Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamini and her puppets bury Rudra snake’s body in jungle. Shivangi digs cave hurriedly and takes Rudra’s dead body to Guruji and pleads to save Rudra. Guruji says nag jal mani is used and he cannot help. She pleads to do something. He says there is only one way, within 8 hours of death, if a particular jadi boti/herb is used, Rudra can be relived, but for that she has to get to ocean and fight with the crab which is protecting it bring jadi boti back before sunrise. Shivangi enters ocean as snake. A crab attacks her. She defeats crab and gets jadi boti. Sunraises. Shivangi rushes jadi boti to guruji who grinds it while chanting mantras. Shivangi gets worried that she came late. Guruji asks Shivangi to apply jadi boti paste on Rudra’s wounds. She does and

Rudra wakes up. Guruji asks if he remembers anything. He says he remembers Yamini and her puppets killing him in a cave. Guruji says Shivangi risked her life to save him. Rudra thanks Shivangi, says he owes his life to her now, and tries to get up. Shivangi asks him to rest as he i weak. Guruji says even she is weak and he will get her shivji’s kadha/herbal tea.

Shivangi reaches home and thinks she was out of house whole night, if Rocky must hav enoticed it. Rocky also reaches home and his cousin asks where was he whole night. Rocky says he was partying with his friends. Shivangi thinks he must be celebrating Rudra’s death. Cousin says badi maa was searching him. He goes to yamini and asks if she called him She sees rudra mani in his neck and asks how did he get it. He says he found it in Vikram uncle’s room and wore it. Yamini realizes that Rudra must have tricked and made him to remove it. Cousin informs that tonight is uncle and aunt’s anniversary party and they need to arrange it. Rocky agrees.

Yamini goes to Sehsa’s room next who says she will hug Rocky. Yamini challenges that she cannot and if she does not, she has to listen to her and dance on her tunes. Sesha agrees. Yamini thinks nagin will get a jhatka now. She turns into Shivangi and goes to Rocky’s room and touches him. She feels shock and falls down apart. Rocky sees her and tries to pick her up. She shouts to stay away. Yamini enters and says Shivangi slipped and fell. Rocky reminisces yesterday’s incident where Shivangi does same. He walks out. Shesha turns back to herself and fumes. Yamnini says she told her not touch Rocky as he is wearing rudra mani. Sesha yells why did not she inform first. Yamini asks to dance now and plays music. Shesha shouts to stop her music ki dukan.

Rocky’s uncle and aunt’s wedding anniversary party starts. They cut cake and aunt starts praising that uncle is so handsome that she fell in love with him when they met in gym. After that cousin says, Rithik and Shivangi arranged this party and asks Rocky to speak. Rocky says he is lucky to fall in love with Shivangi. He continues. His rudra mani falls down. Rocky asks his cousin sister to fix it. Sister says he get it fixed with bhabi and leaves. He asks Shivangi to fix it. Shivangi sees rudra mani on floor. She touches it and gets injured. She then picks it with a toola nd goes to throw it away. Rocky keeps it on table. He sees Shivangi injured and applies medicine. Shivangi thinks who is he, he acts as loving her but killed her mom. Cousin then asks Rocky and Shivangi to dance.

Party continues. Ankit’s look-alike enters and asks Yamini if she will not touch his feet. Yamini is shocked seeing him. Shesha reminisces killing Ankush and thinks how did he relive agian. Shivangi thinks she saw this man somewhere. Rocky asks Yamini who is this man. Yamini says he is her jeth, Akhilesh, and touches Akhilesh’s feet. Shivangi goes to her room and checks pics, thinking her mom had shown this man’s pics. She sees Yamini and Ankush’s pic and thinks he is one of 5 murderes who killed her mom’s parents.

Akhilesh and Yamini are in a room. Yamini asks what did he come here. He holds her neck and says he is not Ankush that she will order him, he is Ankush’s brother Akhilesh and totally opposite in character. The both are 50:50 partners now for nagmani and if she tires to rick, she will not be spared.

Rocky enters Shivangi’s room and asks if she is looking at her mother’s pic. He cries. He asks why she is feeling insecure with him, if so, he will transfer his property in her name. Shivangi thinks why she thinks he is not a murderer, he may be as changing colors is his nature like Ankush. She has to meet Rudra first and discuss this delimma with him.

Precap: Yamini tells Shesha that Akhilesh got her in this house and even he came back. Sesha asks why did he come here. Yamini for which she is here, nagmani. Sesha tries to kill Akhilesh, but could not due to rudra mani. Akhilesh wakes up and thinks he knew fatty Yamini will try to kill her via nagmani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode and Manish ji u nailed it and ekta mam also bring our Arjun bijlani back

  2. nice episode

  3. Thanks Hasan Nice Epi.Oh Wht Is Ths Entry Of Ankush Into Drama As Hs Brother.Then Wht Hapen To Ritik?Where Is The Ritik Sisters & Brothers??Drama Getng So Curious.

    1. Mona146

      there were some three to four cousins of rithwik(some of whom were yamini’s onw kids I remember). Will she kill them also?

    2. Yes right…where is the ritik brothers and sisters..??

    3. Amina Fatima

      Rithik died in a car accident but don’t know where his brother and sisters are, &from where did Yamini get Rocky?

  4. Like this episode

  5. Hi viewers! I am your favourite mouni roy(mon). Did you enjoy our serial. Of course, I think yes and thanks for you all viewers. Because of you I have received two awards best actress and best serial in ITA awards. Always watch naagin and support us. Our show is rocking from start and till now. Some waste idiots are commenting in my name moni roy. Tell me who are those? Accept your fault and I know you are just kidding others. I have read your comments last week. I didn’t have time but managed to see. All celebrities are fake fake fake. And I am still shooting naagin 2 and have fun guys. Mmm!

