Naagin Season 2 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sesha yells at Avantika to use her bee superpower and find out where Rocky is. Yamini starts her overacting and does usual drama. Argument starts between Sesha and Yamini, and Sesha pushes Yamini. Yamini wakes up and asks Avantika to show where bull Maheesh is. Avantika uses her super powers and shows that Maheesh is heading towards panchner haveli and Rocky is severely injured. Sesha panics and rushes out shouting she will save her Rocky. Avantika tells Yamini that let Sesha save Rocky, they will get nagmani. They both walk along Sesha.

Shivangi takes Rocy to Seshnag and pleads to save Rocky. Seshnag says Rocky is dead and cannot be revived. Shivangi pleads to give his poison and save Rocky like she saved Sushanth with her poison. Seshnag says she saved Sushanth as he was

alive, but Rocky is dead. She continues pleading to save Rocky somehow. Seshnag says she has to get nagmani to save Rocy. Shivangi walks out and calls Rudra. Rudra is in temple and guruji picks call. Shivangi tells Mahesh is coming to get horn. Guruji says let him come, she need not worry. Maheesh comes there. Shivangi hears voice and panics. Guruji asks her not to worry, just save Rocky.

Avantika, Yamini and Sesha travel towards panchner haveli to save rocky. Yamini’s drama and comments start. Car breaks down. Sesha changes as snake and leaves. Yamin’s drama continues.

Guruji warns Maheesh dare not to cross temple barrier, else he will burn. Maheesh says nobody can stop him. He gets out nagmani and injures guruji with it’s power. He then laughs and walks towards steps, but cannot cross fire barrier. Rudra warns that he cannot cross holy temple. Maheesh takes out nagmani again and orders it to set off fire. Rains falls on fire and sets off fire. Rudra fights with Maheesh, but Maheesh overpowers and injures him. Mahesh then walks towards horn. Guruji gets up and tries to stop Maheesh, but Maheesh kills him and throws him on floor. He then picks horn and fixes it on his head. Shivangi reaches temple and says he cannot do anything in temple. Maheesh laughs that he got his horn and namgani and he is most powerful now. He snatches Rudra and Shivangi’s powers and says they both are common human now and not icchadhari nags. He will see how they will save Rocky now. He disappears.

Seshnag guards Rocky. He senses Sesha coming and protects the whole place with his magical illusion. Shesha runs towards seshnag mandir door, but it changes as a wall. She knocks door and shouts how can this happen. Avantika and Yamini enter and Yamini starts her drama. Sesha warns her if she does not help her find Rocky, she will expose her true identity in front of her family. Yamini asks Avantika to show where Rocky is. Avantika uses her powers, but cannot find Rocky’s location. She says this whole place is under magical illusion. Sesha says she knows. Yamini’s jokergiri continues.

Shivangi and Rocky think how to find out where Maheesh has gone and get nagmani back from him. Shivangi says he must have not gone far. Rudra says Mahesh’s last words are his clue, he must have gone to Durga maa’s temple. Maheesh reaches Durga maa’s temple and gets happy seeing crowd. He thinks in previous age, durga maa killed Maheeshasur, but in this age, Maheesh is more powerful and durga maa cannot do anything.

Sesha panics and asks Avantika to find out where Rocky is. Avantika sends her bee. Bee comes back and says she could not find Rocky anywhere, but saw Shivangi and Maheesh in durga temple. Shivangi searches Maheesh in temple and finds him. She says he cannot dare think of using his dirty tricks as this is dev maa’s mandir. He laughs that she is common human now and cannot stop him. She says she will not let him harm anyone. He pushes her and disappears. She starts searching him again. Maheesh walks out of temple towards tree. Sesha watches him getting into tree and thinks why did he enter tree. She then clashes with Shivangi and asks where is Rocky, she saw Rocky injured and Shivangi taking her. Shivangi says she took Rocky to a hospital where he is safe. Sesha asks who injured Rocky. Shivangi says her boyfriend Maheesh. Sesha says Maheesh is not her boyfriend. Sesha says Maheesh has nagmani and she needs it back to save Rocky. Sesha says she will help her get nagmani and save Rocky. Shivangi thinks she is her enemy, but to save Rocky, she can do anything. She agrees. Sesha says she will show her where Maheesh is and walks holding her hand.

Sesha takes Shivangi near tree and searches door to enter it. Shivangi asks what is she looking at. Sesha says she saw Maheesh near this tree. Shivangi asks if she found anything. Sesha says no, she will. She asks Shivangi to go aside for sometime and not look at her, she will tell her late why she did this Shivangi turns. Sesha turns into half snake and tries to burn tree and break tree with her tail unsuccessfully. She then lifts hammer and tries to break it and thinks it is tree or a mountain, why it is not breaking. Hammer breaks down. A sadhu comes. Sesha and Shivangi plead him to help. Sadhu says only mahadev can help them. This is very old temple and people say it was nag mandir before and whatever desired will be fulfilled. Sesha and Shivangi pray shivji.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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