Naagin Season 2 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Ankey 2 and Yamini ask forgiveness from rudra. Rudra thinks that I can’t touch it. Rudra says Your Child, Rockey was about to sent me jail, if i will work with you I will die and my work will end. Ankey 2 ask rudra today when you will pick naagmani and you will have so much money that you will not require to theft. Rudra agrees and goes.

Ankey 2 tell Yamini to put white liquid arround naagmani and naagmani will blow light under moon light.

Yamini sing song Bindya meri and Shesha arrives in form of snake? and scares yamini; and laugh aloud. Shesha ask where she is going? She says for sleep. Just than Shesha shows Snake?’s skin? and tell she found in garden. Yaminu ask to give to me and we will show to Kapalika. Shesha denies and tell that I will light

and burn it. Yamini thinks it might be of Rudra; and get scared. Shesha lights the skin.
Shivangi start feeling burn, Rockey arrives and try to calm down her and take her into shower?, and background music plays bharma vishu Shiv, shiv ganga ki dhara…
Rudra see fire and checck and think to save Shivangi’s snake? skin.
Just than mansi arrives and put water on snake skin, and ask for sleepling pills. Shesha gets irritate and leaves. Mansi was not other than rudra and thinks to take shivangi snake? skin from her.
Shivangi thinks about missing snake skin and start coughing. Irritated by her cough rockey ask her to drink cough syrup.

Rudra goes to yamini room and finds shivangi snake? skin and turns to Ankey 2, and talk to yamini and ask her to get ready fast and leaves and take rudra form again.

Shivangi arrives to rudra and inform about her stolen snake? skin. But rudra tell he saved it as they were about to burn it. Shivangi tell thats why i was burning in pain. Shiavngi takes her skin and recites rudra, shiv, & shivangi and get her powers again. Rudra inform her about naagmani? pick plan, shivangi tell she is naagin? and will save him and naagmani?.

Yamini talk to someone and inform him that today we will pick it, shesha hears her and goes to follow. That Yamini is Shivangi and meet rudra. Shesha finds out that yamini and rudra are meeting again again. Shivangi inform of yamini talk loudly so that Shesha hears them and tell rudra that you are duplicate key?? to pick naagmani and rudra shows his back sign. Shesha decide that she will not let them success.

Shesha informs Mashishmati? rani, Avnatika (looking damm preeti in pink and white dress) about picking naagmani. Avantika ask her to chill and let her do it, then we will take it from her and will bite her after all we are animals?? and she is human??.

Yamini, Ankey 2 and rudra reach at place. Yamini hai damini, badi hi kamini background song place. Ankey 2 pour some liquid and decide to make naagmani? brighten and get succesd and naagmani ?start to get brighten by appearing as volcano?, earthquake? and shaking ?whole place?. And naagmani ?and shiv background music plays.

Yamini start to sing songs- aaja naagmani aaja mere pass, aaha aaja naagmani aaja.
Ankey 2 goes to pick but yamini stops him saying sheshnaag? will bite you. And ask rudra to pick, rudra goes near and think to pick and he picks it as per shiv blessing. Yamini ask him to give. Just than we find out that rudra is hiden, flashback- rudra tell he will come, just let me take my phone to take selfie with naagmani?, ankey 2 and yamini tell come fast and they both goes. After shivangi come and take rudra form and tell that suryavanshi waris we pick FB ends.

Avantika and shesha arrives and start fight that stop creating drama. Yamini put full blame on Ankey 2 and shesha ask them to stop and tries to kill but yamini shows her safety things. Shivangi goes to rudra and ask lets go and hide naagmani?. Ankey 2 tell 3 deviyan that due to you all rudra is gone. Just than real rudra comes and take icchadhari naag? form. Shesha tell that he is same naag that we had killed and all start to stare each other.

