Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi reaches near Mahish’s cave and chants Rudra, Sesh, Shivanya. Cave opens. She enters in and sees a big mirror and trunk next to it. She opens trunk and sees so many horns it, thinks how to find out the one Rudra s in. Mahish realizes someone has entered his cave and shouts in anger. He turns into buffalo and runs in. Sesha realizes gurudev told to throw holi ash on horns to find out the one Rudra is captured in. She throws holy ash and all horns turn red. She thinks mirror will tell show truth. She senses someone coming in and turns into snake. Mahish buffallo attacks her. Their fight ensues and she bites him and escapes. In temple, Anki 2 scrolls in floor with pain due to Mahish being attacked. Yamini asks what happened to him and thinks he is bigger

natakbaaz than her. Anki 2 says he felt someone strangulated his soul. She yells oldie stop drama and enter in. He asks what.. She says nothing, let us go in. Shivaanya escapes with horn. Mahish fixes single horn on his head and roars in anger. Shivangi takes horn into jungle and prays. Rudra comes out of it and Shivangi collapses. Rudra holds her. Rocky comes there searching Shivangi and calling her name. Rudra thinks Rudra should not see Shivani in this condition and hides her behind tree. Rocky continues searching Shivang saying though Shivangi does not love him, he loves Shivangi and will not let her happen anything.

Once Rudra leaves, Rudra takes Shivangi to Gurudev and shows him a horn in which he was tapped and says once Shivangi got him out of this horn, she collapsed. Gurudev says this is powerful Mahish’s horn and is very dangerous. Rudra requests to save Shivangi. Gurudev sys only shivji can save Shivangi now and asks Rudra to feed holy water too Shivangi. Shivangi does not open mouth. Gurudev asks to continue trying. Shivngi drinks water and wakes up. She asks Rudra if he saw the person’s face who kidnapped him. He says no. Gurudev says he has Mahish’s horn and will experiment on it.

Yamini and all her puppets wait for Shivangi and Rocky. Kapalika says if Shivangi does not come in 15 minutes and perform pooja, they will not find nagmani again. Rocky comes and Yamini asks where is Shivangi. He says she is lost and tells about tornado incident. Sesha gets happy that her biggest hurdle Shivangi is out now and now she can be with Rocky. Shivani comes injured. Rocky gets concerned and asks Yamini to postpone pooja. Yamini blackmails with her emotional atyachar and convinces Shivangi to perform pooja. Shivangi starts pooja. Yamini asks Kapalika how will they find nagmani. Kapalika says they will see it in water kalash/bowl. They both see nagmani’s location in panchner haveli. Kapalika says pooja is finished. Yamini say they have to go to their panchner haveli to finish karva chauth pooja. Anki 2 tells her they have to meet Mahish right now. Yamini asks others to go to haveli, she will come in her car.

Yamini with Anki 2, Sesha and Avantika reach Mahish’s cave and see him with only 1 horn. Mahish says ichadhari nag or nagin took his horn and there are 2 of them around them. He turns into buffallo and attacks them. Yamini in her usual witty style yells buffalo has gone mad and runs aside. Mahish orders them to get his horn first.

Shivangi in her room tries to apply medicine to her leg injury. Rocky enters and Shivangi corrects her sari. Rocky takes medicine and says if wound is left without treatment, it will worsen. Shivangi allows him to apply medicine. She then sees Rocky’s hand injured and asks how did it happen. He says while trying to save her. She applies medicine to his wound. Aye dil hai mushkil….song…plays in the background…. Rocky says he was worried that he would lose her, says he was right he did not trust her like she trusted him…He insists her to tell once that she she does want to go away from her. She says she does not know. He confronts and asks why she goes away from him always, but does not want to divorce him. She is even fasting for him, but does not want to say anything. She says she is like that and walks out. She goes on terrace and thinks Rocky killed her mother, but why she is getting attracted to him so much…She wants to know if Rocky’s love is pure or not.., tonight after karvachauth, she will know if her heart is right or mind. Rocky thinks same and says he will divorce Shivangi after karvachauth.

Yamini sees Anki 2 searching something in whole house and asks if he is searching nagmani. He says he is searching Mahish’s horn. Yamini in her usual witty style says they should search nagmani instead of horn.. He says she is right. Avantika comes and asks what are they searching. Yamini says she felt a snake here and not nagmani, once she finds it, she will hand it over to her, if not, she can throw her behind wall. Avantika says this time, she will not relive her like last time. Once she leaves, Yamini yells she is stuck between bee and old man. Anki 2 asks what did she tell. She says they shold go and search nagmani, thanks to her bahu Shivangi who did pooja and let her know where nagmani is. Shivangi hears her conversation and realizes why Shivangi forced her to do pooja.

