Naagin Season 2 1st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocky sees Shivanya telling Rudra that she is ready to kill Rocky. Rudra gives her poison and says once she kills Rocky, she will get what she wants, she should call him in shiv mandir so that nobody doubts her. Rocky fumes he did not realize Shivangi can thinking of killing him for money.

Anki 2 and Yamini reach panchner haveli. Sesha and Avantika as snake and bee pester Yamini. Yamini in her usual witty overacting yells she has not kept animals in her haveli and orders to come in their human form. Avantika says old woman must have grabbed nagmani and hidden it. Yamini yells she hid it in her hair. Sesha asks overacting ki dukan to stop drama and tell where she had gone. Yamini says to Mahish’s cave as he had ordered to search his horn. Their confrontation

and Yamini’s witty overacting contiues.

Shivangi tells Rocky that she has kept his traditional clothes for karva chauth function. He looks at her. She asks if he does not like this dress, she will get him another one. He asks if she has something else to say. She thinks he with Sesha has planned to kill her. Rocky looks at karvachauth prasad and reminisces Rudra asking Shivangi to mix poison in prasad. Shivangi thinks her heart does not think Rocky can kill her mother and is planning to kill her.

Youngsters on terrace wait fo moon sighting. Aalia sadly says if she had married Rudra, she would have also fasted for him. Another cousin asks her to relax. Manav’s mother comes up yelling she sent Manav here to find out if moon is seen or not. Her son says papa is having food downstairs. She leaves yelling at Manav.

Shivangi walks on stairs when sixth murderer wearing Rocky like clothes tries to attak her, but falls apart due to Shivangi’s holy powers. Shivangi falls down from stairs and sees him running, thinks he is rocky and gets angry that he really wants to kill her. Rudra comes as snake and then becomes human. She tells Rocky really wants to kill her, so she will kill him today. Sehsa sees her puppet sixth murderer running and gets happy thinking he would have done his work. She then changes as Shivangi, walks near Rocky with pooja thali and hugging him tells she can do anything for him. Rocky thinks she is different in room and shows fake love outside. Shivangi notices her fake avatar from a distance. On the othe sidde Yamini searches something. Avantika asks what is she searching. Yamini in witty style yells her bahu, Sesha..Avantika says she must be somewhere around and shows Aalia and says looking at her expressions, she may be Sesha, so Yamini should go and check her. Yamini goes and hugs Aalia and thinks she will dance in pain due to rudra mani’s power. Sesha as Shivangi tells Rocky that she wants to make tonight’s pooja special. Rudra as snake silentlly drops pooja thali on Sesha. Shesha says her clothes are spoilt and will go and change. Once she leaves, Shivangi goes to Rocky and tells she wants to make tonight’s pooja special, so she will break fast and do pooja in shiv mandir. Rudra grips Sesha and takes her ot of house. Sesha shouts to let her go. Rudra leaves and escapes. Shesha comes back yelling her plan of celebrating karva chauth with Rocky is spoilt. Aalia and another cousin tell her that bhabi has called bhaiya to shiv mandir for karva chauth pooja. Shesha thinks sixxxth murderer did not kill Shivangi, she has to do something. She goes to Rocky’s room and sees him fuming. She asks what happened to him, if he is fine. He says Shivangi asks him to meet her at shiv mandir, but he will not go. She asks him to relax.

Shesha then goes to sixth murderer in a man’s form and tells her she is sesha and orders him to kill Shivangi at any cost. Rocky hears their conversation and thinks he will save Shivangi. Shivangi goes to temple and waits for Rocky and thinks Rocky is her mother’s murderer, so she will kill him. Sixth murderer attacks her, but due to holy powers falls down. Shivangi sees mask and thinks Rocky is so coward that he is hiding face behind mask. Sixt murderer attacks Shivangi again, but Rocky rescues Shivangi and fights with sixth murderer. Shivangi realizes someone else wants to kill her and not Rocky. Rocky beats sixth murderer and attacks him with trishul. Sixth murderer runs from there. Rocky starts confronting Shivangi that she with Rudra wanted to kill him with poison for money, he would have easily given her money and divorce. He asks from when she knows Rudra, from 1 month ago or 1 year ago..She wanted to kill him with poison mixed karva chauth prasad, so he will eat it and die. He picks bowl and is about to consume it. When Shivangi throws bowl and hugs him tightly, crying.. Rocky pushes her apart and asks why she is shedding fake tears, why she wants tto kill his family, he will not let her touch his family. He leaves. Shivangi thinks she has to catch sixth murderer and speeds in snake’s form. Sixth murderer is seen speeding his car and running into jungle. Shivangi attacks him, but he escapes and meets Sesha. Sesha thinks if the snake attacked her attacked even Sixth murderer. She creates a protective ring arouund them and asks him if Shivangi is dead or not. Shivangi tries to enter protective ring, but falls apart. She thinks she cannot enter protective cover and see Sixth murderer’s fface, but can hear their conversation