Rudra conforms that yes, I am naag? and I am alive again and you will not have naagmani. Yamini ask avantika and shesha to stop him. Shesha take naagin? form & avantika take madhumakkai? form and attack rudra.
Just than ankey 2 throw some stone like thing and call icchadhari bull/mahish?. He take his form and pick rudra. Avantika and shesha fight over to stop mahish?.
Mahish? start feeling uneasy and goes. Shesha, avntika tries him stop but he goes. Shesha and avantika burn in anger and shesha tell that due to you both we have lost it. Ankey 2 burst angery on avantika and shesha. Yamini ask them to stop it and all 4 fights. Avntika tell yamini that due to her yamini is alive and I can kill you both (yamini and ankey 2). Yamini says that you did not do any favour by making me alive. Avntika tell that naagmani? is of mahishmati?. Yamini tell that go from her otherwise I will kill you. Ankey 2 praise her that she did good by scolding both animals?? but yamini scolds him and tell him to stop as shesha and avntika are dangerous. Yamini tell that even you are good for nothing.

Shivangi goes to some place to hide naagmani? and it turns too be panchner ki haveli?. She prays to sheshnaag? that for saving naagmani? my parents?? died and even you gave me powers, now please protect it. Sheshnaag? apears and shivangi prays that provide me strength so that I can take my revenge from my enemies, and leaves.

No precap

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  1. hi shradda, today you have posted the update. Great! And yaah! I have been getting bored with these episodes recently. I don’t have interest in naagin now. Yes, true naagin 1 is best. I have my own story of naagin 2. I will tell that. Read this all viewers.
    Now, Rocky signs divorce papers and gives it to shivangi. But shivangi disagrees. But sesha in shivangi’s form signs them. They get separated. Shivangi and Rudra share some romantic moments. Yamini finds that rudra is ichchadari naag. On that day, Sesha thinks to kill shivangi forever and yamini thinks to kill rudra. They don’t know each other’s plans. Shivangi sheds her skin as she feels cold. Then sesha comes and kills her by her poison. Yamini too kills rudra by stabbing him. Both shivangi and rudra die. Now, don’t think both lovers unite and villains win. Then gurudev meets shivangi and does yagna and regains her powers. Then Yamini plans marriage for rocky and sesha. All start their rituals. Shivangi also saves rudra and both reach marriage venue. They think it is rocky and shivangi’s marriage for uniting them. Shivangi gets happy and gets ready. She sees sesha and poisons her for sometime as she thinks sesha will spoil it. Rudra hits rocky’s head and swaps his face and marries shivangi. All shock and send them out. Both kill all murderers except sesha. Lastly show ends with shivangi getting pregnant and rocky killing rudra. It will be revealed in season 3, The truth is sesha as rocky killed rudra. How is it ? Nice or not. all reply please.

    1. Shakaib

      Really awesome and better from that boron rocky. But will more happy if you’ve killed rocky,lol. He makes good pairing with Shesa. Not Shivangi. I.E.RoSha=Rocky and Shesha


      Rest is good and awsome and practical which really should happen..
      But killy rockey part was not good instead shesha gets killed in trying to kill both…

    3. Heya nice version :)) .. liked it ..rudra can be shown making efforts to get shivngi ♥…but plz dont kill rudra 🙁 y to kill him … kill any of d villains hehee

    4. Nandhini

      Hey Alia! Nice story? but i dont want rudra to die…let shasha die!!??

    5. hope this comes true but sesha must be killed and shivangi should be killed by that icchadari kutha rocky so that we can see the upbringing of the child by rudra as a single father hope if the child will be a boy and potrayed by arjun bijlani aka rithik
      why always daughters should take revenge and shoulg get upbringing by a mother
      change the topic yaar
      let rudra live and upbrings the child either a girl or boy remincing shivangi’s love
      superrrrrr coooooooooooooollllllllll it will be

      1. what u say

  2. Shakaib

    Thank you sharaddha di for update. Yamini hai damini, badi hi kamini, really, is she “kamini”….???? Hahahaha. Yamini scolding all. Wow! But rocky is nothing, even rudra and Shivangi are good instead of rovangi.

  3. Mona146

    So yamini knows that Rudra is a nagin and she still believes him to be suryavamsi and nagmani keychain.

    1. Shakaib

      Rudra is nag not Naagin lol.


      Yes rudra is not naagin but he is naag ??????

      1. Mona146

        whatever. When did she come to know of it.


      She knew about it since he made her realise about suryavash sign on his back

      1. Mona146

        i meant that when did she come to know that rudra is a nag and is the one who attacked them. Sesha identified him but yamini did not say anything regarding that as well.


