Naagin Season 2 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry for mistakes and emoji use..

Episode start with shesha saying that i shall take you with me and turn into snake?. Mansi strike with aliya and cry. Everyone find her hearing aid. Badi ma appolozise to her. Shesha sees yamini and make faces.
Rockey come and think I do not belong to this family (as if family think of him) and i do not have my love to. Shesha thinks same.
Rockey greet everyone. He says that I am due to them and I love my family and hug them. And eye shivangi. Shesha thinks I should take to my home with me.
Rockey goes and ask god who am i?, and see reflection of her mother, and question himself, who is she? Rockey take her mother photo and ask why you are troubling me. He think i should ask mama. He goes and shesha see him and follow her.
Rockey turn

into snake ?and fly. Shesha see him and says that rockey is takshak naag, thats why she can fly. I turned into takshak naagin just now, so i can’t fly. Lets wait him to return. Till then I should go and meet yamini. Avni-in-laws and mama talk to yamini and they all go to jaadu baba. Shesha lies down on bed and relex.

Rockey goes to baba and ask about his kundli. Baba ask who are you? Baba say i know that something have happened on your birthday. Rockey say that I am turned into snake and turn in snake and say I want to know about my life. Baba says that you are icchadhaari naag??? Rockey says yes.
Rockey further says that who am i? Baba say relex and soon you shall find ans to your question. Now go home. And do not tell anything to anyone. Rockey goes. Baba that turns out to be shivangi. She says that you are in too much danger. I am going to protect you from everyone.

Rockey goes home. Shesha see him and turn into snake?. And goes from infront of him. Rockey goes behind her by turning snake?. Shivangi goes to meet rockey.

Baba says that someone is here. He sees man? and say why are you here? I told you not to come here. All want naagmani but i need first. Yamini hears them. Baba says that i shall see guruji (shivangi guru may be)and you handle others. Masked man? goes whistling from there and yamini follows him but he disappear in jungle??.

Shivangi goes and find rockey. Yamini tell all things that she heard to her partners. And tell that i shall kill? that baba. Shivangi hears them.

Shesha see that rockey is following her and goes in takshak shiv temple⛪. Rockey follows her and reaches to that temple. Rockey search for shesha. Shesha says find me rockey, find your love. And again turn into snake?. Rockey hit on wall and see someone tied. He get some magic powers and break wall.

One snake? is shown protecting tied girl. Rockey hits that naag and see shesha. Rockey free her and ask ruchika/shesha to get up. She open her eyes and hug? him. She tell rockey that all this is done by shivangi. Rockey get angry. He tell that shivangi is not naagin now, but i need to say much to you. Lets go home. Shesha says thats what i wanted. Now shivangI you are gone.

Shivangi finds a book? related to naag naagin and searches for some clues of takshak lok and shesh lok. She says I need to find out truth as soon as possible.
Rockey call everyone and says there is a surprise for you badi maa. And he brings shesha inside. Yamini and shivangi and mansi gets shock? seeing shesha. Yamini get happy and start her overacting. Yamini hugs shesha and shesha say stop over acting. Shesha says I know I was killed by someone, but rockey’s love survived me. Rockey introduce to her rest of members and goes. Shivangi get tensed.

Yamini take shesha and do her overacting. Shesha says now i am more powerful than before. Yamini says that yes you were kali naagin? and then colored naagin? and shesha says that now i am takshika?. Yamini get scared.
Shesha say now what? Yamini say shivangi is not naagin any more. I made their honeymoon. Shesha think that you made a mistake overacting ki dukhan. Rockey is naag and shivangi is naagin. She shall never loose her powers. And plan something with yamini.

Shivangi confront rockey that now see ruchika is alive, your badi maa is alive and you still think that i did all this. Rockey shouts just go from here (atleast see truth noww??????). And get angry. Shivangi say not till you hear me. Badi maa interupt and say that we allowed you to stay here just for 5 days and you…. Rockey says lets go out badi maa. Shivangi goes in anger.(finally showed anger????)
Badi maa say to rockey lets party. Rockey think, i should tell you truth but fear to lose you(like seriously???, she can kill you any time).

Shivangi thinks how come shesha is back and see her. Shesha goes on terrace and shivangi goes behind her. Shesha call yamini and shivangi hear them by turning into naagin. Shesha say that tomorrow is amavasya when naagmani ? will shine. And ask her to go.
Sesha confront who is there. Shivangi turn into tanya. And goes but shesha find out that she is shivangi. And tell that how she killed takshika rani and took her powers.

1. Shivangi tell guru ji about shesha turning into takshika.
2. She hurting her.
3. Baba realving masked person(may be tanya).

