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Naagin Season 2 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi waits for Rudra near Panchner haveli and thinks why he is taking so much time. She then thinks she has to reach home before any doubts her and leaves there as snakes. Yamini with Anki 2 goes to Kapalika’s cave and informs her about Rudra being captured in half human and half buffalo Mahish’s horns and taunts that she could not do anything, but Mahish did. Kapalika senses someone in her cave and sees snake/Sehsa and bee/Avantika trying to enter in. Super powers stop them from entering in. Kapalika lets them in. Sesha tries to bite Yamini angrily, but Yamini shows garud mani. Sesha and Avantika then start verbal argument with Yamini and her puppets. Yamini asks Kapalika to tell where Rudra has hidden nagmani. Kapalika says they have to do Shiv stotram pooja

by one who is having nagmani raksha chakra tattoo. Yamini asks old man Anki 2 get back Rudra from Mahish Anki 2 says they have to break Mahish’s horns then and asks Yamini to send her 2 animal puppets Sesha and Avantika to break it. Sesha says she will not fight. Avantika says Yamini’s so called bahu Shivangi should do this pooja.

Rocky eagerly waits for Shivangi when he hears door bell and opens it. Shesha comes in and starts her emotional atyachar. Rocky consoles and hugs her. Shivangi enters as snake via window. Sesha asks Rocky to close window and he does. Rocky then emotionally says he just needs love from Shivani and cannot suffer like this. Shivangi hears him and think why he wants her love when he loves Sesha. Sesha walks out. Rocky sees Shivangi and asks where she had been. Their argument starts.

Yamini gathers all family members. Youngsters ask why she called them all here. Shivangi and Rocky also come down. Yamini says she wants herr bahu Shivangi to perform peace pooja in their family shiv mandir and Shivangi has to fast with other bahus. Shivangi thinks she cannot go out of this ouse until she finds out wwhere Rudra is. Rocky tries to tell Yamini that there is noting right between them. Shivangi stops him and says she is ready to perform pooja. After getting back into room, Rocky asks Shivangi why she stopped him when she wants divorce from him. Shivangi says he wrongly doubted her and wanted divorce and says she never doubted him and Sesha’s relationship, then why did he doubt her, even she….stops and thinks why she loves him though he is her mother’s murderer. She walks towards bed and gets bedsheet and pillow to sleep on sofa. Rocky stops her and says water spilled on sofa, so she can sleep on bed as usual while he will sleep on floor. He insists and sleeps on bed.

Mahish looks himself into mirror and removes his horns and thinks Rudra is captured in it and will never come out.

Once Shivangi feels Rocky is asleep, Shivangi thinks she has to meet guruji and find out where Rudra is. She silently leaves room. Rocky notices her and thinks she told she is not doing anything wrong, then where is she going at midnight. He follows her and sees her sudddenly missing, thinks how can she escape in just 2 seconds. Shivangi reaches shiv mandir and informs guruji that Rudra is missing. Guruji asks her to pray in front of holi water and if her pooja is pure, she will see where Rudra is. She prays god and sees a dark place for a second. Guruji says he must be captured in a horn and gives a holi ash and says if she throws it around, he horn will change its color. Rudra reaches there and is shocked to see Shivangi there. Shivangi sees him and says guruji that he is her husband. Guruji greets Rocky in and says Shivangi performs pooja here every Monday and he always tells her to come with her husband for blessings. Rocky apologizes Shivangi for doubting her. Shivangi says Shivji is her mother’s favroite god and she comes here to pray for her mother. Guruji gives them charan amrit. Tey both cosume it and return home.

At night, again Shivangi wake up and sees Rocky missing. She thinks of using holi ash and finding out Rudra soon and even thinks about fasting and having sargi/fasting food. Rocy comes with food. Yamini also comes in and asks Rudra if he brought sargi to his wife. Rocky says Shivangi did not have dinner yesterday night, so he brought her food. Yamini asks Shivangi to touch her feet and take blessings. Shivangi thinks Yamini is wearing garud mani and if she touches Yamini’s feet, she will burn, so tells Yamini that her mother told to take bath first and then touch elder’s feet to take their blessings. Yamini asks her to get ready and come down and leaves.

In the morning, Rocky travels with Shivangi towards shiv mandir. Shivangi thinks she has to escape soon to find out where Rudra is. She silently breaks down car’s circuit from her tail. Car stops. Rocky is surprised and thinks how can car stop suddenly. Shivangi gets out of car and cerates tornado with her super powers. Rocky sees tornado coming and asks Shivangi to get into car soon. Shivangi acts as trying to open door. Rocky sees tornado approaching Shivangi and asks her to run from there. Shivangri runs and tornado grips her, she flies in air. Rocky sees that and tries to break door and injures his hand.

