rocky as Tanya. She sees him alone on sofa and asks what is he doing alone, let us dance. Rocky hesitates, but then agrees. They both dance on a romantic song. Rocky thinks why he feels it is Shivangi and walks away. Babaji opens window and moon rays fall on havan kund.

Rocky orders liquor. Tanya says she will not let him drink. He cries that he forced Shivangi to go, he cannot bear this pain and drinks. He hugs her and thanks her for her support. He parts way and feels itching and leaves warning Tanya not to touch her. Tanya/Shivangi also feels itch and follows Rocky. Shivangi turns into herself and continues following. Yamini informs babaji that Rocky went somewhere. He says Rocky had to go. Today, their dreams will be fulfilled, whole world will bend in front of him/her. He shows a line passing through broken gate to Yamini and her puppets and they all follow line. Rocky walks into jungle and Shivangi follows him. Babaji asks Yamini and puppets to follow line soon. Shivangi hears them and clears line. Yamini and puppet get tensed seeing line vanished. Babaji says someone erased this line. Rocky continues walking into jungle and Shivangi follows him. Rocky falls down from cliff. Shivangi turns into snake and jumps behind him. Yamini yells at Babaji he is confusing them all. Babaji warns her to stop her rubbish and follow him. Rocky falls on ground without being hurt and then turns into snake. Shivangi is shocked to see that and thinks if they are related since long time. Rockky turns half snake half human and shouts in pain, thinks what is happening with him, he cannot understand. Shivangi realizes even Rocky does not know he is an ichadhari nag. Yamini with her puppets searches Rocky and shows light on sky. Babaji says the moment has come when Rocky.. Yamini yells to be specific. Rocky continues feeling pain and Shivangi feels bad for him, thinks of taking him to Gurudev as snake. Tere sang pyar me nahi in the background..Rocky turn into complete snake seeing Shivangi and follows him.

Rocky goes to Gurudev. Gurudev thinks which snake is this. Rocky turns into half human and Gurudev identifies him. Shivangi hiding behind flowers informs him that Rocky turned into ichdhari nag. Rocky goes back to jungle and shouts again in pain, turning into snake again. Hawks attack him. He kills them with his tail. He then turns back to complete human. Babaji on the other side does black magic and creates havan kund. Gurudev walks to Rocky and heals Rocky’s ain. Shivangi rushes to Rocky and Gurudev tells she did not lose her nagin powers. Shivangi says it her good fate that her husband is also snake. Gurudev says Rocky is from takshak clan and Shivangi from seshnag clan, they both are enemies, that is why Rocky did not enter shiv mandir. He says it is curse for her, so her dad and his mom were friends, their marriage and then separating again, then remarriage, etc.. is a big secret. Shivangi says she will leave the world, but not Rocky. Gurudev sees a big disaster awaiting and asks Shivangi to take Rocky from there soon. Shivangi turns into snake and takes Rocky from there. Storm comes in front of Yamini and puppets and vanishes. Yamini yells at Babaji that he is just fooling around. Manjusha says they should go home and check.

Tanya wakes up feeling headache and sees it is already 2 a.m. She rushes down. Mansi asks if she did not go with Rocky as badi maa, her parents have all gone out. Tanya asks at 2 a.m. Mansi gets tensed for them. Shivangi reaches Rocky’s home holding unconscious Rocky and finds window closed. Yamini and her puppets reach home. Tanya asks where they had gone. Yamini to bring baba jadunath and get his blessings for Rocky. Tanya asks where is Rocky. Shivangi enters holding Rocky in her tail. Mansi sees them and says Rocky. All others turn hearing that.

Precap: Rocky’s skin turns into snake skin and then he completely turns into snake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SOHAN

    Finally my predictions were right….. Rocky turned into icchadhari naag……. But from takshak clan….. Not good for shivangi…….. Today’s episode was good……..

  2. Super Epi.Both Ar Nags Nw.Arjit Do U Have Any Idea Hw Yamini Wil Die??And Who Wil Be Main Actor In Sesion 3??

  3. Yes Sohan Ur Predictn Is Corect.Congrats!!

  4. Hi Nadani,nw The Drama Geting Interestng.I Saw Main Vilan In Seson 3 Wil Be Anky 2 Wife..Stil Adha Khan,yamini Participatn Nt Cnfirmd.

