Naagin Season 2 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi and Shesha start dancing in shiv mandir while panditji does havan. Aajawo nagraja tum ajawo…song plays in the background. Multi-mouthed Seshnag is seen. Their dance continues. Tree inn which Maheesh entered bursts and hits Shivangi and Sesha. They both fall down, but Shivangi collapses. Maheesh comes out. Sesha angrily shouts how dare he is to harm her Rocky. He says he killed Rocky. She holds his neck and bites him, but nothing happens to him. He punches her and she flies in air and collapses on floor. Maheesh laughs that even kali nagin is dead and leaves.

In mata’s temple, panditji tells disciples that maata will help whoever seeks help and continues describing maata’s qualities and says let us pray maata now. They all chant jai maa durga..Maheeshh enters

temple. Shivangi wakes up. Maheesh roars. People hear buffalo sound and turn and are shocked to see a rakshas. MAheesh shouts today there will be only him and not maata, he will destroy everything. A man tries to leave, but Maheesh tortures him and lifts in air. Man pleads to leave him. Maheesh throws him in air. People start running. Maheesh breaks pillars and continues killing people. A girl hugs her mother and asks who is he. Mother says an evil entered maa’s temple. Maheesh says this is kalyug and he came here instead of maata. Shivangi enters and asks him to stop, why is he killing innocent people. He asks if he should spare or kill. Shivangi says maa will teach him a lesson. He asks who maa. Shivangi says she will not let him make a girl orphan. Maheesh pushes her and asks to call her maa. Shivani prays maa to come and destroy this rakshas, whenever maheeshasur comes maa comes and kills him. Maa’s veil/chunri falls on her. Maheesh throws woman in air and walks towards Shivangi and lifts her veil, but does not find her. He shouts she eloped like a coward, why don’t she call her maa.

Lights get off. Maheesh shots why she switched off lamps like a coward. He hears lion roaring and shouts to come in front of him. Shivangi as Devimaa enters on lion holding trishul. She then gets down and stands in front of him. Maheesh shouts that he is Maheeshasur, half human and half animal, nobody can kill him. Sivangi says whenever evils tried to harm world, maa always comes and even today came. She throws weapon, but Maheesh destroys it and says even god cannot kill him, she is nothing. Shivangi beheads him. His head gets refixed again. Maheesh shouts that is all. Shivangi reminisces Maheesh’s guru telling that only Maheesh’s hhorn can kill him. She breaks horn with trishul. He falls down. She then beheads him. Nagmani emerges out of head. Shivangi picks it and gets back her nagin powers.

Avantika reaches shiv mandir and sees Sesha collapses on floor and wakes her up with her super powers. Sesha wakes up and searches around. Avantika asks whom she is searching. Sesha says Maheesh and leaves.

Shivangi gives nagmani to seshnag. Seshnag thanks her for returning nagmani safely and says only she could do this, now his husband will be relived. He keeps nagmani on Rocky’s forehead. Rocky gets back to life. Shivangi gets happy and says she can even lose her life to save him. Rocky wakes up on bed and asks where is he. Shivangi says they are in panchner haveli. Rocky reminisces his fight with Maheesh and says Maheesh is not a good man and they have to inform Ruchika/Sesha. Shivangi says she informed Ruchika already and she complained police against Maheesh, thinks Rocky should forget Maheesh soon. She says he should not befriend people like Maheesh. Rocky asks if she will accompany him, he will not. She says she will not drink. He jokes and their romantic nok jhok continues.

Avantika sees Maheesh dead on mata’s temple and asks Sesha who killed Maheesh, he had boon of immortality. Sesha says she does not know, it is good he is dead, let us go now. Avantika holds her neck and says she can kill her right now. Sesha says then she will not know who killed Maheesh, it is Shivangi. Avantika asks how can a common girl kill Maheesh. Sesha says she was searching Maheesh as he had harmed Rocky, she is just worried about Rocky now. Avantika uses her supe powers and sees Rocky driving a car with Shivangi, says she does not think Rocky needs Sesha or nagmani. Sesha fumes that she will seek answer from Shivangi.

Rocky and Shivangi reach home. Rocky holds her hand and says they enter this house daily, but feelings used to be different. She says he is getting philosophical. He holds her and says today he is feeling that she is his bride for the first time, he had left her here after their marriage, today he feels he is coming with his wife home…Shivangi hugs him. Dil kya kare…song…plays in the background. Yamini thinks Sesha and Avantika told Shivangi killed Maheesh, how could he. Shivangi and Rocky entered. Yamini asks where were they. Shivangi says they had been to Panchner haveli. Yamini thinks she has to know truth first and forces Shivangi to go to kitchen and prepare cold coffee. She then goes out and tells Sesha that she did her work, now it is her turn. Shesha goes in and asks Sivangi where were she, how Rocky got well so soon. Shivangi says she cured Rocky with nagmani. Sesha who gave her nagmani. Shivangi lies that someone gave her nagmani, when she woke up someone gave nagmani, it was very dark. She reminisces hooded and masked enemy and says he was wearing jeans and hood. She knows about nagmani’s powers, so she rushes to save Rocky. She asks who gave is that hooded man. Sesha says no. Shivangi says whoever he is, Rocky is fine now. Sesha thinks 6th murderer gave nagmani to Shivangi, means he is having nagmani, she should ask Yamini to find out.