      Yamini ko uss din pta chala jab rudra ne yamini or ankey 2 ko bekvafuf banan diya ki uski gardan par suryavanshi nishann hai, uss se phele jab kaplaika ne rudra ko pakda tha tb pta chala ki vo rudra hai baad me usne uss se conforim kiya tha… to dono baar se yamini ko pta tha

  4. Wow shraddha????!!!! Very nicely written with lots of emojis???…. Today’s episode was superb with minimum rocky scenes and maximum rudra scenes…., There was a good amount of my personal favourite yamini and group hilarious conversation???….
    Selfie with naagmani?? Surely shraddha, ur wish granted by the makers??….
    Well, i just finished watching the show on, and they also didnt show any precap…. Does anyone know why there is no precap????
    Really eager to know what happened to rudra… Hope shivangi saves him?….
    Hi nandhini and alia!!!!?


      Precap was not due to sudden start of big boss, even i got confused when it started suddenly.

      And my wish was to have selfie with naagins but it will be fun to take selfie with naagmani even.. so indirectly it is fulfilled by writers?????????????

      1. I think the writers also read our comments…. Hope they see our pleadings of making rudrangi the lead couple and make rocky the 6th killer??

        By the way, today’s bigg boss episode was also a BANG ON one!!!!??? loved it??

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Utkarsh! Ur personal favorite is yamini! ??Even she is my personal favorite character although i hate her from the fact she was saved from kali maa…i like her witty acts and her timing humorous dialogs…next favorite is rudra.,, though i cant read his mind but right now he is doing justice to take revenge and help shivangi…

  5. Shakaib

    Lo Bhai, phailai kasam mai ekta mam nai karwacauth dikhaya abh Naagin 2 mai bhi. I want to Naagin dance, I.e. Naagin dance nachna.


      Ekta kappoor maam ke sare festival binn mausam barish ke jaise hote hai jo kabhi bhi manaye jaa skte hai chahe vo season ho ya na ho..

  6. Y no precap! I missed d frst half just to avoid watchng rocky he sux..! Poor rudra is in trouble just for shivangi n thnkgod she atleast thought where rudra is… n y rudra is ready to die for shivangi without even expecctinh anything from her..wt r his feelings…n y shivangi cant see tht? Selfless hero to ye hai.. i badly want rudrangi togthr ! N i saw in news shivngi will start liking rocky thats definitely gonna suck high tym.. den wt abt rudra he ll keep dying just fr shivngi n she ll only notice rocky crying n complaining…hell!


      Rudra said that he owes his life to shivangi for saving his life but I think rudra is feeling love for shivangi but hidding..

      1. Mona146

        I just dont want him to turn negative otherwise his role is a bit similar to sesha-rithvik track.

      2. Thanxx yr 🙂 i feel d same he surely has if shivngi will undrstnd it but i really hope he wont end up as the lonely one.. n shivngi loving rocky only.. :'(


      And there was no precap as they just start big boss suddenly, even i was confused..

      1. Mona146

        salman annoys not only on youtube eros videos but while watching nagin too. Oh god!

  7. One thing will be good n i ll love to watch shivngi saving rudra again n him saving her … ♥♥

  8. Shradha (Di?)THANKU so so much 4 such an entertaining update….Luved it…
    I missed it today (4 the 1st tym) as I was in Park Street Kolkata celebrating Christmas eve and u’r updates made my day ,nyt rather….???
    And Yamini kamini was the best..
    And no doubt RUDRANGI is the best and Rocky is ULTIDAYAK truely…
    Pls all my dear friends and RUDRANGI luvers pls Reply to my comment or jst say ME2 in the following link
    Pls pls pls….
    This is to make all know how badly the viewers want RIVANYA BACK IN THE FORM OF RUDRANGI…..

  9. wow wat a super update well written Shraddha dear thanks 4 the update NICE EPISODE so naagmani is safe WILL SHIVANGI SAVE RUDRA FROM THAT ICCHADHHARI BULL ? WAITING 4 2MMORROW

  10. Precap was shown after big boss
    Just after big boss precap ended
    Just after that pls someone tell them precap because I don’t remember it sorry
    But it was shown rocky coming to shiv mandir and then shivangi moving
    Above fire on wood something that type

  11. Oh gosh I saw the full repeat now it was more Rudra all over the episode??? m sorry gone mad fr him… Mere pyaare naag naagin ? n sabhi villains ki fight unke dialogues seriously ????