  5. Today’s episode was great. Most of our friends guessed that rocky is an ichchadari naag. I too guessed it. Tomorrow’s precap was rocky wakes up at night and his eyes and his body transforms to a snake. A blue ray from the sky falls on him and he turns into a snake. If rocky is a naag, vasudha should be a snake then mahendra also should be a snake. It is wrong. I think vasudha is human and the protector of takshak family. How sangram singh and rithik were protectors of seshnag family and nagmani, in that way vasudha’s ancestors were the saviours of takshak naags. Rocky is born to the takshak king and queen. I think something happened in takshak mountain, so vasudha took rocky and adopted him. Vasudha then gets a curse that turn to rock idol. Is there any relation ship to rocky and takshika, because both are from takshak vamsh. And that is why on her marriage day, sesha dreamt of her night with rocky . She knows he is an ichchadari nag. But don’t know what is next. I think seshnag snd takshak vamsh have fights over nagmani. How wil shivangi escape from these problems. Hi dhananjaya, jia, rose, nandini, alia, sohan. I have given you this much info, but sad for the late written update h, hasan. Rply for my comment today’s episode.

    1. SOHAN

      Man man man…… These r just ur thoughts not spoilers…… And why to act weirdly like u know everything which we all don’t know..? The matter is that u also get the spoilers if and only the spoilers have been posted on bollywoodlife, etc….. Ohk here no one is superior….. All r friends…. And all love naagin and mouni roy…… Ohk….. So stop behaving like u know everything and people encouraging him pls stop it…….. U all need spoilers check it out…… But don’t be dependent on anybody……. Google has all the answers…… Hope u all understand

  6. Ok so as all of u’ll thought mine prediction was also right
    But they are enemies this is not good but what will happen next lets see


    Ha ha ha????…. pichle season me shivanya and ritik ne marriage consumate kri thi to shivanya insan bann gyi thi.. or ab shivangi and rocky me consumate kri to rockey icchadari naag bann gya.. ha ha ha ?????????

    1. Sabiha

      I hope that rocky realises about yamini and her gang. Hopefully, shivangi actually completes her revenge.

    2. Sabiha

      I think I know the story guys. Maybe vasudha was a naagin but when she married mahendra she lost her powers like shivangi. But like shivangi is a naagin, rocky can be a naag on their 25th birthday.


      Yess… but it will take time.

      I think so same sabhia

  8. I just gave you some prediction not spoilers. sometimes I give you spoilers. I didn’t think me as superior, I told you that you can also get latest gossips of naagin 2 in bollywoodlife. you are behaving weird not me. you shouldn’t judge me. And I am not of your age , you are college guy, I am a student. why do you scold me. my guess could be right. I know many of the viewers guess this! thanq for blaming me. bye, today I will comment what I know.

    1. SOHAN

      And bro i had written this by reading all ur last comments…… Better u read all of them and say something to me…… No offence bro….. Just trying to tell u that be normal…… Ohk…… Try to understand my point…… No fights ohk……

    2. SOHAN

      And im not judging u bro… Just telling u……

      1. Sree..


  9. Rockey is icchadhari naag but still he is Shivangi’s enemy. Now he will be taking revenge from shivangi for killing takshika. May be takshika is his real mother but due to her powers which change anyone into stone who looks into her eyes, she kept her son away from her. Mahendra is unknown about the fact that he is not his son. His wife found rockey on takshak mountain. Indirectly writers are showing Rockey as negative character. Who will try to snatch naagmani from shivangi. But he already knows where naagmani is kept. Now he will fool shivangi to get naagmani.

    Troubles are increasing for shivangi. Missing Rudra badly. Wish gurudev and shivangi revive him somehow like they showed for Vikram.

    *These are just my predictions.

  10. Arni

    I dint liked the twist,seriously they entered anything,its getting worse day by day and now kumkum bhagya bet Naagin 2,naagin 2 is worse

  11. What’s wrong in making hunches? So according to my guess, vasudha was a snake of takshak vansha before marrying mahendra but later she lost her powers and became human. Later mahendra killed her by mistake. Now let’s see how the past of shivangi and rocky is linked and how it affects their future…

    But I don’t understand one thing. If snakes of takshak vansha can’t enter Shiva temple, why there is a shiv temple in takshak pahadi?? And why they showed shivalinga throwing light on rocky to transform into snake?? They also played Shiva strotra in background?? What are they trying to show?