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    Hi frnds even i wrote for chandrakanta life ok. If anyone watches

  2. Arjit5

    Hi shraddha dhi and others! How are you sorry I didn’t comment last sunday beacause I was busy. But I commented in it on thursday. I guessed tanya is surely a villain because she acted very innocent and kind. I love to watch klkah also. It is streaming 5 hours before it’s original telecast in hotstar. So anyone can write it’s written update quick before end. I am happy and also sad because Naagin 2 is going to be aired in telugu gemini tv in a month. I missed Naagin 1 it ended in January this year. But starting new season now. I missed season 2 episodes in hindi can’t watch it in voot due to high consuming data. Youtube colors serials are blocked in India. Only way I watched few episodes in voot. Sad news still remaining 5 episodes only. Bye naagin 2. And a clear doubt buffalo? is not at all an enemy of snake?. Why those writers created buffalo as enemy of snake. There is no connection.


      Hi arjit..
      Is naagin 2 is ending??
      Team can do any thing.

    2. Nandhini

      Buffalo vs snake is the stupidest thing ever…

  3. Shradda di amaizing……BY watching serial I Didnt have much fun but ur writting style nd useing smily ,emoji made me laught.its so entertaining…haha…thnx 4 update.

  4. Arjit5

    Mouni roy’s makeup is covering her face and eyes. Very huge make up in naagin 1 her style is nice but now her makeup is getting more. Don’t you think friends. Bye


      All effects and makeup and even dressing were cool in season 1

  5. Arjit5

    Huge makeup in naagin 2 bad. Normal make up in naagin 1 best.?

  6. thanks for quick update shradfha dhi

  7. im confused shraddha how can sesha become takshika,she is from seshnaag clan and
    Then why guruji told shivangi to stay away from rocky, who’ll be the masked man
    lot of mysteries are yet to be cleared
    Hi all my dear friends
    do anyone here have any idea about the future story,plss share
    byee gdnyt


      As she cutted takshika head and used its powers..
      Masked person is tanya.

      I have little idea as per promo rockey shall fake his romance with shivangi to kill her.

  8. please comment fast tania dhi and dhananjaya bro what do u think about todays episode is it nice????shraddha dhi post comment fast

  9. Thanks Sharda Sharma Atleast For Quick Update

  10. Wht A Hell Is This Nagins Can Change Their Clan Like Changing Clothes.Lol Director.Thanks For Showing These Nonsens & Yamini Who Is I Thnk Nw More Than 100 Yr She Live.This Drama Violate All The Thngs I Am Learned In Bio.If I Truly Speak I Am Nw Fed Up With This Drama Becuze Of Nonsense & Repeating Thngs That Telecast

  11. Hw Stupid This Rocky Still Cnt Identify Who Are His Enimes & Friends.Only Thing He Knw Is To Blame Shivangi Who Always Him By Saving Frm Trouble..No Apreciation To Her


      High five dhanajaya. I think same too.

    2. you are right.he cheets shivangi.just hate him

    3. will arjun n mouni be the part of naagin 3.if they will came in naagin 3 then it will be interesting

  12. I Thnk This Masked Man Is Anki 2 Wife.


      Masked person is tanya as long hair and eyes were shown

  13. hii . i am first time commenting .
    today’s episode of naagin 2 looks interesting .. waiting for tommorrows epi

  14. Hi Friends Nandani,shivangi,tanya,sharda Sharma,& Arjit Hw Ar U Friendes?? I Thnk Al Ar Well,,frnds Dnt U Get Boring By Watchng This Drama..If U Ar Boring Plz Put A Cment Even It May Help Director To Open His Eyes.


      I was bored since episode. When they shown ritik died and shivanya died later. But then new twist of rockey made me watch again but now again shesha is back, now it will turn into love triangle.. that will surely bore me.

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Dhananjay! I am good? the makers ears are already deaf to our requests and wishes..they wont care for us anyways..they wil care for only thier stupid creativity…

  15. shivangi dear I m not understanding can shesa bcom takshika where she is a is against sheshlok.nd the epi was nice.


      Its writers wish to turn story as per they want not as per viewers want

  16. do u think it will be tanya.why not …..everyone is after naagmani.stupid ppl.

  17. Hi,shradda di, nandini di ,dhananjaya bro, arijit ,shivangi,jia,how r u all?


      Hi tania.
      I m fine u tell

  18. guys are u happy or sad that N-2 ending.I M waitin for season 3#


      Is that true that naagin 2 is going off air??

      1. Hi dears…am in tanzania but we are able to watch dis series…but is t true dat soon wil go off….5 episods???

  19. dhanajaya bro i m fine.but naagin 2 going away with my peace/ I want a new look of naagin.

  20. nandini di where r u.

    1. Nandhini

      I am here tania dear! Sorry for the late comment…was lil busy yesterday?

