Naagin Season 2 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky’s brothers burn crackers. Cousin asks why are they burning crackers when diwali has already gone. They asks her to move aside and burn crackers. Shivanig searches Vikram and thinks he walked this side, then where did he go. Rocky asks his uncle why he is looking tensed. Ucle says he is very hungry and needs food. Rocky sees Shivangi (Rudra in shivangi’s avatar) and starts staring her. Rudra sees Vikram there and thinks what is he doing here, he should be on terrace. He asks Vikram to get his cracker pack from terrace. Vikram walks. Shivangi turns into snake and pulls him to terrace. Vikram thinks which is this new snake. He is shocked to see snake turning into Shivangi and says that means she is icchadari nagin and his doubt was right. Shivangi says yes,

she is icchadhari nagin and came to take revenge of her mom’s murder. Vikram says she cannot kill her until garud mani taweez is in his neck and laughs to try and touch her. Shivangi says you mahishmatis are so fool, if she could pull him up, why can’t she kill him. His garud mani is fake and pulls hit form his neck. He tries to run. She grips him with her tail and says that night he with his partners killed her mother, now she will kill him, now he should go up and repay for his sins. She bites him and throws down. He falls into swimming and dies instantly. Everyone are shocked to see his dead body. Shivangi looks at his dead body from terrace and tells maa, I killed your one more enemy and took revenge. She turns into snake and leaves from there before Rocky looks at terrace. Avantika sees Vikram’s body and falls unconscious.

Rocky and others rush Vikram’s body to hospital. Yamini thinks if something happens to Vikraam, bee Avantika will not spare anyone. Doc checks Vikram and says he is dead. Shivangi thinks her mother’s second murderer is also dead. Rudra is seen in peon’s attire. Yamini shouts at doc if he knows who this man is, he is Vikram Mahishmati, Avantika Mahishmati’s husband, now Avantika will not spare him. She does her usual overacting and crocodile trears. Rocky consoles her and says they have to do Vikram’s last rights and inform everyone. Shivangi says she will inform family and walks behind Rudra. Rudra says he will do Vikram’s last rights. Shivangi says she will send each enemy to samshan. Rudra as pandit performs Vikram’s last rights. Rocky’s cousin says Vikram was heavily inebriated and must have slipped and hurt himself. Uncle says he did not have rudra mani, nag must hav ekilled him definitely. Rudra sets Vikram body on fire.

Shivangi at home thinks Rocky must have also worn garud mani, how to check it. She throws ink on Rocky’s shirt and asks him to remove it. Rocky jokes it is a good idea to remove his shirt. She says don’t remove then. He says he was joking and while removing T-shirt walks towards her getting romantic. Shivangi gets tensed if Rocky touches her, she will become nagin, but she does not and is surprised. She leaves asking him to remove shirt, she will bring somethihng else from cupboard. Rocky gets a call and says only 6 of them should know about it, he is reaching soon. Shivani hears his conversation while giving him a hooded jacket. Rocky wears it and leaves.

Shivangi thinks she has to inform Rudra that they are planning a trap. She goes out and informs Rudra that Rocky has not worn garud mani and is planning a revenge from us. Rudra says it is obvious after killing Mahishmati raja. She asks him to go then. He says he is not human to get afraid, he will follow his friendship till end.

Yamini in her usual witty style taunts Sesha to find out who killed Rudra, snake does not even have limbs, how will she make a call. Sesha says fatty, shut your mouth, naglok is bigger than this world, why is she so worried about Vikram, he is not her relative. Yamini yells if she killed Vikram. Sesha says she was with her, then how could she. A masked man wearing Rocky’s look-alike jacket jumps via window. Yamini yells who called him here. Sesha says she called him. Yamini yells nag killed 2 of them already and if he sees 8th murderer, he will kill him. Sesha says let us meet at their secret spot, they will have to give rudra mani to this 8th murderer also.