At haveli, youngters watch Manav and his wife’s drama and enjoy. Yamini asks Anki 2 to be with her as her assistant are not with her and she fears snakes will attack her. Rocky returns and Youngsters ask if he did not go to shiv mandir. He says no. Shesha says Sixth murderer it is good nobody identifies him and even Shivanya thought he is Rocky and showed Rocky’s pic in her to Shivangi. Moon is sighted. Shesha leaves. Shivangi cries that Rocky is not her mother’s murderer and she wrongly doubted him, she will complete karvachauth fast for Rocky now. In haveli, Manav breaks his wife Nidhi’s fast and she asks him to feed him. Shivangi comes and tells Rocky…Rocky says he does not want to perform pooja. Shivangi says she wants to perform though.

Precap: Kapalika tells Yamini she will prove that Shivangi are icchadhari nagin, so she has captured her with Rudra in her cave. Shivangi grips someone in her tail and shouts he/she will die now. Rocky loses balance of his car and rams it to a crane Crain’s fork falls on car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Two words…- “Rocky sucks”
    I have decided not to watch rock n shvng scenes.. N ekta has lost it here.y she got Rudra when she’s hell-bent on making rock Shivangi d pair.. Yuckest thing Eva… I hate him I mean just loved when Rudra said if u can’t kill I ll kill him .. This whole weekend was full of that Goddamn rocky n his questions his cries screams n all nonsense.. I’d love to see Shivangi’s adventures n as many animals as they can bring into d show but that rock …got headache ..?? ruined frst day of d year ??
    Send Shivangi underwater or in d sky let her fight devils but can’t see her crying for dt moron..wts d point in being naagin then when u ll ultimately fall for a dumb human guy
    M sorry m so upset dt I ll get his nightmares tonight ???


    Same drama… in first season ritik got hurt realising shivanya intensions but came to know truth later.. same repeating story.. rockey is such a big fool and unprecitable… but i hope shesha and rockey unite and shivangi and rudra unite..

  3. Cry baby Rocky just die, you crapoy bullshit, and Shivangi always crying and stuff for this crappy Rock. He is the dumbest character in the history of indian serials.

    Ekta its a request, kick this crappy Rocky out of the serial. I actually hate Karanveer don’t know why I do so, Karanveer suits in a villain role as an example Viraj in Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyabhati Bhaba.

    Bullshit Rocky just f off…


    1. Shakaib

      Agree with you.

  4. I like karanveer very much. I Know he is got emotional bcz he love shivangi more then his life that proved today episode. Shivangi nd rocky romantic scene is not enough for us.we want rocky’s more scene and I’m sure that rudra will feel for sivangi very soon and he want shivangi in his life nd try to separate our love bird… would be bette if rocky’ll be turn snake or something else …..then it’s different season1.season1 hero was a human and now’s left nothing interesting nor romance between lead pair ….

  5. Rocky not at all suit with sivangi.
    Rudra is best
    Ekta mam please change current track.

  6. Rockey is best, it is not rockey’s fault, writer should change the story line

  7. Hi all!!!
    Happy new year to shraddha, utkarsh and nandhini!!!??
    Coming to episode, rocky is yaar! Cry baby. Rightly said meghna. I dont like rocky itself. Rocky looks good but isn’t suitable for this role. Rudra is best?
    Awesome acting by mouni roy(shivangi)


      Happy new yr alia????

    2. Right yaar.. But I think we’ll have to watch him only as he’s all over the show ..he’ll keep crying ..he’ll be the lead guy ?

  8. now it’s confirmed that rocky-shivangi is the lead pair
    what’s the purpose of bringing rudra into the story then. and any guesses who the 8th murderer is? i guessed it would be one of rocky’s cousins. But both were at home when shesha was talking to the masked man about how shivanya’s damad’s image was left

  9. I hate roky with shivangi but i use to love ritik and shivanya. It would be more cute if it is rudra and shivangi. Plz made them a couple.

  10. Shivangi and Rocky are the best…..plz don’t change them

  11. The eigth killer could be aaditya.he has a motive as his marriage with shivangi is called off.he had also seen sesha in naagin avatar at the pub as well…

  12. Better rudra an shivangi,,,,I just don like rocky

  13. I love rocky and shivangi

  14. Yes ram you are right. Big chance that the eigth killer is aditya. Otherwise they wouldn’t highlight his character much in the beginning

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