  12. if rocky is a nag then surely rocky and shivangi ‘s children will be nagin and may be they will show her story in nagin 3 she will atake revenge from anky2’s wife i think

  13. i dont understand whose son is rocky first they showed he is yamini’s adopted son then they showed yamini and uttara killed his parents then they showed they are fake parents and real parents are mahendra and vasudha then they showed vasudha and rhitik were friends and they both died because of mahindara ,yamini,manjusha and ranveer ….and now they are showing rocky is ichadhari nag…then who are mahendra and vasudha humans or snakes

  14. Hi friends
    mahira , I think rocky’s mother may have some connection with takshak vamsh,this is only my prediction
    I checked bollywood life there isnt any latest spoiler updates
    I think they will reveal the mystery behind this so soon
    rocky is nag of takshak ,that means shivangi is his enemy
    Dont know what they gonna show next
    only 9 episodes are left,eagerly waiting to watch todays epi

  15. hey jia can u clear my doubt that if nidhi is 8th killer then how she became fit in rocky’s sherwani and in karwachaut episode also we saw that when 8th killer came sesha told i like u becz u were clothes like my rocky and when 8th killer tried to attack shivangi then rocky had a fight with him then his hair was visible and it was completely clear from that scene that 8th killer is a man then afterwords ow can it be possible that nidhi is 8th killer and it also showed in karwachaut epi that when 8th killer ran to sesha and told her that he could’nt kill shivangi and she is still alive then that time they showed that nidhi was in home with manav and waiting for moon to break her fast and her children were making fun of manav and nidhi then how can this be possible that she is 8th killer and at the same time one person cannot be present in 2 places na so how’s this logic is possible

    1. SOHAN

      Truly said….. Mahira……. Yes from the beginning we thought that 8th killer is a man……. But its serial anything can happen here……

  16. Sabiha

    I think naagin 2 is becoming a bit boring.

  17. Sabiha

    U know when rocky went to takshak mandir, there was a statue which was becoming human again, I really wonder who that is? Does anybody know? If u do plz tell me.

  18. i think vasudha is a nagin and mother of rocky but she fell in love with mahendara then she became human and then rocky is born like shivanya became human shivangi is born and became ichadhari nag in the same way rocky now became nag accidentally i think mahindra killed her but i think she was saved by somebody that time and i think when she saw to takshika she became stone i think takshika is her evil sister like sesha was an evil sister of shivanya but due to rocky’s powers may be vasudha will be come back and then all secrets and mysteries will be revealed and then i think there will be a fight for nagmani between rocky and shivangi but shivangi will win and protect nagmani and keep it in his place and as rocky loves shivangi maybe he will also accept her later because he will also know the truth of yamini and all killers of shivanya,rudra and goutami…then he will support shivangi and maybe at the end he will help her in revenge and shivanya will complete her fathers revenge and then they will stay together but because they belong to different clan means rocky to takshak and shivangi to sheshnag clan at the end they will lose there powers and life but shivji will bless them because they saved nagmani so they will became alive again but have to live as a human and have to lose their powers and at the end may be anky2’s wife will come and kill rocky and shivangi and nagin will start from fresh characters and story ….because if they will continue story with shivangi and rocky’s daughter story then mouni roy cannot play the role of nagin in next season but if they will start a new story then may be there is a chance of arjun and mouni in this upcoming season….hope so i want to see them together in this season and also adaa khan

  19. Hahaha rocky and shivangi are intercast sankes.. Lol…… In animals also ….ROFL

  20. feeling laugh when rocky comes as snake

  21. sana what do u mean by ROFL

  22. waiting for nagin3 i hope arjun and mouni be the next pair in nagin3 with new story

  23. nagin2 became boring now

  24. Mahira this show is unpredictable
    In naagin 1 yamini also seemed to be so innocent but she was the evil rani
    likewise they did in this season as well with nidhi
    Its so funny to think nidhi in rockys dress,I also wondered how can a middle aged women like nidhi can fight with rocky and defeat him,then the masked man they showed were a tall and lean man isnt it?,writers made this twist as a suspense for us,but it seems like a joke actually
    we have many doubts regarding this show,but who are there to clear it?
    And of course we are not fools,many questions will arise in our mind
    I have seen everyone asking about these,but for most of them we are not able to answer
    This show is very complicated to handle.
    There is something mysterious always
    Writers dont make us boring, wish to ses something different in the next season
    I had said alot but not able to clear your doubt mahira,I also have many to ask
    but now i dont mind it much
    byee gdnyt guyss

  25. trp ratings are out and our show dropped to 2nd position,kumkum bhagya is ruling on 1st
    Is kkb nice show,Im asking because i dont know anything about that show,If anyone hear watches kkb
    plss reply

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