Yamini with her fake family waits in shiv mandir. Ladies ask why only women have to fast for thier husbands and when are bhaiya/bhabi coming. Yamini asks Rocky’s cousin to call Rocky. Cousin calls and says both their numbers are not reachable. Yamini thinks where they must have gone.

Shivangi reaches the spot she saw during pooja and walks reminiscing Guruji’s words that suddenly it will turn dark and she wil hear kaan khajura’s voice. She will see lots of delusions, etc. Shivangi sees herself falling in deep pit and then sailing. She thn walks on a bridge with great difficulty and reaches cave. She then sees caterpillars surrounding her ad then attacking her. She turns into snake and fights with them, but they all attack her at once. She prays seshnag and tunrs into multiple mouthed snake and kills them all. She then walks into cave and hears someone calling her name. She reminisces guruj’s warning not to turn back whateer it may happen and does not turn. Bats attack her then and she escapes. She also reminisces guruji’s warning if something happens, holi ash wil vanish. She realizes half ash evaporating and sees 3 paths. She chants Rudra, Sesh, Shivanya and finds one path glowing.

Precap: Mahish tells Yamini that there are 2 icchadhari nags among them. Rudra thinks of divorcing Shivangi. Rudra gives poison to Shivangi and asks to poison Rocky. Shivangi agrees. Rocky sees someone ordering a masked man to kill Shivangi. when masked man is about to attack Shivangi, Rocky counterattacks masked man and throws him down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    Mahish removes his horns as if they are some spectacles or something. Hillarious they are his own right? Nag going inside a horn is further stupid in the first place. These tests on the way for shivanya are stupid seemingly inspired from plots like SSK and Kavach. How are leading her to truth in anyway? And what is this chant rudra sesh shivanya? It is itself wierd.

  2. Mona146

    An episode without rudra is a big no-no for me. 🙁

    1. I agree Rudra ke bina it was all missing ?? but at least Shivangi was taking pain to search him

  3. Christina

    Rudra,sesh n shivanya what a weird chant???it is getting worst day by day…missed rudra alotttt

    1. Mona146

      even i felt the same. Weirdest chant ever heard.

  4. Missed Rudra?..m loving Shivangi in her golden dress looks like a doll?… Loved she was facing difficulties to search Rudra..
    Loved when she pushes rocky away I was like she should have slapped him too for irritating her so much lol
    Me n My family love the adventures n ol however illogical it may seem heheehe dt Buffalo guy is too funny ???
    but now can’t wait for a week to see her saving Rudra.. That’s good they keep saving each other but kuch feelings confess kr do plz.. Or at least tell each other that u guyz have become besties

  5. Hi shraddha, nandhini, alia, mona and all my dear naagin fans??…..

    Looks like this season is not an inteqaam season but an animated Adventure season…. It should be renamed as “the adventures of naagin”???!!!!….
    First it was an underwater sea?? adventure for shivangi and today it was a full of rocks and volcanic places? adventure…. Maybe next time they’ll bring an outer space adventure????….
    Today’s episode was average wiith almost every background scene animated or CGI made???….
    And no rudra?…. Liked it that shivangi scolded rocky….
    Precap seems interesting??…

    1. Alia123khan

      Hi nandhini, shraddha and utkarsh!!!?
      Coming to episode, nothing without rudra. Everything was like bland without him. I think that masked man is not akhilesh. He is taller than akhilesh.
      Let’s see what happens next…☺

    2. Hii dear..
      Space adventures????? seems legit .. The only point worth WS dt all was to save Rudra… N God rocky sucks like hell ..real hell ?


      Hi utkarsh..
      Helll nandini
      And adventure of naagin is nice title ???????? and its hindi verson should be- Katron ki Khiladi, ek Naagin…

    4. Nandhini

      Hii Alia,, Utkarsh,, Shraddha!???
      Today’s episode i felt a bit of kawach and sasural simar ka copied scenes…am i the only unlucky girl who misses out awesome episodes and gets to watch all boring episodes!??
      Next time outer space adventure! Yippee!!??? we guys are no more getting older by watching these adventures!!
      I too loved the scene shivangi pulling rocky away! Alia you are right…the masked man may not be akhilesh…who could it be???? i doubt they will drag this season by showing shivangi and rudra saving each other again and again from new and old villains but will they ever decide to settle down together!?! Hi meghna! Nice observation you made with rivanya and rovangi (rovangi disgusting name ever?)…hope shivangi changes her mind at the last minute and leave rocky atleast for the fact that he is doubting on her…

      1. Dezine

        rudrangi is a great pair… rovangi disgusting

      2. Mona146

        rocky name itself is irritating. I get really irritated when Karanvir bohra cries. But rudra-shivangi may not become pair as tv soaps are hell bent on proving husband-wife relationship as true love however it may be. Rithwik-shivanya pair was lovely. Shivanya-shivangi names are so close. they should have selected a different name.