Yamini with Anki 2 reaches panchner haveli’s shiv mandir and cleans mult-head snake’s idol where nagmani is hidden. She washes it with magical water. nagmani emerges. Yamini tries to pick it with her usual over acting, but 2 guarding snakes attack her. She shows them rudra mani and they both disappear. Many snakes attack her and she shows rudra mani to them all. They all run way from. Yamini laughs that nobody can stop her from getting nagmani today. Shivangi with Rudra reaches there with her super power creates havoc, Yamini’s legs are tied and she pleads for help. He saves her and they both run out. Anki 2 ges Mahish’s signal and says they have to meet Mahish right now. Yamini says he can go, she is tired. He insists and takes her along.

Sesha meets a masked man dressed like Rocky and tells she trusts him a lot and did not involve others in her plan. She likes him as wears Rocky’s like clothes. After a short talk, she orders him to kill Shivangi before she becomes nagmani’s protector like her mother. Rudra as snake hears their conversation.

Yamini and Anki 2 meet Mahesh. Mahish angrily tries to attack Yamini and she falls down and injures her hand. Anki 2 requests to spare Yamini. Mahish gets out his one horn and keeps it on Yamini’s injury and it heals instantly. He asks to get his another horn soon, else he will them both. Yamini tells Anki 2 that her doubt was right, Mahish’s powers are in horns, so he is eager to get them.

Rudra informs Shivangi that Rocky and Sesha have planned to kill her tonight, so she should kill Rocky tonight first. Shivangi reminisces Rocky’s love for her and thinks why he is acting then. Rudra reminds her that Rocky killed her mother and if she forgot her mission. Shivangi says she did not. Rocky passes by and hears their conversation. Rudra asks Shivangi if she fell in Rocky’s love. Shivangi says no, she has not and will kill him tonight. Rudra feels shattered hearing this.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rocky dumbo die, and go to hell. Rocky u r more ugly than a rock, actually rock is way more prettier. I have stopped watching Naagin2 bcz of this ugly rocky dumbo, if his love was true he would never think that Shivangi has an afair instead will trust Shivangi.

    His character is so fake. Oh my goodness, that Karanveer was busy with his other shooting and was unable to act as Rithik thats why Ekta-brainless-Kapoor took Arjun instead, if Karanveer was Rifthik than that season would have definitely flopped.

    Karanveer suits in a villain act instead of mail lead…


  2. Happy new year Friends
    Naagin was much better than naagin 2

  3. Happy new year my dear naagin fans???????? … Hope u all have a very prosperous and bright future????….

    Guys. They did show the precap…. But it was shown after bigg boss ended at 11 pm… It was like this…. Rudra tells shivangi that tonight she must kill rocky… Shivangi says she is not in love with rocky since he is her mother’s killer… Rocky hears the conversation part where shivangi tells she will kill rocky… Next it is shown shivangi is standing in a mandir and the masked killer comes and touches shivangi which gives her a shock due to garuda kavach… He is about to hurt her but then rocky comes and throws the mask man on the ground… Thats all folks…??

    I find that half buffalo half human very irritating ….?? But he looke quite funny??? with just one horns??….

    1. Nandhini

      Happy New year Utkarsh!??????

  4. hi all.. first of all happy new year.. secondly yes i do agree that Naagin (seasone-1) was way better than Season-2.. Although its same Mouni Roy but Shivaniya had her own style. + Shivaniya-Hritik chemistry was fabulous and heart touching and in Season-2 although Shivangi ‘s role is also as smart naagin warrior as it was of Shivaniya in Season-1 but with this ugly Rocky around it is disgusting…

    BUT Shivangi & Rudra has some Chemistry and they both suit each other. In today’s episode Rudra was about to get emotional after getting out of horn and finding Shivangi unconscious but that Crappy rocky started shouting shivaaaaangiiiii shivaaaangiiiii like a cry baby calling mama to change his diaper (Rocky is simply disgusting).