Shivangi and Rudra are out. They see a masked man getting out via window and Rudra asks who is this. Shivangi asks who is this. Shivangi says Rocky. He asks how. Shivangi says she will explain later. Masked man leaves in car. Shivaangi follows him. Rocky comes back home and asks Yamini if she called him. She does her usual drama, sees Vikrams file on floor and asks Rocky to pick it. Rocky picks file from floor and sees a rudra mani on floor. He picks and wears it. Yamini and Sesha get into car. Rudra sees them going and thinks Shivangi is right, they are planning something big. He gets into their car. Shivangi also follows masked man and he also reaches near Kapalika’s cave. Rudra tells Shivangi that she is right, they are planning to capture him. Sesha asks masked man he came with a solution to catch nag, waht is it. He gives nag jal mani. Yamini asks what is it. Sesha says mani. Yamini happily holds it and gives garud mani to masked man and asks not to remove it and don’t reveal his identity to either her family or nag. Shivangi thinks Rocky was not wearing garud mani as he did not have one till now. She says she has to follow Sesha and Yamini to know their plan and gets into their car. Rudra follows masked man thinking him as Rocky to know where he will go. Sesha drives car and asks Yamini what will she do with this mani. Yamini says she will give it to Kapalika. Sehsa says this mani will work at 12 midnight. Yamini says that means Kapalika will capture imposter nag and kill him with this mani, then they will get nagmani. Sesha says they will not get nagmani until Shivangi picks it. Yamini says she will force her to pick it.

Shivangi reaches home thinking how to find out where Rudra went with Rocky/masked man. Rocky comes and hugs her from behind. She gets a shock from rudra mani and shouts to stay away from me, throws things. He says she knows he does not force himself on her, then why she is misbehaving, she is weird. He walks out. Shivangi thinks she needs to know where Rudra went and save him.

Rudra follows masked man’s car and stops it. Man wears mask , gets out of car and runs. Rudra pushes car towards him. Man escapes. Rudra is about to bite him when masked man shows nag jal mani. Rudra becomes normal snake and runs from there. Masked man wih Yamini and Sesha then goes to Kapalika’s cave. Sesha gives nag jal mani to Kapalika. Kapalka asks how did she get nag jal mani. Yamini says this masked man gave them and asks to calll imposter icchadhari nag now. Avantika comes and asks Yamini why did she call her here. Yamini says she wants her to kill imposter nag as he killed her husband. Avantika fumes that she will not spare imposter today. Shivangi tires to enter cave to know what Yamini and her puppets are up to, but unable to enter. She gets worried for Rudra. Rudra passes in jungle. Kapalika does black magic with nag jal mani and Rudra gets dragged into her cave. Shivangi sees that and gets worried for Rudra. Yamini orders Rudra to come into his human form, but he does not. Sesha turns into snake and Avantika into bee and they both attack Rudra. Rudra snake falls unconcious. Yamini says snake is dead now and asks Sesha and Avantika to bury them. They dig a grave and bury Rudra’s snake body while Yamini continues her witty dialgoues. Shivangi cries that Rudra cannot die.

Precap: Shivangi purposefully falls and injures her head. Rocky watches that and walks towards her. Ankit 2 frightens Yamini and says they are 50-50 partners. Shivangi tells Rudra that Sesha and Avantika tried to kill Ankit 2, but something is protecting him. Rudra says they have to find a solution.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. TThe devil queen of crazy madness

    Who is this Ankit 2 ????

    1. Ankit twin brother maybe

  2. Hi ! I am arjit. I commented here from 3 weeks. But I missed today episode due to packing things. I think I will miss today’s episode also and ITA award function. We are shifting house today. I want to see all stars performances. Could any one tell where we can download naagin season 1 & 2 both please. Because I missed starting and last episodes of season 1. But I am now watching it in rishtey channel from August. There too I missed starting episodes. I tried to download it from YouTube but it is shown it is not available in India. How to download the full episode please tell. Haa! do you know I am just 13 years old. I am a kid and watching naagin. Did you shock. I watch many hindi serials like yhm, sns, kasam, pmhmd and more. But I don’t know hindi very much because I talk in Telugu. I can understand with their expression and some words. I read telly updates and read your comments. Last week both arjun bijlani are fake. I think they are fooling us. There is no mouni roy and Jennifer winget. Please tell how to download the episodes.


  3. Nice Epi,bt Its Late.

  4. Hey the epi was nice by the way the man is not anky his twin bro who is rocky father.oh I miss arjun in nagin season 2 and too excited too watch ita awards mouni dance and sriti dance also.The award list is available in online it is given that popular actor as shabbir and popular actress as mouni

  5. Hey the epi was too good I loved it but rocky is so pitied he doesn’t know wat is happening itself but is blamed

  6. Episode was ok.when will shivangi know about rockys truth. Arjit I dont sure but you can try in voot app for naagin episodes

  7. Ankit 2 is ankit raheja ,twin brother of ankush raheja who come to take revenge of his brothers death ankush raheja from shivanya and shivangi.

  8. Ankit is ankush rahej’s twin brother

  9. Hi guys serial me karwachuth man rha h aur rocky ke cousin bol rhe h abi diwali gyi h.what is this men

  10. Lady nagin is stronger than gents nagin??

  11. Love this episode.

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