      3. Hii guyz.. just saw on news Shivangi is gonna save rocky n nagmani n convince Rudra to help her .. There’s no sign of love triangle yet ? she wants to save her “pati dev” …? why the hell they got them married..i seriously cant take that rocky sh** Makers don’t check kya ki what are viewers liking ?

  6. Worst part is she tells rocky and she tells herself that there’s nothing between her and rudra

  7. hey guys what I have always been a big fan of naagin.I have been watching it 4m season 1 bt never commented so i guess i am new to ur group.btw what do u think is there any chance of rudrangi(rudra+shivangi)getting there any chance of them developing feelings 4 each other?nd their feelings keep blomossing dat at last they confess their feelings.nd one more thing the makers should not make it one sided.

  8. hi im new to tellyupdates ,can i join

  9. The most absurd is how come a snake’s tail could penetrate through the car body to the engine…I do understand it’s a fantasy series… please do not give such shitty treat to the audience.

  10. hi guys i have always beem a big fan of naagin.I m watcing it 4m season 1 bt never commented so I guess i am new to this group.BTW is there any chance dat rudrangi(rudra+shivangi)could get together?i m just hoping dat they will develop feelings 4 each other nd there feelings will keep blomossing dat they will confess at last.At least i hope it should nt be one sided nd seeing rocky with shivangi it kinda freaks me out.totally gross!!!!!yuck!!!


    Tooooo much bakwas drama… one day show look awsome to watch and next day it become worthless to watch. Yesterday no sences of rockey which made show good and awsome and today only rockey and shivanya made show go to hell.. and i hate rockey toooo much always doubting shivangi, where as ritik always believed shivanya and he is always doubting.. that why i hate rockey even more..

    1. Heya hii ..I totally agree.. Yesterday no rocky it WS awesome n today had to bear him??

  12. Vfx technology used in this show is very poor.

  13. Nandhini

    Rudra-Sesh-Shivanya…i think these are the names of shivangi’s forefathers and her mother…maybe naag and naagins have the ritual of chanting their naag/naagin ancestors name before taking naag roop…or…rudra is lord shiva’s ferocious avatar,, shesh is shesh naag-king of snakes so maybe shivangi is chanting their names to take naagin roop and finally she is chanting the name ‘shivanya’ as an homage to her mother as she derived her naagin powers only through her mother…its a fantasy series…so we can assume like anything…


      I never saw shivanya or shesha reciting these type of words.. i think this is only of shivangi as may be she will not be naagin after her revenge..

      1. Nandhini

        Maybe possible Shraddha…or i think unlike shesha and shivanya who were naagins since their birth,, shivangi got her powers only after 25 years…she will be new to use her naagin these mantras are meant only for her to take naagin roop….


        Say anything but season 1 was much better than thisbseason

  14. Hi guys! I am new to this place. Hope you guys include me too. By the way I just read some comments about that mantra. Did anyone realise rudra shesh shivanya isn’t as shitty as it seems!! Rudra-shesha-shivanya!!!! There has to be a link between the three of them. Maybe rudra was their brother or something. It must have a link with the storyline. What do you guys think?

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah maybe Kj

  15. It wasn’t caterpillars that attacked her but giant centipedes. Shivangi costume makes her look FAT. Hate the extra piece in front. Oh! The best part was when she was hanging upside down from the tree her earrings did not bend too. ?? Magic earrings that defies gravity. Lol

  16. Dezine

    shockingly, shivangi’s chemistry looks gud with rudra instead of rocky… plz unite rudrangi.
    in the previous season, shivanya-rithik chemistry looked gr8. but now rocky has zero chemistry with shivangi

  17. that song what was playing during Rocky and Shivangi scene was nice.. what was that song??

  18. hi nandini nd u r absolutely ri8 about the chant’s meaning the 2nd time.when shivangi got her powers at first she didn’t know how to transform into her snake form nd to change into any other form so she went to guruji nd told him dat she has powers bt dont knw how to utilse them den guruji tells him to chant rudra-shesh-shivanya as rudra is shivji’s another avatar nd name,shesh naag is the king of the snakes nd shivanya is her mother who means so much to her nd for whose sake she is taking guys we can take it in another way dat as we knw sivanya is her mother,nd shesh means shesha her aunt nd rudra will be her future luv interest or may be even more.we can take the chant’s meaning relation wise.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you Adya? yeah we can take those names in relation wise too…

  19. that half bull half human mahesh is totally annoying bt shivangi will kill him in maa kali’s form in the upcoming episode.

  20. can anyone pls update on the precap of the next episode. It was not shown at the end. Big Boss started suddenly. Dont know if they have shown later

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