    I seriously want some chemistry and love to get started between Rudra and Shivangi as both are Naag Naagin and don’t want them like shivangi’s parents (Hritik-Shivaniya – Naagin/Human…yes in dono key baat he alag thee and Rocky can never be like Hritik coz he’s just a chipmonkey). Also Shivaniya got punished by Sheesh-Naag for being in a relationship with a human. So I want Shivangi’s story to be like her grand-parents (Shivaniya’s mom/dad) means she should end up in a relation with a Naag (off course our handsome hunk Rudra) instead of that cheapo Rocky. And Shivji should choose them as a protector couple of Naag Mani and their most loyal Bhagats…

    But what I think is that our miss know-it-all Ektaa Kapoor jee will ruin the season and make it a replica of Season-1.. And if u dare do so I sware I will never watch ur show again coz phir tum say bara chawal koi nahi ho gaa (I am sorry for being harsh but please don’t ruin it we really love this show)

    Ok now why I said that this seems like coming as a replica of Season-1? Let’s compare Season-2 (S2) (being done so far) with Season-1 (S1)

    Shivaniya taking her parent’s revenge (S1) // Shivangi taking her mom’s revenge (S2)

    Sheesha supporting Shivaniya everywhere (S1) // Rudra supporting Shivangi (S2)

    Sheesha was at the front and Shivaniya was silent killer (S1) //
    Rudra is at the front and Shivangi is silent killer (S2)

    Season 1 was a Love Triangle between Shivaniya, Hritik and Sheesha where Yamini trapped Sheesha and lured her to go against shivaniya at the cost of Hritik, so the 2 sisters who loved each other went against each other and became enemies (S1) //
    I hope this won’t happen in season-2 and it MUST NOT continue as a love triangle between Shivangi Rudra and Rocky. coz if Yamini would find out Shivangi is the second naagin then she will try to lure Rudra at the cost of Shivangi and then Rudra and Shivangi will become deadly enemies (S2)

    I seriously don’t want the story to continue in a way where Rudra would turn out negative character and become enemy of Shivangi/Rocky.. Yes I do want Rocky to get out or die and want Rudra and Shivangi Loving each other, fall for each other and be together. I want all the enemies (all remaining 6 murderers + that Anky-2) to be dead, defeated and revenge to be fulfilled.

    So again its a humble request from Ektaa Jee and the writer and directors please don not make it like season-1. Let Shivangi and Rudra fall for each other keep mr. rocky out of shivangi’s way. Let them be in a relation and fall for each other. Don’t make rudra get trapped by yamini and go against shivangi…pleaseee…..We want to see more of their love and bonding rather than that stupid rocky..

    1. Mona146

      LOL i was laughing when I read that diaper part. True.
      I dont want Rocky to die as would be a bit irritating and sympathetic as he is being projected as a true lover here. But I want shivangi-Rocky to have misunderstandings and they break up. Then I want her to choose Rudra and settle forever. I hate this Karanvir Bohra’s cry baby avatar in every soap he plays it. whether it is qubool hai or Nagin. He suits to be a villain. I never liked him in any role except in shararat since that was a comedy series and he was young anyway. He can play villain role better.

  5. Rocky not looking good with sivangi
    Hate rocky


    I am happy i did not watch this confused episode..
    Too much mistake in update in typing due to 1 hr and bore and confusing episode…

    Happy New Year Naagin Fans☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


    Happy new Year Utkarsh, Nandini, Alia and others ??????

    1. Happy new year to u dear????

    2. Nandhini

      Thank you and happy new year to you too Shraddha!??????

  8. Shakaib

    Hi hasan mam, happy new year to you and all naagin???? fans.

  9. Nandhini

    Happy new year to friends and naagin fans!??? This yamini isn’t afraid of anything but buffaloes!?? So shivangi can kill her easily with the help of an another buffalo…

  10. Nandhini

    Hii Alia! Happy new year dear!???????

  11. Happy new year guyz??
    One thing I did laughing reading awesome liners for rocky.??? n second i really don’t get it now Shivangi can love a high class moron rocky.. He asks her questions nonstop ,she has brains for God’s sake.. Honestly real honestly rocky is d only one person in d whole show who’s ruining it.. They paired d wrong people.. Total mismatch..
    Rudra has that charm .. Had they been paired nobody could have taken their eyes off the screen

  12. I hate that Rocky no emotion he is good as a villan. Rudra and shivangi should fall in love and protect nag mani. Please pair Rudra and shivangi.

  13. suhail

  14. SuHaIl suhail

  15. hy am new here but this is not fair rocky really is cute and truly they will be a perfect matched couple

  16. hy am new here but this is not fair rocky really is cute and truly they will be a perfect couple there something called true-love

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