  21. Reached 30 comments in 2 hours. Very whooping comments. I think it could also be extended till 9th june. Because naagin 1 would have ended in January 2016, but due to high trps it didn’t. But again it was about to go off air in April but extended to May and again june 4. This season could also be extended. Is it tanya or who ? I missed the precap but tanya could be it. All people in season 2 are partners of naagmani.

  22. Amar, Manav , Kapalika, Anky 2, nidhi, Yamini, Avantika, uttara, ichchadari maheesh and ichchadari ullu, sesha, takshika, Manjusha, Jadhunath baba, Ranveer, Tanya, vikram, mahendra pratap. 18 murderers and 2 weeks ago there was a precap, rocky is surrounded by 3 big snakes. Ritik and Shivanya died in the same episode and reunited in the next episode. But this rocky loved shivangi a lot but whom she killed are alive and he doesn’t confess. So strange. He always gets angry on her and feels again. How many days dragging like this. For a month.

  23. cvs know about it.they btought unwanted guest shesha to eat our mind.ha ha…….

  24. brought*

  25. hw many times shivangi save rocky from yamini and shesha


      Ques to be corrected a little..

      Since when yamini and shesha alive and attacking to get naagmani. As they attacked shivanya and ritik and now shivangi and rockey. ??????????????

  26. HI,shradda also well.

  27. YAA..shradda di.naagin 2 will end soon.will u miss it?


      No really.. but its ending will be bakwas I guess

      1. Nandhini


  28. hi, im fine tania
    im sad because our show is coming to an end,but it is better to end the show rather than making it worst
    N-3 must be something new and more interesting than both the seasons
    But dont know how the cvs have planned,God plss make them aware to show some mercy on us,the loyal fans of naagin

  29. Superb. Whatever shesha do she can’t defeat shivangi and take naagmani with her love rocky. Because rocky loves shivangi a lot. Shivangi will win rocky’s again and be the queen of takshak clan.

  30. Nandhini

    Seriously it was a boring and irritating (due to shesha and yamini) episode! Cant see it with much interest except for some vfx scenes..but by reading this update only its kind of interesting to know about the story…really beautiful update shraddha!???
    Hii friends! In precap, the man with the mask is tanya only…her face was shown clearly…i cant stop laughing when rocky could fly as a snake but shesha cant.???


      Thnks nandhini..
      Yaa that was tooo fun ??????

  31. shradda will be continue……witch nd angell will fight for naagmani…..the story protecting naagmani nd taking revange was before nd standing on the basis they r making seasons of it.

  32. LOL!!!
    Now I think they will turn even Mansi, avni n others into negative characters???.
    All the negative characters r back and they r still introducing more. Now I don’t care about Rockey coz he is a naag and can protect himself but I m worried for Shivangi and guruji more. Now there is no way of killing Shesha. Hope they will show that only takshak king can kill takshika so Rockey will kill Shesha after knowing the truth. Now jadu knows that guruji is helping rockey hope he doesn’t kill him.


      Fingers crossed

    2. Nandhini

      Who knows…they might also turn rocky as negative…

  33. we already know this.why they(cvs) wasting their money In it.

  34. me too was laughing Nandini di when shesha can not fly but rocky can.she was following him but cant follow further. rocky left her there by flying.she was fuming.n yes….it was so funny Shradda di.

  35. I Thnk This Will Be Worst Drama I Watch Many Funy Thngs When Considering To Biology & Our Medical Field.Yamini Who Is Ordinary Women Living Young As Prevous I Thnk If Colectivly Take She Is Nw Over 90yrs.Bt She Is Acting Like 30yr Women..When A Person Get Into Rocky Statue Gain Life I Have Prblem Hw Cn Her Heart & Respiratory System Work??Even Many Scientist Try To Freez Animal & After That They Try To Preserve Them To Future Generation But After 48 Hurs Animal Die..Snakes Are Flying I Thnk They Are Hybrid Species Who Cross Their Genes S With Birds Or Dinorusor Who Cn Fly… Lol..Ths Drama Is Like Ben 10.Becuz Ben Cn Cnvrt Into Alliens In Here There Pepople Who Cnvrt To Bufolos,snake,owl,bees Plz Be Realsitic Mr.Director..Nagin 1 Is Beter.I Apreciate It Higly. Bt Ths Season Cnsist Of Ful Of Nonsen.Boring With Seing Yamini.

  36. Rocky believes all people except Shivangi. How many times Shivangi saved him. When will he realise that. I feel very sorry for Shivangi. She became alone with out any support.
    It is irritating to see Rocky calling badyma

  37. Dhananjaya bro…Perfect saying.THEY r not realistic.Full of nonsense episod.

  38. May 21 ka written update kabh upload hoga. . I want to see…

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