Naagin Season 2 30th April 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 30th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi reveals Gurudev that Mahendra Pratap is Rocky’s biological father and Yamini has got him and other 2 people and they are all planning something against Rocky. Gurudev asks her to find out their plan. She turns into snake and leaves. Gurudev thinks whenever they think Shivangi’s revenge is finished, a new surprise is awaited. Mud idol in shiv temple gets alive and turns into woman.

Aaliya tells Avni, Tanya and Rubel that she got a gift idea for Bhai/Rocky’s birthday. They ask what. She says they will decorate bhai’s room. They ask what is new in it. Avni leaves in her car for market. Shivani reaches and turns into Avni. Rocky asks maid to get juice. Mahendra says he has prepared juice for him. Rocky says why did he make effort, maid will bring. Mahendra insists

and goes to kitchen. Shivangi as Avni enters and Mahendra asks how did she return so early. She says she wanted to ask family if they need anything from market. Yamini tells Manjusha and her husband that Mahendra has gone to give poison mixed juice to Rocky. Avni/Shivangi enters and Yamini gets tensed thinking if she heard anything. Avni says she is confused what gift to buy for bhai. Yamini says she can think herself. Real Avni while traveling in car thinks Mansi wanted something from market. Her phone battery drains, so she stops at PCO and calls Mansi and asks what she needs from market.

Shivani/Avni comes in front of Mansi. Mansi is shocked hearing Mansi over phone and one in front of her. Shivangi takes phone, walks aside and asks Avni what she needs. Avni says she does not want to talk to her and disconnects. Shivangi tells Mansi that her friend Shavni had called and asked when she is reaching market and fixes her hearing aid. Mansi thinks her hearing aid was off. Shivangi then goes to kitchen and sees Mahendra mixing something in Rocky’s juice. Mahendra walks towards Rocky and Shivangii pushes him. Juice glass falls and Mahendra shouts at her. She says she saw cockroach and cleans floor. Mahendra fumes. Shivangi thinks she will not let anyone harm Rocky.

Rocky calls Shivangi and whole family. They all gather. Rocky gives divorce papers to Shivangi and asks to sign them. Yamini yells to spare her son. Shivangi drops ink on papers and says she will never divorce him. He shouts she has to, calls lawyer and asks to prepare another paper. Yamini goes to her room and fumes. Shivangi goes to Rocky’s room and picks shiv mandir’s photo and thinks how is this woman related to Rocky. Rocky enters and she turns into Tany and says she was cleaning cupboard and found this photo, whose photo is it. Rocky says he sees this woman in dream everyday and he does not know who she is. Tanya asks where did he find it. He says on takshak mountain’s shiv mandir, and he leaves. Mahendra enters Rocky’s room next. Shivangi turns into mini snake and hides. Mahendra sees woman’s photo and says it is Rocky’s mother’s photo, how did Rocky get it, he should not know this photo’s truth. He walks out and burns it. Shivangi reaches and picks photo ash and then takes it to Gurudev. She then tells him what Mahendra told and says she wants to know this woman’s identity and transfers woman’s image from her eyes into his eyes. He creates photo with magic. She says she is going to Takshak mountain from here and leaves.

Shivangi reaches takshak mountain’s shiv mandir and searches for proof. She finds another half of photo and sees her father Rithik in it. She joins photo and sees Rithik and Rocky’s mother chatting on sofa, thinks what secret it has. She takes it to Gurudev and shows photo, says her papa knew Rocky’s mother and Mahendra did not want to know Rocky anything, so he tore photo. She wants to know secret behind this photo and find out what Yamini’s team want to do with Rocky on his birthday tomorrow. Gurudev takes photo and takes Shivangi to a sadhvi gyaai maa who is seen prays devi maa. He calls gyaani maa and Shivangi greets her. Gyaani maa says when gurudev’s knowledge is not enough, he comes to her. She checks photo and says she does not know them, but can show the moment when this photo was made. She shows Rithik asking Shivanya if painting is done, he is feeling pain trying to smile. Rocky’s mother says it is very beautiful.