Sushanth and Aaliya gather youngsters and discuss they will party tonight. Aaliya says Ruchika will dance with Maheesh. Ruchika says Maheesh is out of her life now. Sushanth says today’s party is for Rocky and Shivangi.

Shivangi goes to shiv mandir and informs Guruji and Rudra that she killed Maheesh and returned nagmani to seshnag. Guruji says all is good if end is good, leaves. Rudra says she married Rocky to take revenge, but she has fallen in Rocky’s love. Shivangi says she has not forgotten anything, she will kill Manav next and even if she loses her powers, she does not care after killing her enemies. Rudra thinks Shivangi is nag and should stay with him/nag and before she could lose her powers for Rocky, he will win her heart.

Precap: Sesha tells Manav that he acts as loving him, but comes wearing rudra mani even after knowing she is nagin. She tells Yamini that from today only gautmi will be used to for Shivangi to get nagmani . Yamini tells Shivangi that she knows that she is nagin and wants to kill Manav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh no! I don’t want Rudra pursuing Shivangi now!! Like seriously, do something better rather than this old story!

  2. I Agre With U Sania.The Rtorng Getng Borng Nw.I Cnt Undsstand Precap Clearly.There Ar Lot Thngs To Knw Hw Does Rithik Die?Hw Yamini Found Rocky??Hw Shesha Get Together With Avanthika?

  3. Hiii..guys how are you…so funny episode BT I love this show….

  4. How shivangi knows her mothers killer name is manav?

  5. Nandhini

    Ohh yeah the Lord of snakes Shesh naag will gaurd over a human dead body on shivangi’s request..and shivangi will turn as Goddess Durga and kill maheesh and she will get back her powers and she will revive her dead husband and she will romance with him on same day…shame on you writers! Enough of showing nonsense in God’s names just for the sake of top trps…

    1. Angella

      Totally agree with you. The makers show whatever they want to show irrespective of any logic. They are just using public sentiments to raise the TRPs. Too much copying from season 1 leaves no novelty in the show. This is disappointing from a show I liked 🙁

      1. Nandhini

        Yes Angella…the show i loved before has totally gone downfall in season 2…now i very much hate it??

    2. Nandini I Thnk U Was A Udater In Chakravartn Asoka Samrat.And Anjela U 2.

      1. Nandhini

        No Dhananjaya i am not that person…that must be another nandhini.

  6. If shivangi can revive her dead husband
    Can-t my rithik revived by shivanya using nag mani
    LOL nagmani was small and orange colored in 1st season while in this season it grew larger and turned white color
    Nagmani grows with years passing… LOL
    Finally my rudra atleast confessed about his feelings atleast to himself
    Hope somehow that vamp rocky dies and ruvangi pairs up soon
    In previous episode rudra stood before shivangi to face death for saving his love shivangi who is a selfish no.1
    Love u rudra
    I love ruvangi

  7. All or us want rudrangi but the story will progress in the way that rocky and shivangi will be the lead couple and they will be united. Rudra will either turn negative and join hands with the villains to attain shivangi or will help shivangi in her intekaam, try to separate rocky and her but at last give up

    1. ya u r rite its hopless

  8. Rudra is the 6th murderer guys …..

  9. Naagin 2 s bcomg ab absolut rubbish.. i dunno hw it gets top trps…simply fr politcl support misusng gods nd goddeses is disgustng…hw gud ws da frst show.. if dey didnt hav tym to write a new story, y did dey start a nw seasn…absolutly rubbish seasn..nd da only hope ws dat dey wud modify da male lead convincly to rudra..nd evn dat is gonna happen..its totally gone…i’m sry to say u hav lost it ekta ji really its hopless

    1. pls stop dis seasn…. its such a flop..not at al appealng… simply addng intimate scenes to convince rocky as male lead s da worst part……y takng dis much risk ekta mam….pls just stop dis show

  10. if u want to modify my commnt betr not publish it pls….at least u r readng it dats enough

  11. This show has lost its essence. I have some observations:

    1. seems like no chance of Rudra Shivangi pair…that ugly rocky will be the hero…so guys we only dream of it.
    2. Poor Rudra will turn out bad and shake hands with villians to get shivangi n give them naagmani (same is what Sesha did in Season-1)…same story absolute rubbish
    3. or Maybe poor rudra will walk away as a MR. Nice Naag.. Sacrifice his love
    4. They will make the story even more worst by making Rudra a hidden Murderer which is absolute rubbish as he is taller than Rudra and the appearance is different too… Also Rudra and that Murderer came across alot of time..but u can expect such rubbish things from the writer n producers…

    EKTA if u can’t do anything good then stop the show… this is totally failed..

    Still guys I watch it with the hope of seeing Rudra n Shivangi together n protecting Naagmani n living happily in Panchneer Haveli n Shiv Mandir same like Shivaniya’s parents were doing (Shivangi s grand parents)

    But Alas nothing like that will gonna happen…. Writer n Producer SCREWED the show..

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