Naagin Season 2 1st Episode Analysis

The episode start with Ganesh Vandana and Shiv Puja 👏👏…
Naagin introducer – Introduce Naagin with old story of season 1. Naagin was a great success and full story from start to end is shown; how ritik and shivanya meet, maaried, killed all enemies, shesha turning negative, shivanya and ritik intimating and saving naagmani from mahishmati’s. And shivanya being prengent.

After 3 months (in june ended and now in oct)

Some people are trying to kill shivanya and ritik and both are running in jungle, and not able to identified their new enemies. Just than shivanya strik with stone and she cries in pain. Ritik holds her and divert enemies, and take her to hospital. Dr. Tell him about delivery and both tell dr. About only three month delivery 😨😨😨😨…
Everyone in hospital are surprised and in tnesion. Shivanya delivers baby girl, and tell ritik that her mom told that naagin’s 3 month is equal to 9 months of human and they both are in tension being baby a naagin 🐍🐍🐍…
But ritik says that they both are human; so it can happen and shivanya says yes you are right but with in tension😑😑😑😑 and both hear binn sound..

After 24 yrs 11 month

One naag and naagin take human form and romance just they see shivanya and follows her. And tried to talk her but Shivangi is buying vegetables, just than binn is played and nag nagin leaves. Shivanya comes to shivangi (both played by mouni roy). Ask her to go home and she goes to meet naag nagin and warn them to stay away from her daughter. Than she goes to shiv temple, where guru dev informs her that at shivangi’s age 25yrs her kaal will return where she can be naagin or human. Shivanya says her daughter his human and will remain human. Guru ji gives her idea that she should marry shivangi before 25 so that she can be human forever.

Shivangi dreams about turning into naagin and get up scared and she is sweeting,, and leaves with her sisters for opening bakery. Shivanya tells her brother about getting shivangi married before 25 yr of age.

The all three sisters go to garge for delivery of cake and karan bohra (sorry i forgot his chacarter name in show) is bathing in garge and she colides with him. His frnds or brothers record video; and shivangi’s sis come there and they all leave for bakery. All three boys come to bakery and shivangi gets video and she call police and her sister ask her to forgive them.

Shivangi goes for delivery and karan leaves behind her and soon collides with her with music (played for shivanya and ritik) in background. Shivanya gets tensed and worries for shivangi’s marriage. And just than snow fall starts. Shivangi falls from clif and is saved by Karan. And start feeling cold. And shivangi fall unconisious and karan takes her with him to cave and just than wolf arrives and shivangi in horrified sitution kill wolf 😲😲😲😲😲😲..

Shesha is shown praying to Shiv ji and tries to romance with Karan..


  1. rivanya fan

    Karan’s name is rocky….
    Well a good start…. But missing ritik and shivanya scenes… I miss rivanya…😢

  2. bharathi

    Where is rithik. Is he alive or not. Shivanya is not wearing sindoor or any ornaments. What should we think by her appearance whether rithik alive or dead?

  3. nayana

    Hai shraddha thanx 4 the update Nice start what happnd to rithik ? Mouni as usual absolutely stunning i wish to see arjun with mouni

  4. writer

    No ritik is Alive shivanya got sada suhaagan raho boon from shiv ritik cannot die till shivanya is alive and they will never forget about this boon
    If any of you watched naagin from start you should know it
    And shivanya is wearing mangalsutra it is red but it is mangal sutra You can clearly see it in promo also
    Maybe someone have kidnapped ritik and that’s why




      Write shivanya got boon in season 1 but after all ritik was human, i think from saving kaal which was behind shivangi before birth ritik might have sacrified his life..
      And lets wait; show is just started.. all truths will be realved.. wheather he is alive or not..

  5. david

    Bakwasss episode missing arjun and nagin frst episode was awesome and rght now soo fika tell director to take him again dsnt suits moni and karan dhhutt Bhai behan lag rahe hai

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.