Shivanya says it is their friendship photo. Rocky’s mother says their friendship is her maika/mother’s house as she lost her family after marrying Mahendra. Mahendra enters. Moments vanish. Shivangi asks who was that man. Gyaani maa says she does not know. Shivangi says Mahendra and others want tokll her husband. Gyaani maa ties taweez on her shoulder and gives another one to tie on Rocky’s shoulder and whenever he is in trouble, she will know about it. Shivangi returns home and sees Rocky searching something, thinksk must be searching photo and keeps it on bed. Rocky thiks he was searching this and keeps photo in. He asks her to go out, anyways she will be out of his life tomorrow. Shivangi says she will not leave him alone tomorrow.

Yamini with her puppets goes to Babaji’s den. He asks if work is done. Manjusha says father could not serve blue liquid to son and reminisces Avni dropping juice. Babaji shouts and says havan kund is asking sacrifice. He cuts his hand with a knife and it falls into havan kund. He drops blood into a bowl and gives knife and ash to Yamini and ask her to apply ash on Rocky tomorrow and stab this knife into his chest. Yamini agrees. Babaji asks her not to let Mahendra know about it.

Rocky dreams about his mother in dream again and wakes up. He picks out photo and thinks she is the same dream woman, how is she related to him. Shivani as mini snake watches everything. Rocky goes out. Shivangi turns into human and thinks Rocky does not know anything about his mother, if he is not informed about it purposefully. Rocky walks to living room. Whole family comes out and greets him happy birthday. Rocky is surprised. Rocky hugs Mahendra. Tanya goes to get her gift. Shivangi holding cake thinks how to feed it to Rocky. She disguises as Tanya and gifts cake to Rocky. Everyone praise her. Rocky cuts cake. Tanya hears everyone singing happy birthday to you and thinks how can they cut cake without her. Shivangi sees Tanya and runs away silently.

Tanya joins and asks Mansi how can they cut cake without her. Mansi without hearing aid gets confused. Family enjoys cake and Yamini says let us go and rest, tomorrow there is a big party. Shivangi reminisces Gyaani maa’s words to tie taweez on Rocky’s shoulder, she will know when he is in trouble. She turns into Yamini and walks into Rocky’s room and asks him to extend his hand and ties taweez. He hugs her. She turns into Shivangi and then Yamini again. She asks him to sleep. He says he wants to meet Tanya and walks out. Shivangi thinks Ranveer, Manjusha, Yamini, Mahendra want to harm Rocky, what about Tanya. Rocky walks into Tanya’s room and sees her preparing gift. Shivangi as Manjusha enters and says they both are looking pretty together. Tanya says they are just friends and Manjusha forced them to get engaged. Manjusha says Shivangi entered that day on wrong time, she wanted to punch and kick her out. Rocky gets angry and leaves. Tanya asks Manjusha why she upsets Rocky. Manjusha hugs her and thinks she knew Tanya does not love Rocky. She walks away and turns back to Shivangi. Babaji laughs that only 24 hours are left for Rocky to die.

Shivangi reaches temple and sees Mahendra serving sweets and blankets to poor praying for Rocky. She turns into a mad beggar and thinks she does not know who he is, but she will go in front of Mahendra as him. She goes and stands in que. Mahendra gives him blanket and sweets and is shocked to see him, says Kashi did you identify me. Man says he needs food and acts insane and says he needs food. Mahendra takes him home. Yamini does her usual jokergiri and drama with her puppets Manjusha and Ranveer. She sees beggar and yells already there are so many beggars at home and asks Mahendra why did he bring beggar home. Mahendra asks to watch him carefully.

Yamini identifies him as Mahendra’s brother Kashi. Mahendra gives him food and says he wanted to tell secret of Vasudha/Rocky’s mother and reminds he was playing with Rocky as horse. Kashi says more food. Mahendra reminds him when he was acting as horse and Rocky was riding on him. Mahendra tells Vasudha that he is common man. Vasudha says she loves him and left her family because for him. He says why did not she let him meet her family. She says she does not want to. Vasudha then travels with Rocky towards Rithik’s house, calls Rithik and asks him not to tell Shivanya that she is coming, she wants to give her a surprise. Dacoits attack bus. Vasudha gets out of bus silently with Rocky. Dacoit is none other than Mahendra. Rocky sees him killing passenger and says baba. Mahendra runs towards Vasudha and says he did not kill man purposefully. Vasudha warns him to stay away and runs. He follows her. She hides and calls Rithik and requests him to come right away, she is in jungle behind his house.