    1. devakhi&swasan

      love you maam am ur biggest fan but are u seriously mouni roy

    2. mouni roy fan

      is it rely you

    3. This is not mouni becoz she will never write some people are chatting wid my name ,etc etc any celebrity will not write like dat

  6. I love naagin – 2, week end visual treat, I enjoyed a lot, please don’t change rocky-shivangi pair,rocky -shivangi is a perfect pair,don’t include rudra or sesha between them,drama is getting thrilled day by day.naagin rocks…..

  7. We know u re not Mouni Roy. pls stop dis arjun,mouni,adaa drama.

  8. are you really mouni roy

  9. Omg i loved shivangi saving rudra…she ws crying for him too bt scenes were less fr them today i dont kno y m luving dese two more den rocky..their names mtch too rudra n shivngi… rocky ke jagah shvngi n rudra ka pair bna den yar

  10. Rocky and shivangi is perfect couple.not rudra and shivangi.rudra also becomes negative after some days like shesha in season 1.rudra is the negative role against shivangi like shesha is against shivanya in season 1.ritik and shivanya fight against shesha in season 1 same rocky and shivangi will fight against rudra in season 2.rudra is the negative role for rocky and shivangi like shesha.rocky and shivangi are perfect couple.

  11. Rocky and shivangi is perfect couple.not rudra and shivangi.rudra also becomes negative after some days like shesha in season 1.rudra is the negative role against shivangi like shesha is against shivanya in season 1.ritik and shivanya fight against shesha in season 1 same rocky and shivangi will fight against rudra in season 2.rudra is the negative role for rocky and shivangi like shesha.rocky and shivangi are perfect couple.

    1. Rocky has no chemistry with shivangi , they don’t look nice together at all
      Ritik and shivanya had Best on screen chemistry . Cause of that and how great season 1 was . Season 2 looks middle class . Season 1 was best even if it had some stupid and silly things , the lead couple was wonderful and shesa dressing was superb too. Season 2 the way naagin are dressed in their roop is not nice at all


    Firstly I want to say writer that I know updating 1 hr episode is really tough but plz do not miss main points. As some parts in main lines are not mentioned.
    Like- 1. Rockey full speech
    2. Shivangi’s pain which she told rockey in last. Etc.

    Secondly- grapics of season 1 were much better than this season and even dressing was better.
    Like- 1. In season 1 all ichadari animals and people had differnt style statement to recognise. And now all look like same expect rudra (his style is new)
    2. All naagins and naag had differnet skin color like shivanya golden, shesha black and now all have same bluish black graphics.

    Coming to episode it is getting better slowly. But I more enjoy watching naagin on rishte channel ( sister channel of colors).. But started to like this season.. but not happy with lead chemistry

    1. Nandhini

      I think this season is looking better only because of rudra…

    2. Season 1 was so much better and even the snakes dressing was better .
      In season 2 , the way they dress shesa and shivangi in their naagin roop it’s not nice at all. The chemistry between shivangi and rocky is none , I mean rocky is so not good looking.
      The story in season 2 is boring not that interesting as season 1
      No charm in season 2.

  13. Athira

    I think akhilesh, ankush’s brother is the 8th murderer… why I’m saying like this because akhilesh has took revenge of killing ankush and for naagmani, so he killed shivanya thinking as shivangi… anyways I want arjun back… hope he will come back… and also at last we got to know how yamini got into rocky’s house… and what about angad, divya and amrita…were they will come or not? so confusing… and anyway don’t make rudra to love shivangi just like shesha loved rithik… I love rudra… do make a lover for rudra but not shesha… if shesha and rudra loved then when shivangi takes her revenge from shesha… then rudra will be heartbroken and will turn negative… plz don’t do that mrs. ekta… and one more thing is I have not missed naagin season because its telecasting on our country also but i’m waiting to watch naagin 2… shivangi you should kill that yamini first then killing at last… because she’s the main and master planner… so if shivangi kills her then shesha and avantika will have obstacles in saving their own life… so you should kill her first… then avantika so she will not have the chance to save yamini.. then all alone shesha… she is a, I don’t know what to say…. and plz make shivangi to know the full truth about shivanya’s murderers.. and one biggest mystery is what happened to rithik? he is dead or alive? I want to know that fully… plz break that mystery fast mrs.ekta….

  14. Bakwas!!! All come back from dead apart from her parents 🙂

    1. Nandhini

      Thats what i was also wondering

  15. Athira,it was shown in previous episodes before shivanyas death that ritik was dead by shesha.

    1. Tayyeba Irshad


  16. Athira,it was shown in previous episodes before shivanyas death that ritik was dead by shesha.

    1. Tayyeba Irshad

      where it was shown that shesha killed rithik?????????????

  17. All the characters are returning plz bring back our RITHIH OR ARJUN yar its boring without him

  18. Neha1

    Hiii everyone… I was a silent reader of this telly update…. I watched naagin1 and watching naagin season2 also….!
    Finally Manish khanna return in naagin….but I really wanna see Rithik aka Arjun Bijlani… waiting for next Saturday… very curious for next episode…

  19. Hi friends I am new here so sorry to ask late. Can l also join your family.please reply me

  20. Amina Fatima

    Sesha used to live in jungle &that Madhumakki too but now why are they living with humans?

  21. Shanitics

    Guyss those who love to read a Os can read it.. Pls read and cmnt

  22. Iam naagin season 1 fan.I was reader of this all tellyupdates…I like naagin 1 rithik and shiwanya.RS is very perfect couple. But, rocky and shiwangishiwangi is not perfect couple.nice season 2 epi.not like rocky.

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