  12. Nandhini

    I have not watched the episode yet but when i started reading the written updates,, i was so sure it was updated by none other than our Shraddha by looking at its detailed sentences and its real meaning inside the braces…spl mention to the emojis??
    Lol! In the name naagmani itself the name ‘naag’ is it obviously belongs to Naglok/or naagin community…how come it belongs to mahishmatis!?!?? as if avantika is fighting hard for her ancestral property!! Let her go and find “makkhimani” instead and fight for it…
    Rudra and shivangi will protect the naagmani from the cheap evil eyes and i want them to discover their love for each other in the process…


      Nandini if its compliment, then Thank you. ????
      Makkhimani ??????????????????ya better let her find it…

    2. Makkhimani????????

    3. Nandhini

      @Utkarsh&Shraddha: Yeah!???
      And Ofcourse Shraddha its a complement??? and you are welcome???

  13. Nathelyn Rose

    Love Mouni and Karanvir lotsa. Cutest COUPLE eVeR. Naagin1 had friendly romance. But Naagin 2 is damn romantic. Lotsa Love for RoShi *Rocky & Shivangi
    All who Love RoShi lotsa, I’m requesting you please do the same forward till the Naagin 2 end!!!!!! .
    ?Wanna Rudra dead the soonest ? and let his ? *ghost* love Shivangi while Rocky take Shivangi away???
    ??? Cheers to all ?RoShi fans? !!! ???

  14. the epuisode was great and it was just sucking my blood regarding rocky. there is no such chemistry between rocky and shivangi unlike rivanya . rudrangi pairs good. when i see that bathroom scene i don’t feel that it was some what romantic . its sucking. hope shivangi loves rudra and their both get married . hoperocky should quit shivangi’s life and show
    love u rudra

  15. Nathelyn Rose

    Love Mouni and Karanvir lotsa. Cutest COUPLE eVeR. Naagin1 had friendly romance. But Naagin 2 is damn romantic. Lotsa Love for RoShi *Rocky & Shivangi
    All who Love RoShi lotsa, I’m requesting you please do the same forward till the Naagin 2 end!!!!!! .
    ?Wanna Rudra dead the soonest ? and let his ? *ghost* love Shivangi while Rocky take Shivangi away???
    ??? Cheers to all ?RoShi fans? !!! ???
    Naagin 2 is the BEST all because of RoShi??

  16. Hi, I am new to this page. I like rocky and shivangi pair. I guess Rudra will turn negative because he loves shivangi. Rovangi will fight against villains

  17. why Shivangi is not using nagmani power s to kill her enemies
    she is the heir of suryavamsis

  18. Shivangi will feel bad that she misunderstood rocky when she comes to know that he is not the murderer. But the further consequence is the million dollar question. Will she realise her love for rudra till then and apologise to rocky and leave Rocky or will she start loving rocky as he is her husband and will be bound to that relationship and tries to protect rocky just like shivanya did for ritik. Story will be logical then but just can’t see that ugly expressionless rocky as the lead

  19. rithik never get irritated by shivanya’s health problem or doings never doubted on her though she always leave ang go to some where very frequently that was rithik’s love
    this rocky was damn idiot and sucker
    if rocky and shivangi love and consummates . shivangi may lose powers before her intakaam
    rudra always understands and stands for shivangi in every situation before shivangi’s expresses him
    this is called love
    not rocky’s


      Rightly said mallu

  20. If shivangi uses nagamani powers to kill the enemies, then that would be the end of the serial.
    Shivangi loves rocky even before her marriage. Rocky doubts her because she is maintaining distance between them and moving close to Rudra.

    1. even shivanya distance herself from rithik but he always understands and supports her and tried hard to gain shivanya’s love
      physical relation does not mean love which rocky feels
      in love one should give space to other

  21. Distance means not physically.Love means beautiful emotional bonding, which lacks between Rovangi


      So true.. Rockey always doubt on Shivangi and Rudra.
      They are showing in today’s episode..

  22. hlo can i join u guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


      Yes Jassi you can join us…
      Welcome to Naagin family

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