Rithik reaches her and she describes whole incident. Rithik is shocked to know Mahendra is a dacoit. He calls inspector and says their lives are in danger and explains whole incident. He runs with Vasudha and Rocky. Mahendra stops Vasudha and pleads to forgive him, he loves her a lot. She says he is murderer. He says he loves her and is her husband. She says she did not tell him about her past, Rocky is only her son and he is not like normal human. Mahendra requests her to give him one chance. Police arrests Mahendra. Mahendra snatches gun from constable and points at Rithik. He kills one inspector and injures another. Rithik fights with him. Inspector calls senior and requests for more police. Rithik continues trashing Mahendra and walks with Vasudha and Rocky. Mahendra finds gun and shoots at Rithik. Vasudha comes in front and bears bullet. Mahendra shouts no..Vasudha. Rithik punches him with gun butt and Mahendra collapses. He then says Vasudha let us go. Vasudha says Rocky. Rithi runs and brings Rocky. Mahendra gets up and shoots Rithik’s leg. Rithik continues running. Mahendra calls Yamini and informs that her rented son took away Rocky. Yamini yells she was searching Rithik and Shivanya and they are there. Kashi comes and Mahendra tells Rithik took Rocky and Vasudha.

Rithik takes Vasudha to hospital and Vasudha asks him to give Rocky to someone if she dies. Kashi reaches there. Vasudha asks Rithik to save Rocky and tells him Rocky’s truth. Kaashi runs seeing police. Rithik’s foster parents come and Vasudha asks them to take care of her son and dies. Rocky walks into jungle alone. Yamini comes with Mahedra, Manjusha and Ranveer and asks him that she was searching him since long, where was he. Mahendra asks where is his son. Mahendra stabs Rithik repeatedly. Yamini stabs him next. Kashi comes and says he found where Rocky is. They all throw Rithik from cliff and see him falling. Kaashi says Rocky is with Rithik’s friend Nikunj Nigam. He also knows Rocky secret. Police comes and Yamini and other puppets escape. Police arrest Mahendra and he shouts at Yamini to take care of his son. Out of flashback Mahendra asks if he remembers anything now. Kaashi continues acting. Manjusha says he does not know anything, let us go to party. They lock Kaashi in a room and leave. Shivangi takes back her form and they killed Rocky’s mother and her papa.

Yamini enters Rocky’s room and applies ash. He says yesterday…Avni and other youngsters enter wishing happy birthday. Rocky asks them all to go, he will change shirt and come. They all leave. Rocky removes his T-shirt and something glows on his back. He coughs and drinksk water, continues coughing. Youngsts prepare cake for Rocky. Shivangi waches standing aside and gets cough, thinks what will happen to Rocky today. Rocky comes and says he told not to show her face today. She coughing asks if he is fine. Rocky calls lawyer and police. Lawyer says Shivangi that they got court orders, she cannot stay in this house and not even around 500 meters periphery. Shivangi says she will challenge court order. Lawyer says she has to walk with them now. Yamini yells she has to go. Shivangi says she will not go anywhere. Rocky drag her out and she shouts she does not want to go now. He pushes her out of door and asks inspector to take her away from this house.

Precap: Yamini asks Rocky to close his eyes. Mahendra watching from door shouts no. Yamini stabs Rocky. Shivangi senses Rocky is being attacked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor Rithik. Yamini’s puppets killed Rithik so ruthlessly. But there’s a chance of Rithik surviving, could be someone found him and took him to hospital and he lost his memory.

    Want Arjun back on season 3! Pls Ekta Mam, bring Arjun back, he is the reason of success of Naagin 1 as Mouni and his pair was much appreciated.

    1. Arni

      Dint u noticed that in first few episode it was shown that Ritik died when Shivangi was of 5 or 6 years but when Ritik left to help Vasudha then Shivangi was too small and he died

      1. Ya, thats what I was wondering. Also it was night and was storming and Shivanya was a kid. I think Shivanya’s cousin (the one who she use to live with) when he was narrating the story to Shivangi.

    2. Arni

      No Ritik cant come back as in firsy few episodes when he was shown dead then the police brought his body nd burned it

  2. Correction
    In the Pic Moments The Guy Who enters Later is Not Mahendra
    He Is kashi
    That’s why shivangi turned into his form ☺

  3. During the beginning of Naagin 2, in Shivanya’s flashback it showed that Shivangi was some where around 5 when Ritik died. But here they show Shivanya carrying a baby shivangi? I’m confused can someone pls clear this doubt.
    Actually the scene where Vasudha got shot was funny, cuz the bucket didn’t touch her hip at all.
    I prefer to watch Koi Laut ke Aaya hai more than this cuz that’s so realistic.
    Watched Naagin 2 only for Ritik’s episode. I want Naagin 3 to have Mouni And Arjun as the lead

    1. Sqthyasree venkat

      Fact.I watch only for rithik

  4. Nice Epi,hi Arjit Do U Hve Any Spoilers Abt Drama??Poor Rithik.I Agre With Su16 Argument..Plz Kil Ths Yamini 1st.Who Is That Mud Lady??Hei Nandani.

  5. Rocky will be stabbed by yamini and I missed today’s episode I didn’t even see a second. I will watch it in voot. I will tell you the spoilers next week. I think rocky has something in his kundali that will help yamini to get something. Mouni roy is also in naagin 3. But don’t know is it the continue story or not. But at end, rocky and shivangi get killed by poonam narula goel, Anky 2 wife. She will be main villain. I want arjun bijlani in season 3 as lead. We wish it. I too saw koi laut ke aaya hai. All her family and her husband make gitu mad.

  6. SOHAN

    Episode was awesome guys Dukakis we came to know how ritik died… But at starting it was shown that shivangi was 5-7 yr old girl not an infant…….. Plus in naagin 1 the baba blessed shivangi that she will die first then ritik….. So how come this happened……. Kuch bhi dikhate hain….. Hi NANDINI……. i have full doubt that rocky will become an icchadhari naag……. May be…. If yes then it will be fun watching naagin 2….but missing rudra…….

  7. I think rithik will be back… how poonam will kill rocky and shivangi as shivangi is a naagin nd y rocky’s mother nd rithik’s potrait was in takshak mountain???plz guyz i m very much confused

  8. Arjit Who Will Be The Main Characters In Seson 3??Does It Abt Shivangi Child?Does Shesha Also There.

  9. Guys what i think is that rocky is a nag as vasudha told ki wo dusri duniya se hai rocky unke jaisa nahi aur shivangi ki shaktiya bhi nahi gayi
    Yahi shivangi ke saath hua tha i think rocky ki bhi yahi kahaani hai par sach kya hai pata nahi

    1. Arni

      I also think that rocky is a nag

  10. But shesha said in few weeks or month ago that she is the one who killed her lover because he don’t love her who can remember this ? May be there is another story again

  11. Nandhini

    Hii Dhananjay, Sohan,Alia,Arjit and friends…actually it was boring episode though rithik was present…how many times that yamini wil stab him??? its the same story repeating,i.e. rithik and shivanya’s parents are already known to each other as they are naagmani protectors…likewise they are showing shivangi’s and rocky’s parents are already friends…in both these cases, these parents(rithik,shivanya and their parents)have been killed by yamini and group…and rocky’s mom is killed by her husband (yamini’s puppet)…nothing interesting it seems until the new vamp comes (anky 2’s wife)…the only mysterious thing exciting us all is rocky’s secret…i too think he is icchadhari nag becoz shivangi didnt lose her powers even after consummating with him…then his real parents must be some naag, naagin…lets see…

    1. SOHAN

      If rocky would be an icchadhari naag ill be really happy but he should love shivangi like before…….

      1. Nandhini

        When he comes to know about yamini’s truth,then he wil love shivangi like before..same like rithik-shivanya’s situation…we will see that in this weekend’s episode??

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